City Guide: Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg im Breisgau, also just known as Freiburg, is a city located in the South-West of Germany. There’s a beautiful old town and more to see as you’ll see in this extensive city guide!

While I’m originally from Germany, I’m much more of a fan of French cities when it comes to city trips. I’d say that places like Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart or Frankfurt are nice, but they are just not as beautiful as their French counterparts. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed visiting Freiburg im Breisgau as it’s sort of a cute little city with a lot of charm and history. In this city guide, I’ll show you, which places you should definitely see when visiting Freiburg!

Jesus Heart Church & Colombi Park Freiburg

While I’ll speak about the famous old town and the Münster of Freiburg later in this guide, I’ll start a little further outside the city center. Close to the train station, you can not only find a really cool bridge with nice views.

freiburg bahnhofsbrücke

But there’s also the Jesus Heart Church (Herz Jesu Kirche), which I really enjoyd design-wise.

herz jesu kirche freiburg

Another interesting spot in Freiburg, another five to ten minutes away from the train station, is the Colombi Park. Here, you can find the famous Colombi Hotel Freiburg, which is supposed to be the best hotel in town.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg

Furthermore, you can find a beautiful park as well as the Archaelogical Museum of Freiburg here.

While I wouldn’t consider seeing these spots a must, I enjoyed it nevertheless. You’ll also realize how much of a green city Freiburg is when walking around in this area.

Freiburg Münster & the main squares of Freiburg

If there’s an area in Freiburg you really shouldn’t miss, it’s the Münsterplatz. The historic main square is located in the immediate city center and just has a really nice atmosphere.

freiburg münsterplatz

It’s dominated by the massive Freiburg Münster in the middle of the square, which sadly, was being renovated while I was in town.

Neverhteless, there are a couple more interesting places to see on the square, including the ‘Historische Kaufhaus’, which is one of the oldest buildings in town.

freiburg historisches kaufhaus

The ‘Georgsbrunnen’ in front of the historic ‘Kornhaus’ is really nice as well.

freiburg georgsbrunnen

Another building I found really charming is the Alte Wache.

Freiburg Alte Wache

From the Münsterplatz, I’d recommend walking to the Rathausplatz. On the way, you’ll pass a few more historic buildings, including the famous Haus zum Walfisch.

haus zum walfisch freiburg

The Rathausplatz with the historic and new town hall is really enjoyable as well.

freiburg rathausplatz

Here, you can also sit down to have a nice lunch or a coffee.

freiburg rathausplatz

This area definitely is the most touristic one in Freiburg, but it’s also just really nice to walk through the historic streets. However, cities like Strasbourg are a tad more charming as Freiburg’s Old Town has some newer and not so nice buildings in-between the historic ones.

University, Theatre & Martinstor in Freiburg

There are not many cities in Germany, which come with as many students as Freiburg, which explain why one of the main areas of the city is the area around the university.

freiburg university

Here, you can also find the city theatre, for example.

freiburg theatre

The new and stylish University Library is worth having a look as well.

Freiburg University Library

While you can also find nice spots to have a snack or some ice cream here, there are also a couple more sights. These include the University Church, for example.

universitätskirche freiburg

The Bertoldsbrunnen is supposed to be a sight as well, but I don’t really think that it’s that special. Just a few steps away from here, you can find the famous Martinstor, which is one of the various historic city gates of Freiburg.

martinstor freiburg

It’s located on the Kaiser-Joseph-Street, which is a charming historic street with lots of houses worth looking at on both sides. The small streets left and right are really nice as well.

From here, the historic city center of Freiburg is just a stonethrow away.

Fischerau & the charming Freiburg Old Town

Very close to the Kaiser-Joseph-Street, you can find another really beautiful spot in Freiburg, the Fischerau.

freiburg fischerau

Basically, that’s a river in the middle of old town, which you can admire when sitting down in one of the restaurant or you can just walk buy.

freiburg fischerau

This area reminded me a lot of Colmar in France, but the old town in Freiburg in general has a somewhat different feel than the one of Colmar.

There are various really nice historic buildings and small streets, but Colmar is a tad more charming. Nevertheless, walking through the streets of Freiburg is a really nice experience.

If you are interested in the historic aspects in Freiburg, you should also check out the Schwabentor.

freiburg schwabentor

From here, you can also walk up a small mountain to the Kanonenplatz, where you can enjoy a really nice view of town.

Overall impressions of Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg im Breisgau is known to be one of the cities in Germany with the highest quality of living and I can totally see why. There are several cute streets with historic buildings, nice cafés and craftman shops. At the same time, the city feels intimate without being too small. If you are looking for a nice weekend escape, I can highly recommend visiting Freiburg, while I think that spending more than two or three days here might get boring quickly.

Do you have any questions about Freiburg? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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  1. I know the town well, it’s charming but you only need to spend two days max. there to see everything.

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