Hotel Review: Marriott Berlin

The Marriott Berlin is a decent city hotel located very close to the Potsdamer Platz. In this extensive review, I’ll explain what I like about the property and where I think that it still has potential.

I’ve had my fair share of hotel experiences in Berlin, including stays at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, the Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome, the Hotel Palace and many more. As the hotel market in Berlin is crazy large though, I decided to try another property this time: The Marriott Berlin. It’s located just a stonethrow away from the Potsdamer Platz and thus can easily be reached by public transportation. Furthermore, you can get to all important spots in Berlin from here very quickly.

Rooms at the Marriott Berlin

The rooms at the Marriott Berlin are quintessentially Marriott. I’d say they are nice enough, but don’t really have any particular charm.

Marriott Berlin Room

I don’t want that to sound too negative as the two Queen Beds room was very comfortable with spacious and comfortable beds.

Marriott Berlin Room

Furthermore, there’s a large working desk with an ergonomic chair.

Marriott Berlin Room

Opposite of bed, you can find some storage space as well as the flat-screen television. While there is no coffee machine, you can at least find a kettle and a minibar.

Marriott Berlin Room

The views from my room weren’t great, but they were alright I’d say.

Marriott Berlin View

The rooms might not feel particularly special, but I still liked the one I got. It was much more spacious than for example at the Marriott Bonn and still felt modern and fresh. The same is true for the bathroom, which isn’t terribly large, but quite modern.

Marriott Berlin Bathroom

There’s a toilet, a sink and a walk-in shower with a really nice shower head.

Marriott Berlin Bathroom

All in all, a very nice room, which could use some more personality. But that’s generally a “problem” with chain hotels. I’d definitely say that the rooms here a tad nicer than at the Hilton Berlin, for example.

Lounge at the Marriott Berlin

While I didn’t have regular breakfast at the hotel, I had access to the Executive Lounge thanks to my Marriott Status. Here, breakfast was served with a fairly decent spread.

Marriott Berlin Lounge Breakfast

There were various cold options supplemented by some hot options, but sadly no frehsly prepared omelettes or similiar.

Marriott Berlin Lounge Breakfast

The lounge as such is quite nice and spacious. The highlight are definitely the views over Berlin, those are just really nice if you ask me.

Marriott Berlin Lounge View

In the afternoon, the lounge of the Marriott Berlin offers a couple of different cakes, which are nice enough. In the evening, there’s a relatively extensive cold buffet.

Marriott Berlin Lounge Dinner

The hot options are a little more limited and could definitely be a tad better.

Marriott Berlin Lounge Dinner

Overall, I still thought that the Marriott Berlin has a nice lounge, which can actually be worth paying extra for (especially if breakfast isn’t included in your rate).

Pool & Gym at the Marriott Berlin

The Marriott Berlin offers some nice recreation facilities in the basement, those include a gym with some decent enough equipment.

Marriott Berlin Fitness

It’s definitely nice for cardio training (even though its lacking views) and there are also some basic weights and strength machines, so you can have a nice workout here.

There’s also a pool right next to the gym (you actually have views of it when on a stepper), which is rather small, but better than nothing.

Marriott Berlin Pool

While there’s a lack of nice lounging options, it’s always nice if a city hotel has a pool at all.

Marriott Berlin Pool

Other than that, there’s also a sauna, which overall makes up for more than just decent offerings at the Marriott Berlin!

Overall impressions of the Marriott Berlin

My take on the Marriott Berlin is quite positiv. The hotel might not have a lot of character, but it’s a great option for a business trip nevertheless. The rooms are modern, spacious and offer a high sleep quality, the lounge is quite nice and comes with views. Last but not least, the recreation facilities are good enough. All in all, I’d definitely return to the Marriott Berlin and wouldn’t hesitate recommending the hotel to others!

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