Hotel Review: SIDE Hotel Hamburg

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room

The SIDE Hotel Hamburg is a Design Hotel located in the city center. The individual property left a very positive impression and me. Read why in this extensive hotel review!

If you are looking for a hotel in Hamburg, there are plenty of choices. There are more than ten luxury hotels for example and the SIDE Hotel Hamburg is one of those.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: February

The location of the property is quite decent, while not perfect. It’s about a five-minute walk away from the water and also about a ten-minute walk away from the city center. Various interesting shopping options and restaurants are just a stone-throw away though, making the location absolutely fine, just not exceptional.

Rooms at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg

I was upgraded one category for my stay at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg thanks to booking through Amex. Like that, I could enjoy a slightly larger room on a higher floor.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room

The room immediately left a very good impression on me and it’s obvious that someone took a lot of thought in design to not make this room look cookie-cutter like so many other hotel rooms.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room

In the centre of the room, there’s a comfortable King Bed with two mattresses (which is the norm for hotels in Germany) as well as two night stands. The bedding is really high quality.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room

Opposite of bed, there’s a flat-screen television with the work desk below. I’d consider the later to be nicely spacious, but at the same time the chair is just so-so comfortable and there’s a lack of space to move around as the path between bed and desk is rather narrow.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room

As you’d expect, the room also comes with a minibar, which is chargeable. One of the positive aspects of the experience at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg is the complimentary coffee machine though. This is also located on the desk.

Closer to the window, you can find an armchair along a small table, which is a nice spot to sit down and relax a bit.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room

The views out of the windows on the other hand are definitely nothing special as you are basically looking directly into offices on the other side of the street.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg View

One of the rather mediocre areas at the SIDE Hamburg are the bathrooms, which are totally fine, but not on the same level as the room, particularly size-wise.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Bathroom

While very stylish, the bathrooms feel quite a bit space-constrained with a smaller sink, yet enough storage around.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Bathroom

The toilet is tucked in a little corner on the other side.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Bathroom

I somewhat expected a separate walk-in shower, but instead there’s a bathtub-shower combo.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Bathroom

It’s definitely one of the nicer ones with a large glas shield, a good shower head and nice water pressure, though.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Bathroom

Overall, I thought that the room at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg was quite nice, yet not on the level of the exceptional The Fontenay Hamburg, in my opinion.

Breakfast at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg

Breakfast is included for all guests at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg and it sure is one of the highlights of a stay here. The fitting word for this breakfast offering is superb or exceptional.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Breakfast

For example, there are dozens of cheeses available and the selection of breads, bread rolls and charcuterie is just as good.

There is also a selection of local fish options, lots of antipasti and other cold food as well as a great choice of yummy pastries.

However, the buffet (which comes with several more options) is just one half of the experience as you can also order various things of a menu.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Breakfast

I tried the eggs benedict (amazing!) and also some scrambled eggs made to order (really good as well).

The highlight though were the fluffy pancakes, which were every bit as good as they looked.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Breakfast

All of this combined with a really good service throughout, I’d highly recommend staying at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg just for the breakfast. It’s definitely on-par with the offerings at the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg, which is often considered to be one of the best properties in town.

Dining at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg

During my stay, I also had the chance to try room service twice. In the first evening, I had a very tasty and also unique burger (there’s a choice of different versions), which was nicely presented as well.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room Service

For my second night at the property, I went with the steak, the specialty of the restaurant. You can choose various different cuts and sizes and the one I had was particularly great.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room Service

I also had some ice cream as a dessert, which was served at the same time as the entree, which I’d consider to be a slight problem as it was already melted when I got to eating it.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Room Service

Nevertheless, my dining experience via room service at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg was exceptional, so I’m sure that visiting the restaurant for lunch or in the evening definitely is a great option as well.

Pool & Gym at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg

While definitely a boutique hotel, the SIDE Hotel Hamburg still offers a surprising amount of recreation facilities in the basement.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Pool

The gym is a bit small though and doesn’t offer any daylight. There are just very few cardio options and no real strengh machines or larger weights.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Fitness

Thus, you won’t be able to go for a full workout here, which is an area where the Radisson Blu Hamburg offers a bit more, for example.

What’s really nice at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg though is the pool, which is located right next to the gym.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Pool

It’s a decent size and good for swimming laps, plus it comes with a very special design.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Pool

There are a couple of seating and lounging options right next to the pool, but there’s a lack of real loungers.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Pool

Furthermore, you can also find a sauna and steam bath with some loungers just around the corner. The pool also comes with an adjactent jacuzzi.

SIDE Hotel Hamburg Pool

All in all, there’s not a lot to be critical about for a city hotel as a really nice pool definitely isn’t a norm in city hotels, even on the luxury level.

Overall impressions of the SIDE Hotel Hamburg

My stay at the SIDE Hotel Hamburg was really good and I’d highly recommend staying here. The location is fine, the rooms are beautifully appointed, the staff is friendly and breakfast is absolutely exceptional. The pool is a nice added benefit, while the gym is a tad disappointing. All in all, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives and taking the value for the money into consideration, I’d say that the SIDE Hamburg is one of the best options for a luxury stay in Hamburg!

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