Airline Review: China Southern regional Economy Class

The China Southern regional Economy Class offers a decent comfort for short flights within China. In this extensive review, I’ll explain what you need to know about flying with the carrier from Mainland China.

On the way from the holiday paradise of Hainan Island to Guangzhou, China Southern appeared to be the best choice with mulitple daily frequencies, so this ended up being what I booked on the route.

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 19 Inch (48 Centimeter)

At first, I even booked a flight in a Boeing 787 (it’s operating the route London to Sanya to Guangzhou), but this was later on cancelled on that day, which led to me being rebooked on a flight in a Airbus narrowbody aircraft, the backbone of the China Southern fleet. To my surprise, the flight was quite emptied that day, something that never happened to me before or after that flight for domestic flights in China again.

Seating in the China Southern regional Economy Class

China Southern offers the very typical 3-3 configuration in its regional fleet, which is exactly the same layout you will also find when flying with European airlines like Lufthansa or British Airways.

China Southern Airbus A320 Cabin

The seats as such are a little more plush and offer a better padding than seats at the European counterparts of China Southern.

China Southern Airbus A320 Seat

The bright blue look of the seats might not be for everyone, but I thought that the cabin looked modern and in a good shape.

China Southern Airbus A320 Seat

I generally thought that the seating comfort in the China Southern regional Economy was nice enough for the class of travel and the seat pitch is better than at other airlines, too.

China Southern Airbus A320 Seat Pitch

Other than that, it’s worth noting that all seats come with a table, which is spacious and allows for easily placing a 13 inch laptop computer on it.

China Southern Airbus A320 Seat

Last but not least, all seats come with a seat pocket, where you can store some things during the flight.

China Southern Airbus A320 Seat

Summed up, there’s nothing bad to say about seating in the China Southern Economy Class.

Catering in the China Southern regional Economy Class

When it comes to catering, airlines from Mainland China have a somewhat weird system I still didn’t get. My flights in the China Eastern regional Economy Class had catering from “just a bottle of water” to a “full meal” without any connection to the travel time. Thus, I wasn’t surprised that the catering on the short flight from Sanya to Guangzhou just consisted of some peanuts.

China Southern Airbus A320 Snack

Those were served alongside a bottle of water, which keeps you well hydrated for the flight, and a small towel.

China Southern Airbus A320 Drink

Absolutely nothing to write home about, but fine for such a short flight.

Entertainment in the China Southern regional Economy Class

The entertainment options in the Economy Class of China Southern are rather limited, which is the norm for regional flights within China. As there’s hardly any airline with WiFi above the clouds, your entertainment choices are limited to screens on the ceiling.

China Southern Airbus A320 Entertainment

Plus, there’s a board magazine of China Southern flights, but on domestic routes, all the information and articles are in Chinese.

China Southern Airbus A320 Magazine

Thus, you may better bring your own entertainment when flying with China Southern as there’s really not a lot to do otherwise.

Overall impressions of the China Southern regional Economy Class

My flight in the China Southern regional Economy was absolutely fine. There’s not a lot to point out in either way as the configuration is the same as with most other airlines, the seats are maybe mildly more comfortable and the seat pitch is decent. The catering and the entertainment are just average, but that’s to be expected. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly China Southern again, but also wouldn’t go out of my way to fly China Southern compared to other Chinese airlines.

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