Hotel Review: Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai

The Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai is a luxury hotel located on the Pudong side of Shanghai, right by the river. In this extensive review I’ll explain why I would recommend staying here!

If you are looking for a place to stay in Shanghai, there are lots of luxury options. There are not many cities in Asia with more luxury hotels of the many important international chains.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Horizon Club River View Room
  • Month of Stay: November

Not surprisingly, there are two Shangri-La Hotels and there’s even a further Kerry Hotel, also part of Shangri-La. The Pudong Shangri-La is supposedly one of the best hotels in the city and part of Virtuoso. In this extensive review, well’explain what you can expect of staying at this property located right on the riverbank in the Pudong area of Shanghai.

Horizon Club River View Room at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai

For my stay at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai, I had booked a Horizon Club River View Room. While there are two towers, I got a room in the smaller and older one, which comes with a slightly more contemporary design.

While I changed the room after check-in to one with a slightly different layout, most of the aspects of the regular rooms in this part of the hotel are similar.

The rooms have a decent size of about 40 square meters and feel a bit aging. Nevertheless, everything is luxurious and particularly the centrally located King Bed is very comfortable.

Aside from the two nightdesks next to the bed, there’s also a typical set-up with a television on a drawer opposite of bed.

Depending on the exact layout, the working desk is either located next to the TV or closer to the window. There’s also a difference between chairs, from typical working chairs to more classical ones.

Closer to the window, you can also find a coffee table as well as a recamière, from which you can enjoy nice river views.

Speaking of the views, there are three different kinds of “river views”. The first I got was somewhat partially, but mainly had the issue of a loud ventilation of the building next door.

After changing the room, I was able to enjoy an unobstructed river view without any disturbances, which I very much enjoyed.

The bathroom of the rooms at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai has a fair size, but doesn’t feel as luxurious as for example at the Four Seasons Shanghai.

While there’s a nice bathtub, a sink and a toilet, everything feels a bit cramped and there’s not as much storage space as you might be used to from other luxury hotels in Asia.

The shower with two shower heads and high quality toiletries is nice as well, but also not that spacious.

All in all, I liked the rooms at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai, mainly thanks to the amazing views, which surely are the highlight. Other than that, the rooms are nice enough, but not as good as at the nearby Park Hyatt Shanghai for example.

Breakfast at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai

I must admit that breakfast at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai was a bit of a disappointment. It’s less about the choice of breakfast options as it is really amazing.

There are dozens of stations with different food options, ranging from Chinese cuisine to other Asian cuisines to Western options.

You can also find various live cooking stations for things like freshly prepared omelettes or noodle soups.

Nevertheless, I didn’t really enjoy my time at braekfast as the space is just massive and it takes ages to get from your table to one of the many food stations.

Worst of all, breakfast was really full when I visited, which took away much of the enjoyment of a leisurely start into the day. No comparison to relaxed breakfast at places like the Conrad Algarve or the Waldorf Astoria Versailles.

Horizon Club Lounge at the Shangri-La Shanghai Pudong

While I wasn’t a fan of the breakfast at the Shangri-La Shanghai, the Club Lounge, also known as the Horizon Club, was a real highlight.

It’s a spacious lounge (one of two as there’s another one in the more modern wing) with incredible views of the river – for that alone the lounge is worth it!

Yet, the food spread is a real highlight in any possible regard as well. The feast is starting with an extensive breakfast spread with lots of different options.

Best of all, the many buffet options are just part of the offerings as you can order several options frehsly prepared. What an amazing breakfast, plus the relaxed atmosphere with a view compared to the normal breakfast in the restaurant.

Afternoon Tea would be the only service, which I thought was only partially well executed. There are some snacks like sandwiches and cakes all day long. Yet, there’s no formal afternoon tea service, which I learned to love at places like The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta or the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The advantage of the model at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai is that you can have a nice snack and a barista coffee all day long and not only during certain times of the day. However, the other highlight aside from breakfast is the dinner service.

There’s a large buffet with several cold options, including salads, cold cuts, cheeses and more.

Plus, you can enjoy a variety of hot dishes, which are changing daily and offer a great range of different cuisines, while being very yummy.

The choice of alcoholic drinks is really good as well. There is a nice selection of wines, beers and other alcoholic drinks.

All of this combined with a really great service at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai, I can only highly recommend making use of the Horizon Club Lounge. It’s really the highlight of a stay here.

Room Service at the Shangri-La Pudong Shanghai

As I had booked my stay via American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, I also had a 125 US-Dollar food & beverage credit to burn. I made use of this by ordering room service a couple times. The highlight of my meal experience was the steak, which wasn’t cheap, but really good.

I also had a couple of really good soups, a curry and other Asian dishes – all quickly delivered and very good.

Thus, there’s only good to stay about the room service options at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai. The menu is extensive, service is quick and quality is high. I also ended up checking out the bar with views of the skyline, where I enjoyed a really good cocktail.

I’d say that the food & beverage department at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Pool & Gym at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai

I’d call the recreation facilities at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai good enough, but not amazing. The pool, for example, is rather small and not particularly inviting.

It’s once again worth noting that this it the River Wing of the hotel, the other one is supposed to have more extensive offerings in this regard. The gym in the former wing is alright with somewhat aging equipment. There are some views, but those aren’t perfect. Plus, there are not many options for strength training. It’s still absolutely okay, but not great.


It’s also worth noting that the Shangri-La Shanghai Pudong also offers a tennis court on a side-roof. From here, you can even enjoy river views. Sadly, the condition of the court just isn’t any good.

If there would be a weak spot at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai, at least in the River Wing, I’d say that it’s the recreation facilities.

Overall impressions of the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai and I’d highly recommend staying here. I liked the property even more than the Shangri-La Bengaluru, which I stayed at a couple years ago. While the design is a tad too contemporary for my taste, at least at the River Wing, everything is luxurious and the views are just amazing. The Horizon Club is really good as well, so if you end up booking a Club Room with River Views, I’m sure that you will love your stay at this property!

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