Hotel Review: Dhawa Jinshanling

The Dhawa Jinshanling Hotel is located a few hours away from Beijing, right next to the Chinese Wall. In this hotel review, I’ll explain why staying here is quite an experience with some strings attached.

Visiting the Chinese Wall definitely is a once in a lifetime experience, which I’d rate as high as visiting Machu Picchu and the Pyramids of Gizeh.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: October

You do so with a day trip from Beijing, where you can find amazing hotels like the Waldorf Astoria Beijing, but I’d actually recommend staying in a property right by the wall (there are various different areas with hotel options). Why? Because like that you can explore the Chinese Wall without hords of tourists.

Dhawa Jinshanling Area

My choice for a stay near the wall was the Dhawa Jinshanling, which is located in a newly developed area about two and a half hours from Beijing and just opened last year. It’s basically built like a little village and looks really charming.

Dhawa Jinshanling Resort

While the property isn’t cheap, the location is worth the price!

Standard Room at the Dhawa Jinshanling

The base rooms at the Dhawa Jinshanling might not seem spacious, but they look modern and stylish on the hotel’s website. Plus, they appear to have some sort of a view. Well, the latter isn’t true, while the form absolutely is.

Dhawa Jinshanling Room

The whole design of the room definitely is unique and I think it strikes a good balance between being cozy and intimate and still not feeling all that cramped.

Dhawa Jinshanling Room

The rooms at the Dhawa Jinshanling come with a really comfortable bed with high quality bedding as well as two nighstands.

Dhawa Jinshanling Room

Opposite of bed, you can find a flat-screen television, while in the corner, there’s a small table with a not-really comfortable chair – not the best place for working.

Dhawa Jinshanling Room

What’s really fancy though is the round-shaped lounger by the window, which is comfortable and theoretically allows for nice view.

Dhawa Jinshanling Room

Theoretically because there actually aren’t any views to speak of. Other than the pictures on the website show you, the rooms at the Dhawa Jinshanling actually face a walk – private, but not beautiful.

Dhawa Jinshanling View

The bathroom is an interesting part of the rooms at the Dhawa Jinshanling as well as the layout is really open. Upon entering the room, you are right in the bathroom area, which doubles as the wardrobe.

Dhawa Jinshanling Bathroom

There’s a single sink with some storage as well as a toilet in a separate room.

Dhawa Jinshanling Bathroom

The shower is round-shaped, but comes with a really nice rain shower head with good shower pressure.

Dhawa Jinshanling Bathroom

Interestingly, all the details like towels or the bedding feel really high-quality at the Dhawa Jinshanling and definitely show that the brand is connected to Banyan Tree. Generally speaking, the rooms are high quality, but feel a bit budget due to the size restrictions. I’d say that the concept fits very well for a hotel in such a location though as you’ll end up spending most time outdoors anyways.

Breakfast at the Dhawa Jinshanling

Breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant and ends relatively early at 10 am in the morning, which is a bit challenging if you decide to head up the wall beforehand (which I’d recommend to catch the sunrise and be there before anybody else). The spread is totally fine with several options from the West and the East.

There are various cold options, including baguette, bread rolls, salad, fruits and mueslis. Cold cuts and cheeses aren’t available though.

The choice of hot options is quite big as well, but there’s a strong focus on Asian and particularly local Chinese cuisine.

Dhawa Jinshanling Breakfast

You also have the option of getting freshly prepared omeletes and noodle soups, which is the norm in China and is something I also experienced at hotels like the Pullman Shanghai Jing’an. All in all, I’d say that braekfast at the Dhawa Jinshanling is quite good, but you just should keep in mind that there’s a strong focus on Chinese cuisine.

Dinner at the Dhawa Jinshanling

You’ll see what I mean with the property mainly catering to Chinese guests when it comes to dinner. When I stayed here, the restaurant didn’t yet have an English menu and there was no Western choice on the menu at all. The Chinese dishes were really good though.

It’s worth noting that I didn’t really know what all of it was, but it was generally good, but even with basic Chinese skills, communication was challenging. This also led to things being very spicy, which might be a challenge for one or another.

Gym & Area of the Dhawa Jinshanling

While the Dhawa Jinshanling is supposed to have a gym, it wasn’t yet finished when I visited, but might be today. There’s also a Spa with a limited menu. Other than that, you can find a little shopping mall just a few meters away from the property, which has a few shops and a supermarkt during the day.

Dhawa Jinshanling Area

The main attraction however definitely is the Chinese Wall, which is at your footstep. The entrance is less than 500 meters away from the property and it only takes like 15 to 20 minutes to get up the wall and enjoy the incredible scenery – it’s also a good workout 😉

Overall impressions of the Dhawa Jinshanling

I have stayed at a fair share of unique properties like the Belmond Hotel Las Cataratas, the Shambala Game Reserve and the Conrad Koh Samui to have learned one thing: Location really matters in certain places (not all that much in cities) and that’s exactly what makes the Dhawa Jinshanling a great option. The property allows for easy access to the Chinese Wall minus the usual crowds, making up for a unique and special experience. The hotel itself is modern, somewhat charming and stylish, but also doesn’t feel luxurious. It’s also not really catering for international guests, but that shouldn’t hold you back as the experience as such is something I’ll keep in mind forever!

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