Hotel Review: Conrad Seoul

The Conrad Seoul is a luxury hotel in the largest city of South Korea. While not centrally located, the hotel offers a very good value for the money and amazing connections to the city center and the airport. In this extensive review, we’ll show you what to expect of staying here!

Hilton loyalists can find three options in Seoul, but there’s not doubt that the Conrad Seoul is the most luxurious of them. The hotel is located in Yeoeuido-Dong and thus not totally central when it comes to either the city center, the historic parts of town or the modern Gangnam district.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: River View Suite
  • Month of Stay: December

Nevertheless, I think that the location is still decent as there are two metro lines right underneath the hotel, plus the Conrad is located on top of a large shopping center. Last but not least, the location allows for really nice river views and good connections to the airports. That said, let’s dive into the review about the actual property, which left a good impression on me.

River View Suite at the Conrad Seoul

As I had booked an Executive River View Room, I got a complimentary upgrade to a River View Suite thanks to my Hilton Honors Diamond Status, which was a nice gesture.

Conrad Seoul Suite Living Room

The suite comes with a large foyer followed by the medium-sized living room, which is rather full when it comes to the furniture.

Conrad Seoul Suite Living Room

Close to the large window, there’s a round-shaped table with a comfortable office chair, which is a good spot to get some work done.

Conrad Seoul Suite Living Room

The rest of the room is dominated by lounging furniture, including two comfortable armchairs as well as a couch, facing a flat-screen television.

Conrad Seoul Suite Living Room

The modern and still homely design of the living room left a good impression on me. The highlight is the construction on the wall though, which is also where you can find the minibar, glasses and more.

Conrad Seoul Suite Living Room

As you’d expect at a property on this level, there’s also a Nespresso coffee machine available in the room.

Conrad Seoul Suite Living Room

Interestingly, the bedroom is quite a bit larger than the living room, yet there’s way less furniture. The unobtrusive design is very much aligned with other properties like the Conrad Algarve or the Conrad Istanbul.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bedroom

Basically, the room is dominated by lots of free space and a very comfortable King Bed dressed in white and soft linen.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bedroom

I also liked the recamière located right next to the bed – a really nice spot to lounge and enjoy the views.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bedroom

Opposite of bed, there’s another flat-screen television and a large desk. Interestingly, the suite at the Conrad Seoul offers two proper work areas, which you don’t see often.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bedroom

Another real highlight of the River View Suites at the Conrad Seoul obviously is the view.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bedroom

Yet, you should be aware that due to new high rises, the number of rooms and suites with nice views decreased dramatically in the last years.

Conrad Seoul Suite View

The suites at the Conrad Seoul do not only offer enough space in the bedroom, but also a separated dressing area. While the walk-in wardrobe next to the foyer isn’t particularly large, it’s nice to have a separated space to place your suitcase.

Conrad Seoul Suite Entrance

Interestingly, the dressing more is directly connected to the very stylish bathroom, which has an open design and even offers daylight. There’s a very nice double vanity with lots of marble, which really feels luxurious.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bathroom

I also highly enjoyed the large walk-in shower with a rain shower head.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bathroom

The bathtub with views of the skyscrapers around the Conrad is a nice addition as well.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bathroom

Matching to the luxurious design, the toilet is located in a separated room with a door and comes with all the function you’ll learn to love from Japanese toilets.

Conrad Seoul Suite Bathroom

My experience with the suite at the Conrad Seoul was a wonderful one and I very much enjoyed my nights here. While the views aren’t as perfect with most rooms and suites anymore, the design is just really nice, making this Conrad one of the best I got to experience already.

Breakfast at the Conrad Seoul

Being a rather large property, the Conrad Seoul offers an extensive breakfast spread in the hotel’s restaurant. In particular, the choice of hot dishes is enormous.

Conrad Seoul Breakfast

You can find various different dishes from Asian and Western cuisines and I’d highly recommend trying some Korean specialties served at breakfast.

There are also several cold options with the usual classics like bread rolls, cold cuts, cheeses, salad, fresh fruits and more available.

There are also a couple of live cooking stations, preparing omelets, noodle soups and so on for you upon request. Coffee specialties are offered by servers.

Conrad Seoul Breakfast

The whole breakfast experience the Conrad Seoul was quite good in my experience, but I thought that the experience at properties like the Waldorf Astoria Beijing or Conrad Tokyo felt a bit more special.

Executive Lounge at the Conrad Seoul

Many Hilton loyalists enjoy staying at the Conrad Seoul and during weekends, several other guests directly book Executive Rooms, which leads to the hotel’s lounge to be rather crowded. It’s generally a large and nice space on the hotel’s top floor, offering exceptional views of the city and the river. Yet, it doesn’t feel all that exclusive due to the crowding.

Conrad Seoul Executive Lounge

The food offerings are alright, but not exceptional for a lounge in Asia, maybe on par with what the Conrad Hongkong offers. Breakfast for example comes with a decent spread with all typical cold and hot classics.

While there are fewer options than in the main restaurant, you can also order various dishes from the kitchen, which nicely supplements the breakfast spread.

Conrad Seoul Executive Lounge Breakfast

There are not only omelettes available, but you can also order pancakes and other sweet dishes, so I feel like you are definitely getting a full luxury breakfast in the Executive Lounge of the Conrad Seoul.

Conrad Seoul Executive Lounge Breakfast

I was a bit surprised though that there is no real afternoon tea, which is a classic in many hotel lounges. Instead, there are just smaller snacks during the day and a larger spread for two hours in the evening.


On the one hand, this offering at the Conrad Seoul left a superb impression on me as the choice is good and the quality is surprisingly high.

On the other hand, the lounge was so full when I visited that it was not really enjoyable to have dinner here and enjoy a drink or two.

Conrad Seoul Executive Lounge Dinner

Nevertheless, I’d say that the lounge at Hilton’s top property in Seoul is really nice if it’s not too overcrowded. The food offerings are definitely on a level close to the Conrad Singapore or the Conrad Macao.

Pool & Gym at the Conrad Seoul

Offering the facilities not only to hotel guests, but also external members, the Conrad Seoul offers an exceptionally large sports and recreation area.

Conrad Seoul Fitness

The gym is very well-equipped and comes with various cardio and strength machines as well as plenty weights for any kind of strength training – really perfect for a hotel gym.

The pool is not any worse thanks to its enormous size, which you would hardly expect in a hotel.

Conrad Seoul Pool

I also really liked that the whole area is light-filled, making swimming here even more enjoyable.

Conrad Seoul Pool

You can also relax on one of the many loungers after going for a dip.

Conrad Seoul Pool

Furthermore, the Conrad Seoul offers a large spa with massages and other treatments on offer. There is also a sauna and steam bath area, but it’s chargeable for hotel guests.

Overall impressions of the Conrad Seoul

My experience at the Conrad Seoul was exceptional and I could definitely see myself returning here. While the lounge was a bit crowded and breakfast was only very good and not exceptional, there’s not a lot not to like about this property, in my opinion. The rooms and suites are amazing, particularly when also offering a view, the location is decent and the sports facilities are amazing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy staying here, particularly when having a Hilton Status!

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