Hotel Review: Conrad Koh Samui

The Conrad Koh Samui is one of the most special luxury hotels in the Hilton portfolio. In this extensive review, I’ll explain why staying here is such a nice experience and what makes this property a great choice for relaxed holidays!

If you are looking for a holiday resort in South East Asia, there’s plenty of choice. If you are also a Hilton loyalist, the by far the most prominent property you’ll find is the Conrad Koh Samui.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Sea View Villa
  • Month of Stay: January

The property is an all-villa hotel, where every guest can enjoy his or her own villa with dramatic views. While there are different room categories in the theory, there’s hardly any in difference as only the views differ slightly. I was in the middle category of the three categories with one bedroom.

Conrad Koh Samui Lobby

Booking this property isn’t cheap, you’ll end up paying at least 400 US-Dollar plus tax per night, but it can represent a great value to use Hilton Honors Points here, which is what I did. That aside, I’d even say that the value for the money when paying cash is quite good as well as the villas are really some of the most amazing ones I’ve ever stayed at.

Villa at the Conrad Koh Samui

Staying at the Conrad Koh Samui means having a really nice villa, no matter what category you book. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in a small entrance area, where there’s also a walk-in wardrobe with enough space to store your luggage. The main room of the villa isn’t particularly big, but I really liked the design of the Conrad Koh Samui, which feels not all that formal and fits the tropical atmosphere.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa

As you’d expect, the room is dominated by a very comfortable bed with two nightstands. The linens are of the highest quality and allow for a great sleep.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa

I also thought that the welcome set-up on the bed with two towel elephants and the five turtles was a particularly cute touch.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa

Right next to bed, in front of a large window with garden views, you can find a spacious working desk with a turning chair. A great place to get some work done!

Conrad Koh Samui Villa

In front of the bed, there’s the living room area of sorts, which has a sofa, a large coffee table and opposite of that a flat-screen television and a drawer with the minibar and a coffee machine.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa

What’s so great about this area of the room and basically every area are the views, which you can enjoy from bed, the bathroom, the living area and – obviously – the terrace.

Conrad Koh Samui View

I must admit that the views I enjoyed at the Conrad Koh Samui are some of the nicest ones I’ve ever been able to enjoy and that’s definitely no lie.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Terrace

The terraces of the villas are gorgeous as well as they are very spacious and offer the same length of nearly ten meters as the private pool does.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Terrace

I don’t think I have to speak about the views from the pool and the terrace again, but swimming here in your private pool is just an incredible experience. Speaking of the furniture on the terrace, there’s a desk with a chair and a daybed, which is another nice place to sit and work or relax or eat.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Terrace

Then there are also two loungers underneath a parasol.

Conrad Koh Samui Terrace

Before we get to the other areas of the Conrad Koh Samui, let’s briefly speak about the bathroom, which is another “wow” area of the room.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Bathroom

Not only does it feature large windows allowing views of the bay as well as the terrace, but it’s also very luxuriously furnished with a lovely double vanity with lots of storage.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Bathroom

The highlight though is the round-shaped bathtub, which allows for these brilliant views again.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Bathroom

Other than that, there’s a spacious shower with two shower heads, which is really nice.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Bathroom

Then in the back of the bathroom, there’s a partioned off toilet.

Conrad Koh Samui Villa Bathroom

All in all, I’d consider the villa at the Conrad Koh Samui to be really really nice, even though it’s not the biggest villa I’ve ever stayed at (especially when thinking of the Hilton Seychelles Labriz for example). The only downside is housekeeping, which only does a so-so job.

Breakfast at the Conrad Koh Samui

Courtesy of my Hilton Diamond Status, I enjoyed full breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant every morning. The seats on the terrace here are truly amazing.

Conrad Koh Samui Breakfast

The buffet on the other hand is good, but doesn’t fascinate me. There’s a good choice of various cold dishes, including cheeses, cold cuts, bread, salad, fruits and more.

Then you can also find various hot dishes on the buffet, which I thought were only okay.

One of the areas where the breakfast at the Conrad Koh Samui is shining are the smoothie, waffle and noodle soup station.

Conrad Koh Samui Breakfast

It’s also worth noting that you can order frehsly made eggs at your table, which were good, but not great.

Conrad Koh Samui Breakfast

While this is no real critique, I just didn’t love the breakfast as the quality wasn’t perfect and service was an issue as well. Other Conrads like the Conrad Hongkong or Conrad Macao just offer a somewhat better buffet, minus the amazing seating.

Dining at the Conrad Koh Samui

When you are staying at the Conrad Koh Samui, you’ll end up eating most of your meals here as the next town is around 30 minutes away by car. However, prices are reasonable and there’s a nice choice of Western and Asian dishes. I had a few dishes via room service, which I enjoyed.

I also ate at the all day dining restaurant, which is focusing on Thai cuisine. What I had was really good and I very much enjoyed it.

Furthermore, I also booked a cooking class, where I not only prepared my own food, but also had the chance to eat and liked very much as well (maybe I should change my profession!).

There were also a few drinks and cocktails and enjoyed very much, so this is another area where it’s worth splurging a bit. Generally I’d say that the food I had at the Conrad Koh Samui was good to very good, but not “outstanding”.

Pool, Gym & Beach at the Conrad Koh Samui

Staying at the Conrad Koh Samui means mostly staying in your own villa. That might sound odd for you at first, but you’ll hardly see anyone at the main pool, for example.

Conrad Koh Samui Pool

That’s despite this pool being quite nice with views of the oceans, a good length for swimming laps and a lot of nice loungers in the water.

Conrad Koh Samui Pool

There are also a few hammocks around the pool and enough space to relax with a drink.

Conrad Koh Samui Pool

Nevertheless, there’s just something about having a private villa with a pool, which makes you prefer that offer a public pool. That might also be the reason, why I hardly ever saw someone on the tiny, but very private beach.

Conrad Koh Samui Beach

While the beach is no highlight, I really enjoyed the special kind of loungers “above” it. Those are a really fancy place to hang out and enjoy the views.

Conrad Koh Samui Beach

You can also go for a swim, which is refreshing, or rent a kayak for no charge to go around the bay for a while.

Conrad Koh Samui Beach

Other options include day tours to a nearby island with a somewhat nicer beach and more. My personal favorite in the sports area at the Conrad Koh Samui were the yoga classes in the morning, taking place on the beach or pool deck.

Conrad Koh Samui Yoga

The gym is fairly nice as well with some views of the sea (very limited) and decent enough equipment. It’s not a big gym, but there are cardio and strengh machines, which do the trick for a basic workout.

As you’d expect, there’s also a large spa with (pricey) treatments on offer. The spa as such is really nice though with brilliant views and very tranquile atmosphere.

Conrad Koh Samui Spa

Putting it all together, I’d say that the recreation facilities and options at the Conrad Koh Samui are not amazing and not as plentiful as at the Conrad Bali, for example. Nevertheless, there’s also no real need for that thanks to the amazing private villas, which is where you’ll end spending most of your day anyways.

Overall impressions of the Conrad Koh Samui

There is something about the Conrad Koh Samui, which makes this hotel a great option for really relaxing holidays. The villas with the amazing views of the sea, a private pool and a very comfortable interior are a spot you just don’t want to leave. While I wasn’t happy with everything at this property, especially the good, but not amazing breakfast and a few hick-ups with housekeeping, I’d still return in a heartbeat. The mix of really beautiful rooms, reasonably priced food and an out-of-this-world location makes the Conard KS one of the favorite hotels I’ve every stayed at.

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