Hotel Review: Kempinski Palace Portoroz

The Kempinski Palace Portoroz is a luxury hotel on the Slovenian Adria coast. While I generally liked the hotel, there were some aspects, which weren’t great. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll explain what you can expect of staying here!

When looking for a holiday destination in the European winter, Slovenia might not immediately come to your mind. Nevertheless, we were looking for an escape at the sea and the Kempinski Palace Portoroz is open all year long and made a good impression on me.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: January

The property is also fairly priced in off season with rates being below the 200 Euro mark per night on many days. Thus, we settled on the property and decided to spend a few days here, which were generally nice, but there were some issues.

Deluxe Room at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz

As I travelled with my family, we had booked a total of three rooms, all in the Deluxe Category with Sea View, which is one of the higher categories (below is Superior and for each of the two you can have Garden or Sea View). One room was in the modern part and looked fairly nice.

Then there was one room in the historic building (fully renovated), which was a bit more spacious, but had a different design. And then there was my room, which was half the size of the other one in the historic building and was exactly what the Superior Room on the website looked like. It took a full three hours to sort this out and get the room category I booked. The guy at reception really had a bad day here and even lied to me about his position, the room categories and more. Not cool at all, but well let’s put this aside and get to the room.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Rooms are spacious (I was told it is also the Grand Deluxe Room category, depending on the floor) and have a comfortable atmosphere while striking a good balance between being renovated and historic.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room

The centerpiece and biggest piece of furniture in the room is a comfortable King Bed, which comes with high quality linens and two night desks. Right next to the bed, there’s a large wardrobe.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room

In the corner of the room, there’s a lage working desk with a so-so comfortable chair.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room

Then on the opposite side, there are two chairs next to a coffee table.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room

One of the highlights of the room is the balcony, which comes with two chairs and a table.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room Balcony

The views of the bay are nice, but we were not blessed with good weather.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room Ausblick

I also liked the bathroom of the Deluxe Room at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz as it feels spacious and modern.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room Bathroom

There’s a double vanity with lots of storage and opposite of that, you can find a bathtub.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room Bathroom

Deeper into the bathroom, there’s an area with a toilet and a bidet.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room Bathroom

Plus, there’s a walk-in shower, which felt a bit like a let-down as the shower head was really cheap and the shower pressure wasn’t good either.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Deluxe Room Bathroom

Nevertheless, I generally liked the Deluxe Room at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz and would recommend it, minus the huge problems with getting the right room type at check-in.

Breakfast at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz

Despite being the same brand, the breakfast here wasn’t comparable to what is offered at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin and also not on-par with the buffet breakfast at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest. That said, breakfast at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz is still good with a nice choice of various cold options with a high quality.

There is also a huge buffet area with hot options, mainly Western dishes. Here, you can also order freshly prepared eggs to your liking. However, eggs benedict and such come with an extra charge.

The coffee and frehsly squeezed juices served at the table are a positive as well, but service often was sub-par and it was tough to track down a server not only once. It’s worth noting though that the historic hall breakfast is served in, is a really amazing spot!

Dining at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz

One of the positive aspects of staying at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz is that there are various restaurants around the hotel, so you are not stuck to eating in the (overpriced) outlets of the hotel, which can be an issue with resorts. Nevertheless, we went for dinner once and enjoyed it.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Dinner

We had a burger and the salmon as mains and liked both, but prices were quite steep with 20 Euro per meal and above.

Another time, we ended up having room service, a Caesar Salad and Gnocchi and once again both were good, but felt a tad overpriced for Slovenia.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Room Service

The same is true for the piece of cake and cappuccino we enjoyed in the lobby once. Good, but totally overpriced for where you are.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Cake

All things considered, dining at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz is a nice experience, but you should expect prices to be double or triple from what you pay in front of the door at other restaurants and cafés in the Slovenian town.

Pool & Gym at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz

One of the main aspects of a stay at the Kempinski Palcae Portoroz obviously is recreation. The hotel offers two pools, but the nice and large outdoor pool is closed in winter. The indoor pool is nice and spacious as well.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Pool

It feels very modern and stylish and there are plenty of comfortable loungers around the pool, but it tends to be really crowded here, even in off season.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Pool

There’s also a jacuzzi and you can find a pool bar in the back of the area, but the latter was never manned.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Pool

If you are looking for a little more peace, you can find a spa with sauna, steam bath etc. on the other side of the pool reception – another nicely done area.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Spa

Nevertheless, due to the crowds, the whole pool area felt somewhat uncomfortable and not really luxurious, which is something I didn’t experience at the Conrad Algarve or Hilton Malta, for example.

The gym at the Kempinski Palace Portoroz is a tad small, but comes with modern equipment.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz Gym

There’s also you need for a normal workout, in both the strenght and cardio area and you may also enjoy a nice view of the bay.

Summed up, I’d say that the facilities offered by the hotel are nice enough, but especially if there are many people in winter (where the outdoor area is not available) it just doesn’t feel like an exclusive to spend your time.

Overall impressions of the Kempinski Palace Portoroz

The Kempinski Palace Portoroz is a nice hotel and I enjoyed my stay. Nevertheless, just a little too many things went wrong from the real issues at check-in to the crowded pool area to the often enough distanced and not really friendly staff. It’s not like I wouldn’t recommend this property, but it’s also not a place I would come back to in a heartbeat.

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