Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Frankfurt

The Radisson Blu Frankfurt is a business hotel located in-between the city center and Frankfurt Airport. In this extensive review, we’ll explain what you can expect from staying here!

There are many hotel options in Frankfurt, but very few around the Radisson Blu. This is as the hotel is located right between the city center (where you can find a Hilton, Marriott, Jumeirah and so on) and the airport, where you can find various other hotels (including another Marriott, Hilton, etc.).

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: October

The location might sound a bit odd at first, but the fair grounds aren’t far away and there are many businesses around the hotel. Plus, the hotel is often cheaper than hotels directly at the airport and a ride only takes about 15 minutes by taxi, so it can also be an option to overnight here before or after a flight.

Rooms at the Radisson Blu Frankfurt

The Radisson Blu Frankfurt started renovating most of the rooms in the last couple of months, which is the reason, why you can expect quite stylish rooms these days.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Room

The new rooms come with a wooden floor, a nice lighting and modern furniture, making them feel homely, even though they are not overly big.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Room

As you’d expect, the bed is taking up most of the space as it’s king-size with two large nightstands. I though the bedding was nice and slept very well.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Room

Right next to bed, there’s a comfortable armchair, where you can lounge a bit or place some things.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Room

On the opposite side of bed, there’s not only a flat-screen television, but also a bit of storage space.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Room

Left of this construction, you can find a medium-sized desk with a decent and comfortable chair.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Room

The entrance area also has some hanging space and a luggage rack as well as the door to the renovated bathroom.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Bathroom

While not very spacious either, I thought that it’s quite nice with a large sink with some storage space.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Bathroom

There’s also the usual toilet, which isn’t a separated by a door or anything.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Bathroom

I really liked the large walk-in shower with a rain shower head though.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Bathroom

It’s also worth noting that most of the rooms offer a really nice view of the Frankfurt skyline – at least in theory as it was really foggy during my stay.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt View

My overall impression of the rooms at the Radisson Blu Frankfurt was still very good though as they are modern, stylish and comfortable.

Breakfast at the Radisson Blu Frankfurt

Another area where the Radisson Blu Frankfurt left a very good impression on me is breakfast. This is being served in the hotel’s restaurant and comes with a huge selection.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Breakfast

After already having enjoyed very good breakfasts at the Radisson Blu Hamburg and Radisson Blu Chisinau, the buffet in Frankfurt also came with a huge selection of fresh goods.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Breakfast

There are not only various breads, bread rolls, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and so on, but also several warm dishes, including scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes and more at the buffet.

Yet, that’s not all as you are also able to order dishes from a menu.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Breakfast

I tried a freshly prepared omelet and the bircher muesli and both were excellent.

Especially for a business hotel, the Radisson Blu Frankfurt offers an exceptional breakfast, in my opinion.

Gym, Sauna & Pool at the Radisson Blu Frankfurt

Even though mainly a business hotel, the Radisson Blu Frankfurt comes with some recreational facilities. Those are located on one of the top floors with nice views and include a medium-sized gym with decent equipment.

More surprisingly, there’s also a pool, which might not be very good, but is a great for a little dip. Some loungers are arranged it and you can enjoy a nice view of the skyline.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Pool

The same is true for the sauna and steam bath, which are located nearby.

Radisson Blu Frankfurt Sauna

While maybe not as amazing as in The Fontenay Hamburg or InterContinental Berlin, I thought that the recreational facilities are really good for a city hotel.

Overall impressions of the Radisson Blu Frankfurt

My stay at the Radisson Blu Frankfurt was a superb experience and I’d definitely return when having business in the area. The rooms are modern and stylish, the views are great. Breakfast is a real feast and better than in many other business hotel, plus there are exceptional recreational facilities. While I’m usually not that much of a fan of Radisson, this property is worth recommending!

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