Hotel Review: Grand Hotel Cannes

The Grand Hotel Cannes is one of many luxury hotels in the prestigeous city in the South of France. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll explain why I think that the boutique property is a good choice for staying in Cannes!

Personally, I’d say that Cannes is an incredibly overpriced city, especially during high season. Thus, no hotel in the city is even close to being a good value in this season.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Prestige Room
  • Month of Stay: October

However, in winter you can often book some of the better hotels for prices around 150 to 300 Euro, making them a slightly better value. The Grand Hotel Cannes is on the cheaper end of this scale and can sometimes be had for less than 200 Euro. For this price, the property is a good deal as I’ll show you in this review!

Prestige Room at the Grand Hotel Cannes

Even though I had booked a Standard Room, my status with the Small Luxury Hotels got me an upgrade to a room with Sea View, which I very much appreciated. The so-called Prestige Rooms aren’t crazily spacious, but come with a good size.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

The bed is the centerpiece of the room and looks, well, quite odd for a luxury hotel, in my opinion.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

During the day there are no pillows or anything, but there’s a turn-down service, making the bed look more normal. It’s actually quite comfortable as well.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

Aside from the two nightdesks, the room comes with a really comfortable and cool lounger by the window, which comes with a custom table, making it a great spot to lounge and even work.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

Speaking of the latter, there’s also a working desk right opposite of the bed with a flat-screen television right above.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

It’s a bit on the small side and lacks a proper chair, but it’s okay for a holiday hotel.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

Plus, there’s a handy smartphone available, which you can use during your stay.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

The real highlight of the room is the balcony though as it comes with two comfortable chairs, a small desk and even a plant.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room Balcony

Not only is the balcony a really good size, it also offers beautiful views of the sea.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room Balcony

Sure, the views at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes are a tad better, but I still very much enjoyed the balcony and the views at the Grand Hotel Cannes very much.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room View

The bathroom at the hotel didn’t disappoint either. It was a tad on the small side with just a sink, a toilet and a bathtub-shower combo, but felt spacious enough and was modern and stylish.

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room Bathroom

It somewhat reminded me of the bathroom at the Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol, which also offers the same high quality Bulgari toiletries.

All in all, there’s nothing bad to say about the rooms at the Grand Hotel Cannes. The rooms with sea views just have something really special about them!

Breakfast at the Grand Hotel Cannes

With the Grand Hotel Cannes being more of a boutique hotel than anything else, you shouldn’t expect a scrumptous breakfast buffet. However, I really enjoyed breakfast as the buffet has all the typical continental specialties you’d expect.

Grand Hotel Cannes Breakfast

There are cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, veggies and much more and all not only looks good, but also tastes really good. The bakery selection is really nice and tasty as well.

Last but not least, there are various hot dishes available.

Grand Hotel Cannes Breakfast

The only thing I really missed is the opportunity to order anything from a menu, but sitting outside in the sun with limited sea views is definitely making up for this.

Overall impressions at the Grand Hotel Cannes

The Grand Hotel Cannes is lacking a pool or even a gym and the service wasn’t particularly great during my stay, but that aside I really enjoyed the property. The rooms come with a nice and modern design, offer lovely sea views and breakfast comes with a really high quality. If you are looking for a hotel with a good value for the money in Cannes, this place definitely isn’t a bad choice!

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