City Guide: Perth

Perth is the westernmost metropolis in Australia and also one of the most remote cities in the whole world. In this extensive city guide, we’ll explain what you can expect of visiting Perth and why we enjoyed the city very much!

Australia is a fascinating country in many regards. While the highlights are definitely the nature and the beautiful coastlines, the cities are actually nice to visit as well. While they are not particularly historic from an European perspective (we are not speaking of Paris or Rome), there are some pretty buildings from the 19th Century and lots of more modern projects. The whole structure of the cities is much different as none of the cities was destroyed in world wars like most of the European cities. Perth in particular is quite a pretty city, even though mainly due to the great location.

Historic buildings in the city center of Perth

Speaking of history, there is quite a bit to find in Perth if you are looking for it. One of the highlights is the Royal Mint, one of the oldest buildings of the city and a major museum.

Royal Mint Perth

The town hall, not far away from the Royal Mint, is another historic landmark in Perth.

Town Hall Perth

I’d also consider the historic fire station to be particularly cute and worth checking out.

Central Fire Station Perth

Recently renovated and now a luxury hotel, the Perth Treasury obviously is one of the prettiest in buildings in town.

COMO The Treasury Perth

It’s also just a stone throw away from the Government House with its historic charms.

Government House Perth

You can obviously see that the amount of historic buildings is at least somewhat limited in Perth, but I still liked strolling through the city on search for landmarks of the past.

Two cathedrals and many churches

With Australia being a Christian country, you can find lots of nice churches and cathedrals, the buildings are often landmarks of the city, for example in Melbourne. The same is true for Perth, which as two major cathedrals, St. Mary’s and St. George’s.

St. Mary's Cathedral Perth

Both are quite impressive, but I personally liked St. Mary’s a little more as it’s quite stunning.

St. Mary's Cathedral Perth

St. George’s is also worth checking out though.

St. George's Cathedral Perth

Further churches like the Western Uniting Church Perth are also to be found when walking through the streets of Perth.

Western Uniting Church Perth

Whether you are into religion or not, at least checking out the churches from the outside is definitely worth it when spending your time in Perth.

Beautiful rejuvenated Waterfront & Langley Park in Perth

In the last couple of years, Perth invested a lot of money into rejuvenating the waterfront, which now definitely is one of the cities highlights.

Elizabeth Quay Bridge Perth

It’s not only a great place to hang out, but there’s also some fascinating architecture with a new bridge, which reminded me a bit of Singapore.

Elizabeth Quay Perth

What’s cool in this area of Perth is that you can also enjoy a nice view of the skyline and the many skyscrapers in town.

Elizabeth Quay Perth

With the redevelopment project, new hotels (including a Ritz-Carlton and a DoubleTree) and restaurants have opened a short while ago, giving the area a cool vibe.

Elizabeth Quay Perth

If you are more into greenery, you can also find a beautiful park, called Langley Park not far away from the rejuvenated waterfront area.

Perth Langley Park

Here, you can run for a few kilometers right by the way – quite a beautiful experience, even if not as amazing as running on the waterfront in Sydney is.

Parliament House & famous King’s Park in Perth

An area I didn’t really read about before, but stumbled through accidentally is the government quarter, which houses the beautiful parliament house.

Parliament of Western Australia Perth

Here in West Perth, you can also find a couple of more interesting historic buildings as well as huge parks. It’s also one of the best housing areas in town.

Constitutional Centre of Western Perth

One of the reasons might also be the King’s Park, which is just a stone throw away and maybe one of the nicest city parks I’ve been to in a long time.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden Perth Law Walk

The view alone is absolutely fascinating as you can see all of Perth and the Swan River from here.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden Perth

There are also nice monuments, which you can hardly miss when checking out the viewpoint.

State War Memorial Perth

However, there’s not all as King’s Park Perth is also home of the Botanical Garden, meaning that there are hundreds of fascinating plants.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden Perth

With the park being absolutely massive, there are several further highlights, including the Law Walk.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden Perth Law Walk

You can basically walk on the mountain along the waterfront and enjoy the scenery for kilometers – an absolute highlight and something you can plan a full day for, in my opinion.

Fremantle, Cottesloe Beach and Rottnest Island

The city of Perth per se is already quite nice, but the real highlights can be found very close to the city. First, there’s a Fremantle, the city on the mouth of the river, which is also a few kilometers away from Perth.

Cottesloe Beach Perth

Here you can not only find some of the nicest houses in the Greater Perth Area, but also amazing beaches. I really enjoyed walking along Cottesloe Beach, enjoying the views of the ocean.

Cottesloe Beach Perth

There’s also quite a bit of infrastructure here, so visiting is easy and hassle-free. It’s not even a problem to only go here for two or three hours as the connections to the city center are very good.

Cottesloe Beach Perth

In Fremantle, but also at the Perth Waterfront, you can also board ferries to Rottnest Island, where the cute little quokkas are living.

Rottnest Island

The island is very natural and incredibly beautiful, not only due to the quokkas, but in general.

Rottnest Island Quokka

I’d definitely recommend doing this day trip. Yet, there are also a couple of other great destinations to visit around in Perth. In case you have more time, definitely check out the area around town as well!

Overall impressions of Perth

When planning my trip to Perth, I didn’t really know what to expect, but after having been, I’m really amazed by the city. Sure, Perth isn’t the most historic city and there are definitely more fascinating skylines, but the mix of a nice waterfront, some historic buildings and a relaxed vibe, makes Perth worth visiting. Personally, I loved King’s Park and the beach area around Fremantle as well as Rottnest Island, so I’d definitely recommend taking time to visit these places when in Perth!

Do you have any questions about Perth? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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