Destination Guide: Egyptian Museum Cairo

The Egyptian Museum Cairo is one of the most famous museums in the whole world. To my surprise, visiting is much easier and relaxing than for example visiting the Louvre. In this little guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about visiting!

Tourism to Egypt took a lot of hits lately and particularly tourism in Cairo is not on a particularly high level. Nevertheless, the city is acutally quite interesting, something you can also read in our Cairo City Guide. When in town, visiting the Egyptian Museum is as much a must as visiting the Pyramids of Gizeh. Thus, I obviously took the chance to see the artifacts and mummies and can only recommend doing so!

Opening Times, Location & Tickets for the Egyptian Museum

Visiting the Egyptian Museum Cairo is surprisingly simple. The museum is open daily from 9am to 7pm with no lunch break besides Fridays, when the museum is closed from 11am to 1:30pm. The ticket prices are quite reasonable at 100 EGP for adults or 60 EGP for students.

Egyptian Museum Cairo

Compared to other important museums, one might even speak of a bargain. Be aware that the museum is actually found under the name ‘The Royal Mummies Hall’ when searching on Google Maps. The museum is located in the city center right next to the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel and just a few minutes walk away from the Sadat Metro station.

How is visiting the Egyptian Museum like?

When in Cairo, we decided to visit the Egyptian Museum on a weekday, so it’s less crowdy and it was indeed quite empty. There were maybe a few hundred people in the whole museum, making it very enjoyable to see the different artifacts.

Egyptian Museum Cairo

You are allowed to walk around basically everywhere and you may take pictures of everything but the mummies (it’s not like people don’t do so anyways, but…). Anyways, there’s so much else to take pictures of that you won’t bother with this exception.

Egyptian Museum Cairo

Leaving the mummies aside, there are various incredible important artifacts to be found in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Those include the Statue of Khafre, the Mummy mask of Wendjebauendjed and many more.

Egyptian Museum Cairo

As I’m no expert of Egyptian History and Culture, I won’t go into detail here and leave you with better sources to reach about everything that can be found in the Egyptian Museum.

How much time should you schedule for visiting the Egyptian Museum Cairo?

On the museum’s website it says something about a duration of just one hour for visiting, which I think is way too few. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually quite quick when it comes to museums, but there’s just a lot to see here.

Personally, I would say that you can easily see most of the exhibits leisurely in like two or three hours.

If you are very much into history and culture and want to take time to get some information about what you see, you can easily spend much more time here.

Overall impressions of visiting the Egyptian Museum

Let me be honest: I’m not much into museums, but visiting the Egyptian Museum was a really nice experience anyways. The museum isn’t overrun despite its significance and you can see a lot of very interesting artifacts, plus the fascinating mummies. Taking into account the central location in Cairo and the low entrance fee, I can only recommend visiting if you happen to be in Cairo!


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  1. When I was there I saw an elderly man GROPE one of the topless statues… Also saw a bunch of Chinese tourists LEANING on things that were thousands of year old. I tried to complain to security but he was smoking and didn’t care. It’s a damn joke of a museum, especially since I waited my entire life to visit it. Amazing contents, the way it’s presented is a joke.

    • I can really understand what you mean. In Egypt, I always felt like nobody really cared about how people are treating the historic monuments (including the Pyramids), which is a shame 🙁

      • Sad. So much was also looted/damaged after the revolution. Some of the areas in the City of the Dead were so damaged it’s sad. I had the Pyramids almost to myself, but found a lot of CHINESE GRAFFTI on it. That is also another huge damn problem…

  2. Cario city is mainly famous for the Egyptian museum. This is the most beautiful museum build with different culture art. Last month my family & I had visited in the guidance of “Ask Aladdin”. This company is well responsible for us as a family member. I had visited a different museum in Egypt. There are the grand Egyptian museum, Manial palace museum, Nubian museum, Abdeen Palace Museum. All the museums are very beautiful but the scenario of the Egyptian museum is tremendous. It is a great experience for me to the significance and sees a lot of very interesting artifacts, Plus the fascinating mummies.

    • Hi Natalie, Thanks for your comment. Indeed, I think that the museum is a really special. Yet, I also think there are other great things to see in Cairo (including the other museums).

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