Hotel Review: Marriott Bonn World Conference Center

The Marriott Bonn World Conference Center is one of the newest hotels of the brand in Germany and is all around quite nice. While I didn’t love everything about the hotel, I still think that it is a great option for a stay in Bonn as you’ll read in this review!

If you are looking for a hotel in Bonn, you’ll find a couple of options in the city center as well a little further out.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: River View Room
  • Month of Stay: February

For example, there is the stylish Kameha Grand Bonn Grand and, on the somewhat cheaper side, the Marriott Bonn World Conference Center, which just opened in late 2017. While I wouldn’t say that the property is a luxury hotel, I generally liked it very much as I’ll explain in this review.

River View Room at the Marriott Bonn

Thanks to my status with Marriott, I was assigend a room with river view, which is a real winner here as the view is indeed very enjoyable.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Room View

The room itself is on the small side for a new hotel, but features a really nice and modern design.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Room

The centerpiece of the room is a comfortable Queen Bed (note that these rooms don’t come with King Beds), which is flanked by two nightstands.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Room

In the corner of the room, right by the window, there’s a comfortable enough chair for lounging.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Room

Opposite of the bed, you can find a flat-screen television, the minibar and a working desk with a decent working chair.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Room

The bathroom is as compact as the room at the Marriott Bonn World Conference Center, though modern and nice enough for a hotel of this caliber.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Bathroom

There’s a walk-in shower with two shower heads and a good shower pressure, a sink with some storage space as well as a toilet.

All in all, I’d say that the room is surprisingly small for a newly built hotel, but it features all you need and offers a nice view – that’s all I need. Sure, hotels like the Marriott Cologne or the Hilton Munich Park come with larger rooms, but I’d still prefer this one in Bonn.

Breakfast at the Marriott Bonn

Another aspect of the experience at the Marriott Bonn, which I enjoyed, was breakfast. It’s served in the restaurant on the ground floor and features a very good selection.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Breakfast

There are the typical cold options you’ll usually find in Germany like cheeses, cold cuts, muesli, yogurt and so on – all of good quality.

Then you can find various hot dishes, including egg dishes and various other options.

Some hot options, including omelettes, can be ordered from the kitchen.

All in all, a good breakfast, which isn’t ground-breaking and definitely not on the level of hotels like the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg or the Adlon Kempinski Berlin, but good enough!

Executive Lounge at the Marriott Bonn

The Marriott Bonn offers an Executive Lounge on the second floor, which is a rather small, but nicely designed and very bright spot.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Executive Lounge

There’s a buffet, which has a small breakfast in the morning, a very small afternoon selection and a mediocre selection in the evening.

Marriott Bonn World Conference Center Executive Lounge Buffet

There are usually two or three hot options as well as few salads and stuff, but it’s really not a particularly great selection.

I’d say that hotels like the Hilton Berlin or the Hilton Dresden offer a better, while still not really great experience in terms of the Executive Lounge.

Pool & Gym at the Marriott Bonn World Conference Center

When I stayed at the property, you still had to pay an extra charge to access the pool & spa, which changed in the last months, so you can access this area for free now. There’s a small hotel gym, which I’d say is mediocre, the gym in the Spa is a bit better, still not great though.

What’s great, however, is the spa area, which features a really nice indoor pool with some stylish seating. I’d personally add some more loungers though.

There are also different kinds of saunas and a steam bath, something you wouldn’t expect at a hotel in the price range of the Marriott Bonn.

I’d say that the spa area is the actual highlight of a stay at this property!

Overall impressions of the Marriott Bonn

Is the Marriott Bonn a brilliant new addition to the Marriott portfolio? I wouldn’t say so, but it’s a nice enough hotel with modern rooms, good views, a really good spa and a nice breakfast. While the rooms are tiny and the Executive Lounge isn’t really great, I’d still come back here in a heartbeat, especially as the rates tend to be quite low.

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