Hotel Review: Palazzo Parigi Milan

The Palazzo Parigi Milan is a luxury hotel located in the heart of the city centre, just a stone throw away from major attractions. In this review I’ll explain why I enjoyed staying here, but still think that the property is overpriced.

Milan is an incredibly expensive city when it comes to luxury hotels, that’s true for the Palazzo Parigi Milan as well, which you can hardly book for less than 400 Euro per night.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: March

Luckily, I had a Leaders Club free night certificate to use, making this stay essentially free. Even though I think that the Palazzo Parigi is a better value for the money than some other properties in town, I was still not happy in all regards, which I think should be the goal at a hotel in this price category.

Executive Room at the Palazzo Parigi Milan

The upgraded Executive Room at the Palazzo Parigi Milan made a great impression on me upon entering. While not incredibly spacious, it has just the right size.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Executive Room

The highlight of the room is its modern design, which really makes it look luxurious. The centerpiece of the room is the very comfortable King Bed with high-quality linens and two nightstands.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Executive Room

Opposite of the bed is not only a working desk, but also a flat-screen television as well as another armchair. The flower arrangements are a nice touch, too.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Executive Room

The working desk comes with two reasonably comfortable chairs and is spacious enough for two people to work, which I appreciated.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Executive Room

Despite the room being very luxurious and stylish, the views weren’t as great.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Executive Room View

The bathroom on the other hand was really nice. You can expect a vanity with lots of storage as well as a nice bathtub in the first part of the bathroom.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Executive Room Bathroom

The second area comes with the toilet as well as a walk-in shower with two shower heads and a good water pressure.

Especially for Italy, where bathrooms usually aren’t that great – see my reviews of the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese Rome and Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice for example – this was a great bathroom.

Breakfast at the Palazzo Parigi Milan

My breakfast experience at the Palazzo Parigi Milan was a little strange as I was seated in the bar area, which didn’t have proper dining tables. The whole buffet looked a little temporary to me as it was arranged on different tables throughout the area and wasn’t particularly extensive.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Breakfast

There was a reasonable selection of cold items, including cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and more. The quality of everything was really good.

Additionally, there was a rich selection of cakes and pastries as it’s the norm in Southern Europe.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Breakfast

Hot dishes can be ordered a la carte, which I appreciated. Both, the eggs benedict and pancakes were really good as well.

Anyways, I don’t think that breakfast at the Palazzo Parigi Milan is especially great. It’s basically on he same level as for example at the Gran Melia Fenix Madrid or Gran Hotel La Florida Barcelona – good for Southern Europe, but average compared to other hotels in Europe.

Pool & Gym at the Palazzo Parigi Milan

One of the great features compared to other luxury hotels in Milan is that the Palazzo Parigi offers a large swimming pool and recreation area.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Pool

The pool is really modern, but comes in a classic design, making it a really nice place to hang out at.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Pool

You can also find a jacuzzi, a steam bath, a sauna and even an outdoor terrace here.

The gym of the hotel isn’t any worse and offers various machines for strength and cardio training.

Palazzo Parigi Milan Gym

It’s especially nice that the gym is a big room and doesn’t feel cramped as it’s the norm at other hotels.

Summed up, the recreation areas of the Palazzo Parigi Milan are a real highlight!

Overall impressions of the Palazzo Parigi Milan

While the service was hit or miss and somewhat arrogant from time to time, I still enjoyed my stay at the Palazzo Parigi Milan. The modern design, the nice pool area and the good location make the hotel a good choice for staying in Milan. At the same time, the prices per night are quite high, which is the norm for Milan. Thus, I’d recommend staying here if you are looking for a modern luxury hotel, but would rather stay somewhere cheaper for a city trip, where you spend most time outside of the hotel!

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