Hotel Review: Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile

The Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Strasbourg. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll explain what I liked about the property and what I only thought was okay.

Strasbourg is an interesting city when it comes to hotel, especially regarding the pricing. When the European Parliament is in town, Strasbourg is horribly expensive, but on other dates the prices are totally fair and allow for booking luxury hotels for less than 200 Euro. One of those properties is the Sofitel Strasbourg, which has a really nice location less than 10 minutes away from the nicest areas of town when walking. I had booked a suite for this stay as there was an interesting discount for suites with breakfast, making the standagrd room with breakfast nearly as expensive as the base suite!

Imperial Suite at the Sofitel Strasbourg

Well we had only booked a base level suite, things were a little messy and check-in and the suite we got wasn’t cleaned yet, so after coming back to reception, a really special upgrade waited for us: The Imperial Suite.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Living Room

Well, this suite was quite crazy as it’s actually the biggest of the hotel and feels incredibly massive. For example, there’s a large foyer, which is bigger than standard rooms at other hotels.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Entrance

From here, you can access another room, which serves the sole purpose of being the wardrobe.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Entrance

The first of the three (!) main rooms is the living room, which is in the middle of the suite.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Living Room

It comes with two areas, one with three couches, a living room table and a flat-screen television. On the other side, there’s a dining table with a couple of chairs as well as a drawer, which has one of the minibars and a coffee machine on it.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Living Room Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Living Room

The living room already had a cute little welcome treatment consisting of a small bottle of champagne.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Welcome Gift

On one side of the living room, you can find one of the two bedrooms. I’ll call that the kids room as it comes with twin beds.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Second Bedroom

It also has a flat-screen television and a working desk and feels more spacious than base level rooms at other hotels as well.

On the other side of the living room, there’s the master bedroom, which comes with a very comfortable King Bed and two nightstands.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Bedroom

There are another drawer, a flat-screen television and a comfortable armchair as well.Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Bedroom

All three rooms feel very bright and airy thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. From all rooms, you can also access, the massive rooftop terrace of the suite at the Sofitel Strasbourg.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Terrace

It comes with loungers as well as a large table with several chairs.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Terrace

You can also enjoy a really nice view of the church in front of the hotel.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite View

The Imperial Suite also comes with two full bathroom, one with a sink and a shower-tub combo with a rain shower head as well as a toilet in a seperate room.

The main bathroom also comes with a toilet in a separate room, but also with a dual vanity.

Sofitel Strasbourg Imperial Suite Bathroom

The shower and tub are seperate here as well, so there’s more comfort when taking a shower or a bath.

It’s worth noting that the suite itself felt a little old, but especially the bathroom very much looked like it could use a renovation soon. Nevertheless, the Imperial Suite at the Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile was definitely amazing and one of the coolest hotel rooms I ever had in a city room.

Breakfast at the Sofitel Strasbourg

Sadly, the rest of my experience at the Sofitel Strasbourg wasn’t as outstanding. Breakfast for example is somewhat mediocre.

Sofitel Strasbourg Breakfast

There’s a small buffet with a couple of different options and a high quality in regards to the cold cuts, cheeses etc.

Nevertheless, I thought that there were quite few options for a Sofitel and the breakfast was especially lacking in regards to hot dishes.

There was also no option to order freshly made eggs or anything, which is something I’m used to from other Sofitels like the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm or the Sofitel Auckland.

Room Service at the Sofitel Strasbourg

My room service experience at the Sofitel Strasbourg Grand Ile was quite a different story, especially thanks to a somewhat crazy offer. For about 30 Euro, there was a three-course menu including a drink available on the menu. Well, the main alone would have been exactly the same, so we indulged on three courses, which were really amazing.

Sofitel Strasbourg Room Service Dinner

To start, there was a plate of salmon, which was fresh and tasted very good.

Sofitel Strasbourg Room Service Dinner

Then we had the burger, which came with fries and was good as well.

Sofitel Strasbourg Room Service Dinner

Last of was a cheese board, which I really loved as it was not only big, but also very variied.

Sofitel Strasbourg Room Service Dinner

For this price, I really couldn’t have been happier and have to draw a really positive conclusion.

Gym at the Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile

This review is a bit of an up and down as the room and the room service dinner were amazing, while the breakfast and the recreation facilities were disappointing. The latter only consisted of a small gym, which had only very basic equipment.

Especially compared to other properties like the Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port or the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, this was really disappointing.

Overall impressions of the Sofitel Strasbourg

Our stay at the Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile was enjoyable, partly thanks due to the amazing upgrade. However, the other suite generally looked nice as well and I’m sure you can also have a good stay in a standard room. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the hotel is aging quite a bit, breakfast is only okay and the gym is disappointing. While I would generally recommend staying here as the value for the money is still decent, I’ve definitely been to better Sofitel properties in my life!

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