City Guide: Singapore

Singapore is one of the most fascinating cities in Asia. The metropolis is not only very wealthy, but also offers a very high quality of living. For tourists, there’s plenty to see. In this city guide, we’ll explain what you need to see when visiting Singapore!

Getting to Singapore is relatively simple as the city is a major hub for flights within Asia. There are direct flights to destinations on all continents except South America, so getting to Singapore shouldn’t be an issue. Nationals of many countries can also enter without a visa, making it simple to get to Singapore. However, you should be aware that Singapore has some strict laws, so make sure that you are acting according to those. Other than that, visiting Singapore feels much more relaxed then visiting other major cities in Asia, including Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Bangkok or Saigon.

The fascinating Marina Bay & Gardens by the Bay

Potentially the most fascinating sight in Singapore is the Marina Bay, which is just utterly beautiful.

Skyline Singapore

Going here for a run or just a walk is a great experience as the combination of nice pathways, a view of the skyline and the sea in the distance is just really great.

Marina Bay Singapore

There are also a couple of sights along the pathways, including the famous Merlion of Singapore.

Merlion Singapore

Furthermore, you’ll obviously see the Marina Bay Sands, one of the most admired hotels in the world. I also like the Helix Bridge and the flower-shaped ArtScience Museum.

Helix Bridge Singapore

Obviously, you also shouldn’t miss the Gardens by the Bay, which are a mix of modern art and a large park.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

There are various different attractions inside the Gardens by the Bay, including the famous Supertrees.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Personally, I just enjoy walking through here without a particular destination in mind.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Regarding this area in Singapore, I can also recommend visiting at night as the Marina Bay and the Gardens are even more fascinating at this time of the day.

Marina Bay Singapore Nighttime

While I’m sure that it’s basically impossible to not stumble upon this area of Singapore, I would recommend taking a day or so to only explore this part of Singapore!

Historic Center & China Town of Singapore

Another part of Singapore I personally find very interesting is the area located right next to the Marina Bay. This starts with the Clarke Quay and Fort Canning, the historic fort of Singapore.

Fort Canning Singapore

I also really like the historic buildings in the city center, including the fascinating National Gallery building.

National Gallery Singapore

The parliament is also worth having a look at.

Parliament of Singapore

I’d also recommend paying the St. Andrew’s Cathedral a quick visit.

St. Andrews Cathedral Singapore

If you are not so much into historic city center, you should walk a bit more South. Here, you can China Town with lots of interesting food options and a totally different kind of culture.

Sri Mariamman Temple Singapore

Funnily, Chian Town is not only dominated by Chinese culture, but also other subcultures, including Indian influences, which makes this area so interesting and colorful.

China Town Singapore

If you happen to be in Singapore, I’d highly recommend paying these spots a visit!

Shopping at Orchard Road in Singapore

While there are a lot of areas I really adore in Singapore, Orchard Road isn’t one of those. This area is known for luxury shopping and modern skyscrapes.

Orchard Road Singapore

Somehow, I just didn’t find this area charming at all as it reminds me of the endless malls in other cities in Asia. There’s just not a lot of charm about this place.

Orchard Road Singapore

Thus, I’d recommend keeping my time at Orchard Road short or just skipping this place altogether. I’d say it’s only worth visiting if you are very much into shopping.

Katong, East Coast Park and East Coast Beach

While there are many known sights in Singapore, Katong isn’t really often mentioned in guides about the city. This is a shame as I think that this part of the city, located further away from the center, is incredibly charming.

Katong Singapore

There are dozens of very small and colorful buildings, which are making the whole area really beautiful and special. I could definitely see myself walking around here for a half a day or so and stopping by at small shops and cafés in between.

Katong Singapore

Futhermore, Katong is just a stonethrow away from one of the nicest parks in Singapore, the East Coast Park located right next to the ocean.

East Coast Beach Singapore

Here, you can also find some surprisingly beautiful beaches, which I wouldn’t really have expected outside of the holiday island Sentosa.

East Coast Beach Singapore

All in all, I thought that Katong and the beach area are definitely worth paying a visit. This area is up and coming and that’s definitely deserved!

Overall impressions of Singapore

In the last couple of years, I’ve been to Singapore many times and I personally really vouch in favor of visiting this city. While I usually find larger cities in Asia exhausting, I thought that Singapore was not only very charming, but also somewhat backlaid. There are so many beautiful places to visit and there’s a lovely mix of history, culture and modernity. Along with Seoul, this might be my favorite city in all Asia!

Do you have any questions about Singapore? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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