Hotel Review: Vedana Lagoon Resort

The Vedana Lagoon Resort is a luxury resort in-between Hue and Danang, right next to the famous Dragon Pass. In this extensive review, I’ll explain why I think that the property is quite a hidden gem!

If you are travelling through Vietnam, you’ll probably stumble about a lot of really nice hotels for a decent price point. For example, I really enjoyed staying at the Vinpearl Resort Ha Long Bay and also thought that the Hilton Hanoi Opera offers a great value for the money.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Water Villa
  • Month of Stay: January

When looking for a resort between Hue and Danang, I stumbled upon the Vedana Lagoon Resort, which was part of the Small Luxury Hotels a few years ago under a different name. Now, the resort is independent and a bit again, but still absolutely worth recommending – let’s dive into the review!

Water Villa at the Vedana Lagoon Resort

For my stay at the Vedana Lagoon Resort, I decided to book a Water Villa, which is one of the two highest room categories. The price differences between the categories is not that high and I somewhat thought these villas look the best.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Entrance

Luckily, I didn’t get any disappointed and would definitely recommend booking these free-standing villas when at the resort as they are absolutely unique and much nicer than the other categories, in my opinion.

Vedana Lagoon Resort

The Water Villas are quite spacious as well. Upon entering, you are in somewhat of a walk-in wardrobe with lots of space to get changed.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa

From here, there are two “ways” into the room as the massive (and I mean massive) King Bed with a headboard is located right in the middle of the room.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa

The bed is not only comfortable and incredibly big, but also offers a sideboard and two nightstands, plus a great view of the lagoon through the window on the front and the side.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa

Right next to the bed, there’s a cute nook with a sofa and some pillows – a really nice place to relax!

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa

Other relevant furniture in the room includes a working desk, which sadly is located in a rather dark corner and doesn’t come with a proper office chair.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa

A little welcome plate with some fruits was waiting for me upon arrival here.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Fruits

On the opposite side, there’s also a dining table with chairs, located right below a television.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa

In my opinion, the furniture is a bit bleak and not exactly stylish. This is definitely an area for improvement at the Vedana Lagoon Resort.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa

The Water Villa obviously also comes with a spacious bathroom, which has plenty of daylight thanks to large windows.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Bathroom

As you would expect when having your own villa, there is a double sink with lots of storage.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Bathroom

I’d consider the bathtub, located right next to the window and such with fascinating views, to be the highlight.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Bathroom

However, the separated area with the shower and the toilet also is quite unique as it also comes with daylight (but no views) and an “outdoor” charm.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Bathroom

The lack of shower pressure and the odd situation that the shower and toilet are located next to each other are a bit strange though.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Bathroom

What’s a cool feature as well is that there is another table with the chair in the bathroom, particularly practical for getting ready in the morning.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Bathroom

One further aspect worth mentioning definitely is the outdoor area, which is very spacious and allows for stunning views.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Balcony

Yet, I thought that the ball was dropped when it comes to the furniture. There are a few plants, plus one small piece of lounging furniture, but not table whatsoever. That’s a bit sad as really comfortable garden furniture like at the Conrad Koh Samui or Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort would have definitely added to the ambience.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Villa Balcony

Anyways, I though that the Water Villa at the Vedana Lagoon Resort was great and I loved the peace and quiet of the free-standing villa.

Breakfast at the Vedana Lagoon Resort

With the Vedana Lagoon Resort being a rather small property, there is just one restaurant and this is obviously also where breakfast is served (you may also order in-room-dining though).

Vedana Lagoon Resort Breakfast

I’d consider the buffet to be medium-sized with all kinds of options from more Western ones to Asian classics.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Breakfast

The quality is on par with what I would expect from an upper scale hotel in Vietnam, but it’s definitely not amazing.

For example, there a few kinds of bread rolls, cheeses and cold cuts, but they are all not particularly amazing – no comparison to hotels like the Pudong Shangri-La Shanghai or Conrad Tokyo.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Breakfast

The hot dishes weren’t a highlight either.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Breakfast

The noodle soup and egg station both were really nice though and the coffees and juices were a highlight as well.

Even though I wouldn’t consider the buffet to be the most elaborate out there, I would still consider the offerings of the Vedana Lagoon Resort to be really nice for starting your resort day.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Breakfast

I’d particularly recommend sitting in the terrace and enjoying the ocean views!

Lunch & Dinner at the Vedana Lagoon Resort

With the resort being located quite a bit away from any village or city, your only real option to eat is at on property, but I wouldn’t say that this is a problem.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Restaurant

There might only be one restaurant, but the menu is rich and offers plenty of interesting options, from Western to various Asian cuisines.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Restaurant

All the dishes I had at the restaurant were wonderful and the prices are very affordable, even though you can sure eat cheaper outside of hotels in Vietnam.

The cappuccinos were one of the highlights of eating in the restaurant, which definitely isn’t the norm in Asia.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Room Service

Room service is also an option I tried and service was always prompt and friendly.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Room Service

However, due to the logistics, the food didn’t always arrive hot, but I think that’s to be expected when you order food to your private villa.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Restaurant

I don’t think you have to leave the resort if you want to eat affordably with a good quality, so thumbs up for the Vedana Lagoon Resort in this regard.

Relaxation & Activities at the Vedana Lagoon Resort

While you can definitely chill at your villa when staying here, there obviously are plenty of activities as well. For those who are into sports, you can make use of the gym.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Fitness

Sadly, this one is a bit disappointing as the machines are rather old and there’s also not a lot of equipment, no comparison to a property like the Reverie Saigon.

There’s also a tennis court, which is free to use (including rackets and balls) and you just have to call reception to call. It’s also not in the best condition, but still nice to have!

Vedana Lagoon Resort Tennis Court

It’s also in a way sports to get around the resort and in that regard, the bikes provided for each villa are quite nice as well.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Bikes

There is also an activity program, offering some free stuff like tours to the nearby village or yoga in the morning, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored. You may also book water sports, with some options being free. Near the lobby, you can also find a library with international books.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Library

It’s not all that well taken care of, which can also be said about the DVD collection, which is nice, but with our player in the room (and also a replacement not working) it was not of much use.

Vedana Lagoon Resort DVD

Nearby reception, there’s also a games room with table tennis, a kicker and more.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Games Room

For relaxation purposes, you can obviously also find a large pool, which is located right next to the restaurant.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Pool

I thought it’s a nice pool for swimming laps as well as relaxing and the lagoon views are a nice add-on.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Pool

Lounging here is complemented by the option of ordering drinks and snacks from the restaurant.

Vedana Lagoon Resort Pool Bar

All in all, I didn’t get bored during my three nights here, but I could see that the small resort might be a bit boring for someone who wants to stay active all day.

Overall impressions of the Vedana Lagoon Resort

The Vedana Lagoon Resort left an excellent impression on me and I definitely see myself returning in the future. This is actually interesting as I’m not a fan of the room design and thought that some areas could use a refresh, but the whole resort just has a lot of charm and everybody is really warm and friendly. If you don’t need an ultra-luxury resort and plenty of activities, I think you are definitely right here!

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