Hotel Review: Golf du Medoc Resort

The Golf du Medoc Resort close to Bordeaux is a member of the MGallery Collection by Accorhotels and sure is a peaceful retreat. Nevertheless, I wasn’t fully sold for the hotel and thought it was a little missplaces in the MGallery Collection.

There’s hardly any country on this planet, which combines history and charm as well as France does. Basically all cities are worth visiting and there are tons of really nice hotels with a local and historic touch. This is also where the concept of the MGallery Collection by Accorhotels started and the reason that I enjoy it that much – I actually even like the modern interpretation, for example at the Grand Hotel La Cloche Dijon. Sadly, the Golf du Medoc Resort, which is located approximately 30 minutes away from Bordeaux doesn’t have this particular touch that would make it “memorable”.

Suite at the Golf du Medoc Resort

For my stay at the Golf du Medoc Resort I had booked a suite during an Accorhotels Sale. The price was below 200 Euro and only slightly higher than for normal rooms, so I thought it was a good deal.

The suite was more of a junior suite, in my opinion, though as it was only one large room.

Upon entering, you are in a small entrance area, followed by what I would the living area.

There’s a sofa right next to the working table, which comes with a hardly comfortable chair for longer working – the desk is also really small.

Placed on the desk, there was a coffee machine with some pods, which were complimentary (the same is true for two bottles of water in the room).

Furthermore, there’s a somewhat random other armchair next to a small table closer to the window and than a turnable television in the middle of the room.

Behind this area, you can find the bedroom area, which basically just consists of a King Bed, which is really comfortable and comes with good bedding as well as two nightstands.

While there’s nothing bad to say about the room per se, I just didn’t think that the design was really charming. It’s fairly modern, but it somewhat didn’t hit my taste. The little balcony with some furniture is nice enough though.

The views of the golf courts are relatively nice as well without being particularly overwhelming. The InterContinental Carlton Cannes definitely has an edge here 😉

The bathroom and the suite itself were accessible, but that didn’t really bother me.

This also meant that the bathroom was fairly larrge, consisting of a single vanity, a toilet as well as a bathtub.

Another bonus is the large walk-in shower, which sadly doesn’t come with rain shower head, but rather a normal shower head.

It’s not that I didn’t like the suite at the Golf du Medoc Resort as it was fairly comfortable, but I felt like it missed a touch to make it really beautiful or a place you’d like to return to.

Breakfast at the Golf du Medoc Resort Bordeaux

Another area, where the Golf du Medoc Resort just wasn’t good enough to be great is breakfast. Sure, there was a buffet with some fairly good croissants and other bakery items, but as much as the Sofitel Strasbourg, the Golf du Medoc Resort just doesn’t have a particularly great selection.

Yes, there were some cheeses as well as charcuterie.

Furthermore, there was a selection of freshly cut fruits…

… and there were even a couple of hot options available.

However, the whole buffet was rather small and the service was a tad slow. Once again, I didn’t think that the breakfast was bad, but I somewhat hoped for more.

Dinner at the Golf du Medoc Resort

Why were my hopes so hope? Dining is a good example on why as the prices are really steep in that regard and thus you expect a lot. Well, the service was horrible to start with and the choice of options (some on the menu were not available) could be a bit better as well. I won’t complain about the quality of the food, but I thought that the portions good be a little bit better than what I got when orderning a canneloni dish for 25 Euro.

The steak (priced at around 35 Euro) was very good as well, but was everything but massive either.

The dessert, while yummy, was on the small side as well and also too expensive.

For lunch, I also tried a hamburger with fries, which was fairly good (and also not particularly small).

Sure, you don’t have a lot of other options at the Golf du Medoc Resort, but with this price level, I feel like at least the portions could be a bit better. Another point of criticism is the very limited room service menu.

Pool, Golf & Gym at the Golf du Medoc Resort

I’m not a golfer, which is why I can’t say all too much about golfing here, but others seemd to enjoy it very much. The whole golf course looked charming and is also nice to have a walk over. You can also go for nice runs in the area.

When it comes to other recreation areas, I felt like there could have been a little more in a property that brands itself as a resort. For example, there’s just one rather smallish (so thanks to lots of daylight quite nice swimming pool).

The number of loungers here is really limited though. It gets really crowded if there are just more than five people, which I find a little bothersome.

There’s also an area with a steambath alongside an expeirence shower and some more loungers, but it all feels quite cramped, if you ask me.

The gym was also really small and just had a few cardio machines, smaller weights, a workout mat and a few other random things. There was water alongside some fruits though.

All in all, I once again think that there could just have been a little more at a resort like the Golf du Medoc Resort, which is why I wasn’t really happy overall.

Overall impressions of the Golf du Medoc Resort

This review sure sounds quite critical, but it’s not like I didn’t like the resort. I just expected more of it in basically all regards, more charm, a more stylish design, more options for breakfast, larger portions for dinner and also a larger recreation area with more options. I’m sure that the Golf du Medoc Resort is a nice place to escape the busy Bordeaux for a day or two, but I wouldn’t choose it as a resort destination if you are looking for a holiday destination in France. There are just much more charming options for this matter, including the relatively new Grand Hotel des Sablettes Plages near Toulon.

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