Hotel Review: Waldorf Astoria Beijing

The Waldorf Astoria Beijing is a modern and very well located luxury hotel in Beijing. In this extensive review, we’ll explain what you can expect of staying at the best Hilton Hotel in town.

Beijing is an important city for many different reasons, it’s not only the capital, but also an economic powerhouse, but also a touristic highlight.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Premier Room
  • Month of Stay: October

Regardless of the kind of trip, the Waldorf Astoria Beijing has a really great location inside the Wangfujing area of Beijing, just a short walk away from the Forbidden City and right by the famous shopping streets in this part of the city.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Elevators

Yet, the location is just one reason making the Waldorf Astoria a good choice as the modern hotel with its sleek exterior is a great option for staying in Beijing.

Premier Room at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing

Due to my Hilton Honors Diamond Status as well as the benefits of my Impresario Booking, I was upgraded to a Premier Room, which is more spacious than the Standard Room.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

The room basically consists of three areas. In the entrace area, there’s a large wardrobe and the bathroom. In this area, you can also find the nespresso coffee maker and the minibar.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

The first area of the actual room is the “sleeping area”.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

Here, you can find an incredibly comfortable bed, which looked much nicer than for example at the Waldorf Astoria Versailles.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

Opposite of bed, you can find a flat-screen television as well as some storage space.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

Then closer to the window, there’s a large lounging area with a couch and a comfortable armchair as well as a small table.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

This area has yet another flat-screen television.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

Shortly after I settled in to the room, a cute welcome gift was brought to me as well.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Welcome Gift

My personal highlight in the room at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing is the large working desk right in front of the window though.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

It’s not only very stylish and large, but also offers a nice view of the area.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room

The armchair might not be ergonomic, but still is very comfortable – what a great spot to get some work done.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Laptop

The view of the Wangfujing neighborhood is quite nice as well, plus the room gets quite bright thanks to the large windows.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing View

The bathroom of the rooms at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing is another highlight with lots of marble and just a high level of luxury.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Bathroom

There’s a double sink with lots of storage and very nice fittings, which I thought was beautiful.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Bathroom

Then there’s a large bathtub right opposite, obviously with another television.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Bathroom

In the back of the bathroom, there’s a really nice walk-in shower with a rain shower head to the left.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Bathroom

Then to the right, there’s a small room with a Japanese toilet.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Bathroom

All in all, I really loved the room at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing, even more than for example at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin. It’s sleek, stylish and bright and just very well done. There’s hardly anything not to like about it.

Breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing

Breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing was another really nice affair. While I even enjoyed the first meal of the day at the Hilton Beijing very much, the Waldorf offers an even more elaborated spread.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Breakfast

It’s not only about the buffet, which has the typical Western classics with good cheese, cold cuts, bread rolls and the usual hot dishes.

There’s also a large selection of Asian specialities alongside a really good choice of fresh fruits. I’d say the buffet is very good, but not excellent.

What I enjoyed most though was the made to order menu with lots of different options.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Breakfast

You can order as many of those as you want and the quality is really high, from very nice omelets, to the eggs benedict to the sweet options.

Summed up, there’s not a lot to criticize about the buffet. Sure, you can find a somewhat larger buffet at other luxury hotels, for example the Four Seasons Shanghai, but the quality and choice of made to order dishes at the Waldorf is just amazing.

Room Service & Bar of the Waldorf Astoria Beijing

With booking through Conrad & Waldorf Astoria Beijing, I was entitled to a 100 US-Dollar credit for my stay, which I made good use of. For example, I ordered a tasty, yet somewhat small burger via room service, which was served after about 30 minutes.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Room Service

I also went to the bar to enjoy coffee & cake on my day of departure and was served a very good cheesecake alongside a barista made cappuccino. I’d only say that the cake could be bigger for the high prices in the bar.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Cake

In the evening, I also went down to the bar and enjoyed a cocktail alongside a charcuterie platter.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Bar

The selection of cheeses and ham was really good and much better than I expected for a luxury hotel in Asia.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Bar

Once again, a really good experience for a luxury hotel in Asia, while maybe not fully on the level of the Four Seasons Shenzhen.

Pool & Gym of the Waldorf Astoria Beijing

The only area, where the Waldorf Astoria Beijing somewhat disappointed me is the pool and the gym. Both are located in a dark basement without any daylight, which looks sleek, but doesn’t add the atmosphere of the area, in my opinion.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Fitness

The gym is also relatively small and while decently equipped for a basic workout, I’ve been to much better gyms in Asian luxury hotels.

Furthermore, the pool of the Waldorf Astoria Beijing isn’t particularly large. It feels quite full if there are two or three other people.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Pool

It’s still nice enough for swimming some laps or enjoying the jacuzzi afterwards.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Pool

Nevertheless, I just expected a bit more, as other Hilton properties in Asia like the Conrad Tokyo or Conrad Bangkok just offer much more in regards to recreation facilities.

Overall impressions of the Waldorf Astoria Beijing

My stay at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend staying here when in Beijing, for business and pleasure alike. I’d say that the Waldorf in Beijing is among the best hotels in town and I certainly liked it more than the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai. If you are looking for a real luxury experience in Beijing, look no further as this property just does most things right – maybe with the exception of the recreation area.

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