Hotel Review: Hilton Beijing

The Hilton Beijing is a business hotel on the outer ring road of Beijing. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll explain what you need to know about staying here and why I think that the hotel is a decent, but not a phenomenal choice for staying in Beijing.

Beijing has a really various hotel market, including many luxurious properties. Even for Hilton, the Hilton Beijing might only the number four in town after the Waldorf Astoria, the Conrad and the Hilton Wangfujing.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Pure Room
  • Month of Stay: October

That might also be because of the location as the Hilton Beijing is on the 3rd ring road, which means that you need about half an hour to the city center, depending on traffic. Other than that, the location is practical for trips to other parts of town or the airport.

Executive Pure Room at the Hilton Beijing

My night at the Hilton Beijing was rather short, which is why I didn’t ask for any big upgrades for my stay. The hotel proactively offered an Executive Pure Room though, which includes lounge access (which I get as a Diamond member anyways), but also a special system for purifying the air (‘Pure’).

Hilton Beijing Room

The room as such wasn’t the most modern, but had a really interesting shape. The executive wing of the hotel is round shaped, which means that all rooms have a curvature as well.

Hilton Beijing Room

While the bed reamins the centerpiece, the layout is quite different to other hotels with a wardrobe to the side of the bed and the television in front of the window front.

Hilton Beijing Room

The bed is quite comfortable and comes with good bed linen as well as the typical two nightstands.

Hilton Beijing Room

Interestingly, the working desk is located right in front of bed and fits into the red-dark color scheme of the room – the ergonomical chair is appreciated.

Hilton Beijing Room

There was also a basket with some fruit waiting for me on the desk upon my arrival.

Hilton Beijing Welcome Treatment

Next to bed on the other side is a sofa with an ottoman in dark colors.

Hilton Beijing Room

While the design of the Hilton Beijing sure is special, I liked the more personal touches like books in a shelf or special pillows very much.

Hilton Beijing Room

It’s also nice to see that a Hilton offers a coffee machine in the room, which is a feature I’m not used to from European Hiltons like the Hilton Berlin or the Hilton Prague.

Hilton Beijing Room

While I arrived in the morning, I was able to see the views in the morning. I wouldn’t consider those to be particularly special.

Hilton Beijing View

The entrance area of the room also had a fairly large wardrobe, where you could easily put various suitcases.

Hilton Beijing Room

The bathroom was fairly nice as well, reminding me a lot of luxury hotels rather than an upscale business hotel.

For example, the room comes with a double vanity with two sink and lots of storage.

Hilton Beijing Bathroom

Then there’s a large marble bathtub as well as a walk-in shower two shower heads.

Hilton Beijing Bathroom

The toilet is located in a different room.

Hilton Beijing Bathroom

All in all, I’d say that the rooms at the Hilton Beijing are luxurious without being overly modern. The overall comfort is definitely about your usual business Hilton in Europe or the Americas.

Breakfast at the Hilton Beijing

The Hilton Beijing offers a generous breakfast buffet with dozens of hot and cold options, including fruits, various breads, cold cuts and cheeses alongside the typical yogurt and mueslis.

The hot selection had various Chinese classics alongside other hot Asian dishes and a selection of typical Western options like scrambled eggs.

Furthermore, there is live cooking available, including frehsly prepared omelettes and noodle soups.

Service was swift and friendly, so breakfast was a great experience overall. It’s worth noting though that the service was a bit slow, in my opinion.

Pool & Gym at the Hilton Beijing

While I couldn’t try the dining options or the executive lounge during my stay, I had the chance to check out the pool and the gym. The latter is well equipped and spacious.

Hilton Beijing Fitness

It has equipment for strength and cardio training and is definitely good enough to allow for a full work out, including more heavy weights.

I also really liked the swimming pool located one floor up from the gym. It’s a decent size and good for swimming some laps.

Hilton Beijing Pool

There are also various loungers around it and the jacuzzi with views of the neighborhood is nice as well. In addition, there’s a sauna and a steam bath in each respective changing room.

Hilton Beijing Pool

Another positive of this area at the Hilton Beijing is the terrace, where you can get some fresh air.

Hilton Beijing Pool Terrace

Personally, I really enjoyed this recreation area as it’s quite a bit nicer than what Hiltons in Europe like the Hilton Munich Park or the Hilton Budapest City offer.

Overall impressions of the Hilton Beijing

All in all, I’d say that the Hilton Beijing is a good business hotel. I’m not a fan of the location, but the rooms are spacious and luxurious, the breakfast is quite good and the pool and gym are surprisingly nice as well. There’s not a lot not to like about this property as service was also friendly and helpful at all times. If the location is convenient for you, I can recommend staying here!

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