Hotel Review: Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen

The Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen is one of the best rated properties in the Norwegian city. In this extensive review, we’ll explain what you can expect of staying here and why the value for the money isn’t exactly ideal!

Norway is one of the most expensive countries for basically everything, including accommodation and obviously also food. That’s probably why the Clarion Collection (part of Nordic Choice Hotel) has chosen an approach with food included in the rate. Basically, breakfast, a small snack in the afternoon and a light dinner are complimentary. This might also explain the price level as the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen usually costs at least 300 euro per night. Booking with Nordic Choice points can be a good deal though as it’s often even cheaper buying those and then using them for booking the property rather than just booking it directly with cash.

Deluxe Room at the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen

As Nordic Choice allows redemptions for all room categories with points, I had the chance to book a Deluxe Room, which is the highest category below the only suite category.

That said, I still thought that the room was tiny and not exactly luxurious, especially if you consider the relatively high price point of the property.

The room basically comes with a comfortable Queen Bed with two nightstands.

Then opposite of that, there’s a small desk with a relatively comfortable chair.

The desk also has a coffee machine, which I’d consider to be a positive.

Aside from a flat-screen television on the wall, that’s all there is to say about the room per se. It’s worth noting though that the Deluxe Rooms offer a lovely water view.

While the view is great, the bathroom is not. It’s once again tiny and also doesn’t exactly scream luxury.

There’s a sink with some storage alongside a single hand towel.

Then there is a toilet and a small shower with an average shower head and only alright shower pressure. At least there are two shower towels though!

I don’t want to be overly critical as I somewhat found the room (and view) to be charming, but I still thought that the rooms at the Hotel Havnekontoret are quite tiny for that price point. While this is common in Norway, I still was at least a bit shocked. That said, the rooms really can’t be compared for real luxury hotels with a similar price points like the Adlon Kempinski Berlin or the InterContinental Marseille Dieu.

Breakfast at the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen

While the rooms definitely didn’t leave an impression on me, breakfast was a different story. The hotel offers a nice spread with several options.

There are various cold cuts, cheeses, bread rolls and the likes, which makes a yummy cold breakfast.

Furthermore, there are also yogurts, freshly cut fruits and even a good choice of local fish specialties.

Other items on the buffet included omelets, other eggs, bacon and more hot dishes.

The service was rather limited (you had to get your own coffee, there was no omelet station, …), I thought that the quality and choice was quite good.

Afternoon Snack & Dinner at the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen

What makes the Clarion Collection Hotels special is that they offer not only breakfast, but also an afternoon snack and dinner. In the afternoon, there usually is a waffle machine set-up alongside some toppings. Coffee was also available.

Service? No, but still a nice gesture if you want to get a yummy snack a couple hours after breakfast. In the evening, the spread was surprisingly big with various salads to choose from.

Furthermore, the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen offers changing hot dishes, usually two things to choose from. While maybe a bit heavy on the meats, it was quite good and also locally inspired.

You shouldn’t expect high cuisine or great service for the additional food items offer at the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen, but I still thought that it’s quite cool that the property even offers something like that at the first place as it can really save you some money in Norway.

Fitness & Sauna at the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen

In the basement, the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen also offers a very small gym, which is a bit depressing due to the lack of any daylight.

There are a few machines for cardio training, which is better than nothing, but I’d rather recommend going for a run along the nice waterfront. There are also a few weights and a bench.

Last but not least, there’s also a small sauna, which is operating at certain hours.

Sure, this is not an amazing recreation offer like the one the Grand Hotel Stockholm or the Le Bristol Paris offer it, but it’s better than nothing.

Overall impressions of the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen

My stay at the Hotel Havnekontoret Bergen was totally fine and I enjoyed my time in the city very much. Nevertheless, the value for the money isn’t exactly great as the rooms are tiny, the fitness center is a bit depressing and the hotel also doesn’t feel like a luxury hotel at all. Yet, I still enjoyed the nice breakfast spread, the waffles in the afternoon and also the dinner spread, which are helping you to save some money, particularly in Norway. While I didn’t love the hotel, I could still see myself returning as alternative options in Bergen aren’t offering a much better value for the money either.

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