Hotel Review: Hilton Belgrade

The Hilton Belgrade is one of the newest Hilton hotels in Europe. The property offers very nice rooms, a luxurious spa and a decent breakfast. In this extensive review, I’ll explain why staying at the new Hilton Belgrade definitely is enjoyable when exploring the booming city.

When it comes to cities in Eastern Europe, Belgrade is a real newcomer. The city has long been in the shade of other capitals of countries joining the European Union, but the last years have seen Belgrade getting on the radar of companies and leisure travellers alike.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: April

The city is interesting for tourists, but also hotel companies like Hilton. With the Hilton Belgrade the company opened its very first hotel in Serbia and its location in the city center of Belgrade (the old part of town) makes it a very good choice for a leisure and business trip alike.

Executive Room at the Hilton Belgrade

For my three-night stay in Belgrade, I had booked a standard room, but my Hilton Diamond status helped me to get an upgrade to an Executive Room, which is not that much different, but located on a higher floor as well as offering lounge access. My first impression of the room was very good.

Hilton Belgrade Executive Room

What I found particularly interesting about this new Hilton is that the rooms do not only come with a modern design, but are also very spacious.

Hilton Belgrade Executive Room

The centerpiece of the room is a comfortable bed with two nightstands.

Hilton Belgrade Executive Room

Next to the bed and right by the window is a large lounger, which is very comfortable.

Hilton Belgrade Executive Room

There’s also a small table right next to it, which had a lovely little welcome treatment.

Hilton Belgrade Welcome Treatment

On the opposite side of the room, there’s a typical flat-screen television as well as a working desk with different plugs and a comfortable chair.

Hilton Belgrade Executive Room

Sure, a proper office chair would be nice to have, but I’m aware that this is often difficult to integrate into the room design.

Hilton Belgrade Executive Room

The view of the neighborhood isn’t anything to talk about. The bathroom though is nice, but relatively tiny compared to the room itself.

Hilton Belgrade Executive Room Bathroom

It comes with a sink with some storage, a toilet as well as a spacious walk-in shower with two shower heads offering a good shower pressure.

All in all, I really liked the room at the Hilton Belgrade as it comes with a modern design, while its spacious and very comfortable. Definitely a big step ahead of the rooms at properties like the Hilton Berlin or the Hilton Cardiff.

Executive Lounge at the Hilton Belgrade

The Executive Lounge at the Hilton Belgrade is located on the first floor and is a physically nice space.

Nevertheless, I thought that the lounge is quite small for such a property and it obviously filled up to the brim in the evening. The offerings are totally fine with a nice selection of continental breakfast items as well as some hot options as well.

In the afternoon, there are sandwiches as well as various cakes available, totally fine for enjoying a small snack.

The evening spread is more extensive with changing hot options as well as a cold buffet with some appealing options.

If you are a simple eater, this spread could easily be a dinner substitute. All in all, a nice enough lounge, which could be a little bit bigger in my opinion.

Breakfast at the Hilton Belgrade

The main breakfast at the Hilton Belgrade is served one floor down in the hotel’s main restaurant. There’s an extensive spread of typical continental options as well as some local specialties.

Hilton Belgrade Breakfast

The breakfast spread is particularly heavy on hot items as well as meats, which play an important role in the Serbian cuisine.

What’s very nice about the breakfast spread is that there are not only hot options on the buffet, but you can also order various egg dishes as well as pancakes and waffles.

All in all, a really good breakfast, which definitely was better than what was offered at the Hilton Belfast or the DoubleTree Bristol during my trips through Great Britain.

Lunch at the Hilton Belgrade

As we stayed at the Hilton Belgrade for a few days and had several meetings, we ended up having lunch twice at the property and tried different options, which I’d think all were quite good.

From Western to local dishes, there was nothing that didn’t taste good, so I can just say positive things about eating at the Hilton Belgrade.

The rooftop bar, where you can have drinks with a view of town, is quite nice as well.

Hilton Belgrade Rooftop Bar

The only thing to be aware of is that the prices at the Hilton Belgrade are quite high for the city, but I think that’s something to be expected anyways.

Gym & Spa at the Hilton Belgrade

The Hilton Belgrade offers no pool, which I find a little bit sad. One of the other new Hiltons in Europe, the Hilton Tallinn offers a really nice pool, so the lack of one at the Hilton Belgrade is a little miss. Nevertheless, there’s a really good gym with modern and plenty equipment for both, cardio and strength training.

Furthermore, there’s also a nice spa area, which comes with a sauna, a steam bath, a jacuzzi as well as a recreation room, where you can relax and have a tea.

Especially after a long work day this has been a place I really enjoyed using as it was just very comfortable and relaxing, much more so than for example at the Hilton Warsaw.

Overall impressions of the Hilton Belgrade

My stay at the Hilton Belgrade was really enjoyable and definitely one of my best Hilton stays in Europe. The property is modern and beautiful, much more than for example the Hilton Munich Park or the Hilton Prague. The service is good, the breakfast and Executive Lounge better than at many other Hiltons and the rooms on a totally different level. Sure, this is no Four Seasons, but for a city or business trip to Belgrade, I’d definitely recommend staying at the new Hilton Belgrade.

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