Airline Review: Eurowings BEST Premium Economy Class

The Eurowings BEST Premium Economy Class offers an average experience, which is closer to Economy Class than to Business Class. In this extensive review, we’ll explain what you can expect and why you shouldn’t be to exicted about flying Eurowings BEST.

Eurowings has a really weird strategy when it comes to long haul flights. The airline is focusing on low-cost operations, but still decided to offer three classes when launching long haul flights.

  • Airplane: Airbus A330
  • Cabin Class: Premium Economy (Best)
  • Daytime: Afternoon / Evening
  • Food: Breakfast / Lunch
  • Seat Pitch: 45 Inch (114 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,5 Inch (44 Centimeter)

Over time, the airline even started offering a fourth service class, namely Eurowings BIZclass or Business Class. This means that Eurowings BEST isn’t actually the “best” product of the airline anymore, but rather something in-between. Yet, on most holiday routes and generally all routes not from or to Dusseldorf, the airline doesn’t offer Business Class and thus on those, the Eurowings Premium Economy Class is the best product on board. This was the case for my flight from Bangkok to Munich as well.

Seating in the Eurowings BEST Premium Economy Class

I’ll try to leave out the fact that my flight was delayed by seven hours (which seems to be a general problem when flying Eurowings), but instead focus on the board product as such unbiased. The Eurowings BEST Class consists of three rows in a 2-3-2 arrangement.

Eurowings Premium Economy Class Cabin

The seats are the same as in the Lufthansa Premium Economy Class and offer a better width than regular Economy Class seats. I also had the feeling that the seat padding is somewhat better and more comfortable.

Eurowings Premium Economy Class Seat

The cabin design with a mix of grey and a dark red is quite nice in my opinion and the relatively small Premium Economy Class cabin makes it possible to enjoy a rather relaxed atmosphere.

Eurowings Premium Economy Class Seat

All seats come with a armrest on both sides, meaning there’s a double armrest between two seats, which adds more space and privacy.

Eurowings Best Details

The recline of seats is quite generous as well and definitely allows for a more comfortable rest than your typical Economy Class seat on Etihad Airways or Qatar Airways.

Eurowings Premium Economy Class Seat

You can easily move the seat through two large buttons on the side, one for the recline and one for the leg rest.

Eurowings Best Details

Generally speaking, I thought that the seats in the Eurowings Premium Economy Class are comfortable and allow for comfortable seating, even on a 10-hour flight.

Eurowings Premium Economy Class Seat

That said, the cabin was also quite empty on my flight, but some aspects should be the same, regardless of how full the cabin is. One of those is the seat pitch, which is really generous.

Eurowings Best Premium Economy Class Seat Pitch

The storage is a little limited though as there’s just a small area right next to the seat as well as th seat pocked on the seat in front of you.

Eurowings Best Magazine

What’s positive though is the fact that there’s a bottle holder, where a bottle of water is already waiting for you during boarding.

Eurowings Best Wasser

Last but not least, it’s worth pointingout that the Eurowings Best Class comes with a pillow and a blanket, both already waiting at your seat during boarding. None of the two is particularly great, but it’s nice to have both when flying a low-cost-carrier anyways.

Eurowings Premium Economy Class Seat

All in all, I thought that the Eurowing Premium Economy Class seating is fair enough and does the trick, even for longer flights. The small and intimate cabin is another plus.

Catering in the Eurowings BEST Class

Sadly, not all aspects of my flight experience in the Eurowings BEST Class were equal. The catering is one good example as it was just plain bad and even worse than on my Economy Class flights I experienced. Due to the delay, the served breakfast and lunch were the wrong meals at the first place as we were departing in the afternoon and landing in the evening, but that aside the whole catering experience just felt extremely low-cost. First of all, there was no welcome drink and no drink before the first meal in the air. Than, the first meal (breakfast) was served with a choice of two dishes (no menu), where I chose the cold option.

Eurowings Best Breakfast

Being German myself, I actually liked the idea of cold cuts with a bread roll (a typical German breakfast or even dinner) and the quality of those was actually fine (the bread roll was a little stale and I would have liked some choice, but…).

Eurowings Best Breakfast

What I didn’t get though is that the breakfast was served with chopped carrots and a piece of apple cake. It might just be me, but I’m not sure who is eating something like that for breakfast?

Anyway, things got more comical with the second meal as the Eurowings Best Class catering seems to be very variied. Guess what the main came with this time?

Eurowings Best Dinner

Leaving aside that there were a piece of apple cake and chopped carrots again, the second meal (again a choice of two meals) looked really disgusting, but didn’t taste that bad.

Eurowings Best Dinner

Neither the service nor the other offerings (getting a drink in-between meals was quite different) were any good, so my catering experience in the Eurowings Premium Economy Class was downright bad. There’s a lot the airline has to work on in this regard.

Entertainment in the Eurowings Premium Economy Class

The Eurowings Premium Economy Class doesn’t come with any newspaper and magazine offerings, which I thought was a bit disappointing. The entertainment screen is relatively modern though, while not being overly large.

Eurowings Best Entertainment

The picture quality is decent though and the choice of movies, tv shows and music is at least alright. It’s not on the same level as the Emirates Economy Class, but it’s not too bad either.

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Furthermore, the entertainment system comes with a USB charger for your smartphone.

Eurowings Best Details

Other than that, the Eurowings BEST Class comes with WiFi service on board, which offers different packages and is rather expensive. The speeds were good though.

Wings Connect Pricelist

All in all, I’d say that the entertainment offerings in the Eurowings Premium Economy Class are alright and about what you would expect.

Amenities in the Eurowings BEST Class

When flying in the Eurowings Premium Economy Class, you get a small amenity kit.

Eurowings Best Amenity Kit

It does include the essentials and is absolutely okay for this class of travel.

Eurowings Best Amenity Kit

Only the offered headphones are a real joke, but I’d recommend to bring your own (noise-cancelling) headphones anyways.

Overall impressions of the Eurowings BEST Premium Economy Class

My expectations going into this flight weren’t high, but they were still disappointed. The Eurowings Premium Economy Class seat is totally fine as it’s well padded, offers a decent recline and a good legroom. The service and the catering can’t be considered any good though and they would even be disappointing in Economy Class. The entertainment options are fair, but not any better than in Economy Class. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend flying Eurowings BEST, but instead either book Premium Economy Class with a full-service carrier or just suck it up and fly Economy Class for less money, the entertainment and the catering are the same anyways.

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