Hotel Review: Uptown Palace Milan

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room

The Uptown Palace Milan is a four-star rated property in the Italian city. In this extensive review, we’ll explain what you need to know about staying here!

Milan is a terribly expensive city when it comes to hotels in general and luxury hotels in particular, which is why I tend to generally be a little disappointed when staying at hotels here. However, I really enjoyed my stay at the (expensive) Palazzo Parigi Milan. The Uptown Palace Milan definitely isn’t on the same level as the hotel feels mostly mediocre in most areas. The location of the hotel is alright, but you still have to walk about 15 to 20 minutes to the city center and there’s not really all that many infrastructure around the hotel.

Deluxe Room at the Uptown Palace Milan

For my stay at the Uptown Palace Milan, I had booked a Deluxe Room, which is one of the higher room categories. Upon entering, the room felt a tad dark, but relatively nice at first sight.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room

The centerpiece of the room is a comfortable enough bed with two nightstands. I slept quite well here, in particular because there is hardly any noise when having a room facing the courtyard.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room

In front of the bed, there are two somewhat odd armchairs with a small table. Further to the window, there’s yet another armchair, which is comfortable enough. Opposite of the bed, you can also find the typical flat-screen television, which is neither totally outdated nor particularly modern.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room

Due to the special shape of the room, the wardrobe and the working desk are located in a very dark corner of the room, which doesn’t really allow to work in a comfortable atmosphere.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room

The desk chair isn’t ergonomic either, while the working desk is fine.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room

Something else not really worth mentioning are the views of the courtyard and other buildings around.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room View

While I would consider the room to be slightly disappointing taking into account the higher category booked, the bathroom is surprisingly nice.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room Bathroom

It’s a spacious room with a double vanity, a toilet and even a bidet – something that’s not even the norm at luxury hotels.

The walk-in shower is spacious and comes with a good rain shower head with decent water pressure.

Uptown Palace Milan Deluxe Room Bathroom

All in all, I’d say that the room at the Uptown Palace Milan isn’t bad, but I also didn’t love it, particularly taking into account the rather high nightly rate.

Breakfast at the Uptown Palace Milan

Usually, breakfast in Southern Europe is a somewhat disappointing experience for seasoned travellers as the spread is usually way smaller than elsewhere. That’s true for the Uptown Palace Milan as well.

Uptown Palace Milan Breakfast

Nevertheless, the choice of cold cuts, cheeses, greens, as well as fresh fruits is actually quite good and on a surprisingly high level.

While the breakfast isn’t on the same level of luxury hotels like the Gran Melia Hotel Fenix Madrid or the Gran Hotel La Florida Barcelona, I thought it was way better than at other upper-tier hotels like the SH Valencia Palace. Only the warm dishes weren’t really high quality.

Uptown Palace Milan Breakfast

Nevertheless, I’d say that I was positively surprised by the Uptown Palace Milan in that regard.

Overall impressions of the Uptown Palace Milan

As the Uptown Palace Milan doesn’t offer a gym or any other recreation facilities, there’s not more to talk about and that’s not a good thing. Overall, I wouldn’t really come back here as I thought that the value for the money is average at best. While breakfast is good enough, the rooms are a little drab and don’t really scream luxury. The bathroom is the only positive exception. While the hotel market in Milan is challenging in general, I’d recommend looking elsewhere!

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