Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Hamburg

The Radisson Blu Hamburg is a business hotel near the Dammtor Station and the fair grounds of Hamburg. While the views are quite nice, the rooms are just mediocre. Here’s how the hotel compares to other options in Hamburg!

If you are looking for a hotel in Hamburg, you’ll find dozens of different options. The Radisson Blu Hamburg is one I’d consider to be mid-tier. It’s definitely not on the level of properties like The Fontenay Hamburg, but I’d say it’s a notch about the Crowne Plaza Hamburg.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: January

This is also due to the better location as the Radisson has a great location for any events in Hamburg and is also in walking distance to the city center, making it a good choice if you value location. It’s also tough to not see the hotel as it’s the largest building in the city center of Hamburg and basically overlooks the whole city.

Standard Room at the Radisson Blu Hamburg

While I hoped for an upgrade thanks to my Radisson Rewards Gold Status, I ended up being assigned a Standard Room. It was on a relatively high floor though and thus came with very nice views of town.

Radisson Blu Hamburg View

Other than that, I thought that the room design was somewhat bland and didn’t really make you feel welcome or comfortable.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Room

There’s a bed with two nightstands, but I didn’t really sleep all that well due to the very hard matress (and I actually like sleeping on hard surfaces) and the disappointing pillows.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Room

That said, the black armchair in the corner of the room didn’t scream ‘luxury’ either.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Room

Aside from a small table next to the window, the rooms at the Radisson Blu Hamburg come with the typical duo consisting of a drawer with the television on it and a working desk.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Room

The latter is spacious enough and comes with an okay chair, it’s not actually ergonomic, but it’s alright for working for a few hours.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Room

It’s worth that a cute little welcome gift was waiting for me upon arrival, which is a gesture I appreciate.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Welcome Treatment

What I not so much appreciate at the Radisson Blu Hamburg is the really odd bathroom design, it very much feels like a hospital bathroom to me.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Bathroom

There’s a sink, a toilet and a walk-in shower with decent shower pressure, making the bones actually be decent for a hotel in this price range. However, the design just doesn’t really do the trick to me.

Nevertheless, I’d say that the rooms are acceptable, yet not on the same level as for example at the Radisson Blu Chisinau, which I thought was charming.

Breakfast at the Radisson Blu Hamburg

When it comes to breakfast, I’m usually a fan of Radisson. There’s either a a really good à la carte breakfast like at the Radisson RED Brussels or a great buffet like in Hamburg.

The buffet comes with various different stations with cold and hot items alike. There are basically all offerings you’d expect at a German hotel breakfast.

Additionally, you may order hot dishes from the kitchen, including various kinds of eggs as well as frehsly prepared French Toast, which I think is great for a business hotel.

Radisson Blu Hamburg Breakfast

All in all, breakfast definitely is an area where the Radisson Blu Hamburg is shining.

Gym at the Radisson Blu Hamburg

While the Radisson Blu Hamburg doesn’t have a pool, it comes with a nice enough recreation area. This includes a large, airy, bright and well equipped gym.

There’s enough equipment for cardio training and it’s also not an issue to enjoy weights training. Aside from that, the hotel also offers a sauna and a steam bath as well as a recreation area.

Overall impressions of the Radisson Blu Hamburg

I’m not really sure what to think about the Radisson Blu Hamburg. The property is definitely not a bad hotel, but I also didn’t love my stay. The rooms are just too blandly designed and don’t feel any luxurious, while everything else about the hotel is absolutely fine. I’d recommend staying here if you don’t care about the room design too much and can live with hard beds.

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