Destination Guide: Minack Theatre

Minack Theatre Cornwall

Minack Theatre is a unique open-air theatre in Cornwall. This world famous sight located on a beautiful stretch of coast is definitely worth a visit. In this extensive destination guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about visiting!

Cornwall is known for a couple of things, many of these are focused around the amazing nature of te place. Yet, Minack Theatre also deserves its spot as one of the most interesting sights. It’s not only that this spot has a fascinating history, but Minack Theatre is also known as one of the most amazing open-air theatres in the whole world. If that’s not enough reason to visit, maybe we’ll be able to convice you with this guide!

How to get to Minack Theatre?

Visiting Cornwall in general and Minack Theatre in particular is the easiest with a rental car. You sure need to be a decent driver to go through the small and windy roads of Cornwall, but taking the car still proves to be the best way to visit in Cornwall. Other options include group tours, but those don’t give you the same amount of flexiblity. Even though Minack Theatre is quite remote, you can also visit by public transportation. First Kernow Bus Line A1 stops in Porthcurno, about ten minutes away from the theatre. This bus line goes from Penzance to Land’s End and the other way round, so it can be an option to visit Minack Theatre that way as well.

What’s the price to visit and what’s the best season?

Minack Theatre as such is a seasonal business, but that rule is only for performances. So while those only take place between May and October, you may visit at any other season as well. While opening hours vary, you can enter between 10 am and 4 pm on most days, even in winter. In summer season, opening hours are much longer and you can also visit for the shows in the evening.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

Be aware that tickets for the latter can be tough to come by. Tickets for visiting the theatre without a show are 6 GBP per adult, so it’s relatively affordable to pay this place a visit. There’s also a café with some snacks and souvenirs, in case you need to get stocked on something.

What’s to see at Minack Theatre?

I won’t go to deep into the history of Minack Theatre as there are better sources for that, but it’s incredibly impressive how this whole place was manmade – or better said womanmade.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

The theatre was built by and under the lead of Rowenda Cane, who died more than 30 years ago, but remains a special character at Minack Theatre.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

While the theatre got some updates here and there, it basically still remains the same structure it had when it was built after the Second World War.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

The whole place just looks incredibly special with the location right on a cliff.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

It all looks a bit surreal if you ask me as you wouldn’t believe that somebody uses a spot like this to built a theatre.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

All seats are dedicated to special character, who either once visited the theatre or played an important role for this special place for other reasons.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

Thus, you might end up sitting on the spot of King George or other famous characters of the past.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

I particularly loved that the theatre is not only a fascinating location as such, but that there are also lots of flowers, making it an even more inviting spot.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

Once you are done walking through the theatre, you can also enjoy great views of the landscape, including a small beach and various cliffs.

Minack Theatre Cornwall

The whole spot is created in a way that it resembles a museum, while still being an active theatre, so I’d say that visiting for about an hour or two should be enough. Even though that might sound like little time, you’ll be hit by the beauty from minute one!

Overall impressions of Minack Theatre in Cornwall

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to really expect of Minack Theatre in Cornwall. Yet, after visiting I can surely say that this is a really special place and I can only highly recommend visiting. There are just a few places like this in the world and taking into account that all of this was built without modern equipment, it’s just hard to believe. If you happen to visit Cornwall, you definitely shouldn’t miss Minack Theatre!

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