Hotel Review: Hilton Singapore

The Hilton Singapore is a decent hotel located on Orchard Road in Singapore. In this review, I’ll explain why you can hardly go wrong with the hotel, while I’d still recommend to stay elsewhere when in town!

Singapore is quite an interesting city when it comes to luxury hotels. There are various different options and all major hotel chains have one or another property in town.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: January

Hilton for example offers a Hilton Garden Inn, the Hilton and also the Conrad Singapore, which is probably the most exclusive property in town. The locations are also quite different, with the Conrad being located closer to Marina Bay and the Hilton at Orchard Road. Personally, I highly prefer staying near Marina Bay, which I also enjoyed when staying at other properties like the InterContinental Singapore.

Executive Room at the Hilton Singapore

In the last couple of years, I stayed at various Hilton properties and many of those have very similiar looking rooms. This is also true for the Hilton Singapore, where the Executive Room I was upgraded to looked quite a bit boring.

Hilton Singapore Room

It really offers the very typical layout of any hotel room all around the world with the bed as the typical centerpiece, flanked by two nightstands.

Hilton Singapore Room

On the other side of the bed, there’s a flatscreen television right next to a luggage rack.

Hilton Singapore Room

Then next to bed, there’s a basic armchair with a small table.

Hilton Singapore Room

The other corner of the room has a working desk alongside an ergonomic chair. The desk is big enough for working and the chair is comfortable.

Hilton Singapore Room

So is there actually anything to complain about? Absolutely not, but the room is just a bit bland and boring and doesn’t feel all that luxurious. It just reminded me a lot of mediocre Hilton properties in Europe like the Hilton Berlin. The only real point of differentation was the coffee maker, which is something you don’t find at Hiltons outside of Asia.

Hilton Singapore Room

The view of neighbooring high-rises is alright, but also nothing to write home about.

Hilton Singapore Room

The bathroom also feels a bit old in the way that it surely was designed more than a decade ago.

Hilton Singapore Bathroom

I was particularly surprised to find a rather small space with just one sink (with lots of storage) and a toilet tucked right next to it.

The shower-tub combo with a shower curtain is also not exactly what I expect of a luxury hotel in Asia.

Summed up, I’d call the rooms at the Hilton Singapore to be totally okay, but not exactly groundbreaking. Other hotels of the chain in Asia, including the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba or the Hilton Beijing, just feel quite a bit more luxurious.

Breakfast at the Hilton Singapore

Usually, breakfast in Asia tends to be quite an opulent affair in luxury hotels. This is also true for the Hilton Singapore, where the only real point of critcism is that the breakfast restaurant is quite a bit dark and doesn’t offer a view. The offerings are quite good though.

Hilton Singapore Breakfast

There are several different areas of the buffet, which offer the typical western classics, ranging from a selection of bread to cold cuts, cheeses and hot items like scrambled eggs or bacon.

I also enjoyed the selection of fresh cut fruits very much and feel like it’s worth pointing out that the hotel also offers quite some creative choices, including Indian cuisine or even some French classics like a Quiche for breakfast.

As you’d expect at a good hotel breakfast in Asia, freshly prepared dishes like omelettes can be ordered as well.

Hilton Singapore Breakfast

While the breakfast at the Hilton Singapore might not be outstanding, it’s absolutely fine.

Executive Lounge at the Hilton Singapore

One of the strongest parts of the experience at the Hilton Singapore sure is the Executive Lounge, located on the second highest floor of the property.

Hilton Singapore Lounge

The lounge is spacious, stylishly appointed and offers a wide choice of different seating options, some even with a view.

Hilton Singapore Lounge

There are breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails served in the lounge, but I only had the chance to check out the latter two. The afternoon tea was a decent experience with some sandwiches as well as various sweet options.

Hilton Singapore Lounge Afternoon Tea

I also enjoyed the evening selection. While it might not be a full dinner replacement, there’s a very nice selection of different salads and other cold options.

You can also indulde in one or two hot dishes alongside some finger food like spring rolls.

Service during the evening cocktails is very good and staff makes sure that your glass doesn’t go empty, even when the evening cocktails are about to enter. Thus, the lounge at the Hilton Singapore definitely is very good, much better than at the Hilton Adelaide or the Hilton Brisbane, for example.

Pool & Gym at the Hilton Singapore

As you’d expect of a good luxury hotel in Asia, the Hilton Singapore obviously also offers quite some relaxation options. On the rooftop, there’s a pool with a view, for example.

Hilton Singapore Pool

While I didn’t think that it was perfect for swimming due to the somewhat odd shape and also found the number of loungers limited, it’s a nice spot for hanging out and relaxing for a bit at quiter times.

Hilton Singapore Pool

The gym is located one floor below and feels very spacious and well equipped.

Hilton Singapore Fitness

While I’d like to have a nice view and not a dark room, the equipment as such is really good. You can easily have a full workout, including strength training, here.

There’s also a spa, which I didn’t use. In general though, the Hilton Singapore definitely offers decent relaxation options for a city hotel.

Overall impressions of the Hilton Singapore

My verdict on the Hilton Singapore definitely is a bit odd. I thought that the hotel offers all you’d expect from the brand, offers a good location (if you want to be in this area) and doesn’t disappoint in many areas. On the other hand, I feel that at this price point, there are just better located (read: closer to Marina Bay) hotels in Singapore that offer more special and unique rooms, more luxury and a better view in town. So while I wouldn’t say that staying here is a mistake, I’d recommend also looking at other options, including the Conrad!

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