Hotel Review: Four Seasons Shanghai

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

The Four Seasons Shanghai is a luxury hotel located in the Jing’an district. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll explain what I liked the property and why I would highly recommend it.

In the last couple of months, I’ve stayed at various luxury hotels in Shanghai and while the Four Seasons was one of my absolute favorite ones, I don’t love the location. I’m a fan of the properties right by the river, but other than that, there’s a lot to do around the Four Seasons as there are shops, restaurants and much more right in front of the door. Luckily, I was able to snag quite a deal at the Four Seasons Shanghai thanks to a fourth night free booking through Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts, which lowered the rate to a little less than 200 US-Dollar per night, including tax. The rate also came with various benefits like an upgrade, breakfast, a 100 US-Dollar credit and, surprisingly, even lounge access.

Grand Deluxe Room at the Four Seasons Shanghai

The Four Seasons Shanghai started a renovation a couple of months back and now has several fully refurbished rooms. While we booked a Standard Room (not refurbished) we received an upgrade Grand Deluxe Room (refurbished), which made a good first impression to me.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

Don’t get me wrong, but I thought that the room was a tad small for a Four Seasons property, but that than that it had all the luxury touches you’d expect.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

There’s a very comfortable King Bed with luxurious linens alongside two nightstands.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

Then there’s a lovely sofa of sorts in the corner, where you can relax and look out of the window.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

The large desk with a proper office chairs blends perfectly into the design and is still a great work place – a balance not many hotels strike.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

Obviously, there’s also a flat-screen television as well as a luggage rack on the other side of the room.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

The entrance area comes with some storage, a wardrobe and the typical kettle as well as a coffee machine and the minibar.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room

Let’s quickly jump over to the views. We were quite high up and enjoyed a nice view of the surroundings, but I didn’t think that the view was special aside of the altitude.

Four Seasons Shanghai View

While the room design felt modern and definitely refurbished, the same isn’t true for the bathroom, which was luxurious, but didn’t feel modern.

Four Seasons Shanghai Bathroom

There’s a single sink, a toilet, a walk-in shower with good shower pressure and a bathtub.

It’s not like there’s something you could really criticize, but I somewhat did expect a toilet separated from the bathroom at a Four Seasons property, for example.

Four Seasons Shanghai Bathroom

Nevertheless, the room at the Four Seasons Shanghai was really nice and definitely an enjoyable place to spend the night.

Breakfast at the Four Seasons Shanghai

In the last years, I had a lot of nice buffet breakfasts in Asia, for example at the Conrad Bangkok or the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The one at the Four Seasons Shanghai was particularly good though.

Four Seasons Shanghai Breakfast

It did not only come with a really massive spread of cold and hot items, but everything was also presented really nicely.

In addition, there were various options for ordering freshly prepared dishes, not only limited to eggs.

Four Seasons Shanghai Breakfast

All this combined with the fact that the staff was on-point, helpful and friendly at all times made up for a really nice breakfast at the Four Seasons Shanghai. We also had room service breakfast twice.

Four Seasons Shanghai Room Service Frühstück

There was no extra charge and it was a really great and extensive choice – well done, Four Seasons Shanghai!

Lounge at the Four Seasons Shanghai

Honestly, I didn’t even know that the Four Seasons Shanghai had a lounge before checking-in and thus I was really positively surprised that I was granted access due to my FHR booking. The lounge definitely had the old design though, but it was mostly empty at most times, so it was a real sanctuary.

Four Seasons Shanghai Lounge

I also spent some time working in the conference room, where I had one or another call and it was never an issue to use it free of charge.

Four Seasons Shanghai Lounge

Speaking of the food options, there’s breakfast and dinner in the lounge. The former comes with a smaller buffet than downstairs, but still a high quality.

As you’d expect, you may also order egg dishes and other freshly prepared options here, too.

Four Seasons Shanghai Lounge Breakfast

In the evening, things got a little crazy. At first, I thought that there was a small buffet with a good quality, but hardly an amazing choice.

Four Seasons Shanghai Lounge Breakfast

Well, I was wrong as there was a menu with ten different dishes you could order and all were full meals. We had a couple of different choices, which we enjoyed very much.

Not only was that a proper dinner substitute, but the service was also amazing as the staff kept on asking how everything was and filled up the glasses all the time. There was no cut-off time for alcohol or anything as well, which is really great.

While the lounge wasn’t physically stunning, everything else about it was really top-notch and even a large step ahead of properties like the Conrad Singapore or the Conrad Hong Kong.

Pool & Gym at the Four Seasons Shanghai

As most luxury hotels in Asia and China in particular, the Four Seasons Shanghai comes with a swimming pool, which is spacious and great for swimming laps.

Four Seasons Shanghai Pool

The whole space around the pool feels a bit old and not exactly atmospheric, but it’s nice enough and you can relax in the jacuzzi or on of the loungers.

Four Seasons Shanghai Pool

There’s also the option to order food and drinks here as well as to enjoy the sauna or the steam room in the relaxation room.

Four Seasons Shanghai Pool

The gym is located on the same floor and is spacious and comes with various different machines for cardio and strengh training. It was nearly empty everytime I visited, so it was a great place for a full workout.

Once again, there’s nothing at all to criticize about the Four Seasons Shanghai in this regard, but it’s also worth noting that I’ve seen nicer pool areas at properties like the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba or the Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Overall impressions of the Four Seasons Shanghai

The Four Seasons Shanghai didn’t feel over the top in most regards, only the lounge experience was truly stunning. Yet, everything about the experience was between very good and perfect and while the rooms might only be “good” as they are rather small and the bathrooms are a tad disappointing, I’d still highly recommend staying at this property. The value for the money for my stay was incredibly and I’d return in a heartbeat!

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