Hotel Review: Anandi Hotel Shanghai

The Anandi Shanghai is a new luxury hotel in Shanghai, which has a somewhat odd location and approach. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my stay and would recommend the property as you can read in my extensive review

There is a crazy number of fancy hotels in Shanghai, so it’s not easy to decide for one hotel over another. As the Anandi Hotel Shanghai is a new member of the Leading Hotels of the World and looked interesting to me, I decided to book a stay for three nights shortly after the opening.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: September

This also meant that the hotel wasn’t fully operating (particularly the Spa). Nevertheless, most things were already running normally. What’s worth noting is that the location of the Anandi Hotel Shanghai isn’t perfect as the property is located totally off anything relevant. Hongqiao is 15 to 30 minutes away by car, the city can be 30 to 60 minutes away.

There’s also no metro stop nearby. Only some corporate offices are located around the hotel, which probably also is the target group of the hotel.

Executive Room at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai

For my stay at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai, I received an upgrade to an Executive Room thanks to my Leaders Club Status. First however, there was a somewhat odd check-in experience, where your “body type” was determined and where you are given a bracelet.

In theory, this should guide you through your stay with the right food options, sports program and also a little speciality each evening. Sadly, the concept didn’t really work out, so most things were normal. Just two of the three evenings there was smething in the room, which was a nice gesture.

That aside, I thought that the rooms at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai are really stylish and also very spacious. My first impression immediately was very good.

The design has a focus on well being as well, but the room to me just looked like a very nicely designed modern luxury hotel design – which definitely is not a point of criticsm.

As you’d expect, the room’s centerpiece is a large bed with two spacious nightstands. I slept incredibly well in the bed with its high quality linen. What’s interesting about the bed is that there is something like a little step on one side – I’m not really sure what it is for though.

Each guest also gets pyjamas to wear during the stay. It was put nicely on the bed every night.

While the bed is centrally located and focus the flat-screen television, there is much more furniture closer to the window. On one side, there’s a medium-sized table with a fairly comfortable chair. Unfortunately, that’s also the only spot, where you can really get some work done. There’s also a little stool, but two people definitely can’t work comfortably here.

Worth positively mentioning is the unique and healthy welcome present that was already waiting for me upon arrival.

Next to the table, there’s also a set-up with a Nespresso coffee maker as well as a special tea kettle with plenty of options.

Furthermore, there is a fully stocked minibar and a couple drawers with a couple more amenities.

The other side comes with a very nice and comfortable couch with a small side table – a really nice spot to relax.

We are done with the room at the Anandi Shanghai yet, though. One of the highlights of the Executive Room is the spacious terrace.

It comes with two chairs and a little table, but mainly a really fancy outdoor bathtub – so cool!

The views of the garden, river and buildings around isn’t crazily special, but still nice enough, in my opinion.

There also isn’t anything negative to say about the very nice bathroom at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai.

My favorite in this part of the room definitely is the round-shaped bathtub.

It’s basically all marble and very spacious, but there is just a single sink (with lots of storage though).

The toilet is separated by a door and not directly inside the bathroom.

Last but not least, there’s also a very spacious shower with two shower heads and a wonderful shower pressure.

In the entrance area, there’s also some storage, so you are not annoyed by luggage in your room. All that said, I really enjoyed the room at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai and would consider it to be one of the nicest hotel rooms I’ve stayed at so far, at least on par with properties like the Okura Bangkok or the Conrad Tokyo.

Breakfast at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai

I’m not always a fan of hotel breakfast in China as the quality of the Western dishes often isn’t great, but the Anadi Hotel Shanghai really does a good job in this regard.

The buffet is really large and comes with lots of different corners, some with hot, other with cold food.

The fruit selection for example is really nice and high quality and even the pastries and bread corner isn’t bad for a hotel in Asia.

You can also choose from plenty of hot Western options.

The best things you can eat though are the Asian specialties, which are dominated the buffet – as you would expect at a hotel in Shanghai.

Being the norm for luxury hotels in China, the Anandi Hotel Shanghai obviously also offers live cooking, including for waffles, pancakes, noodle soups and omelettes – yum!

Overall, breakfast at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai is a real highlight and worth indulging in. It’s also nice that you can not only sit inside, but also outside on a terrace.

Executive Lounge at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai

To my surprise, my room upgrade also came with access to the Executive Lounge at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai.

While it’s a small space, hardly anyone seemed to have access, so I had it to my own most of the times.

I really liked the atmosphere of the space, which also offers some small balconies. However, particularly the food & beverage offerings are impressive.

In the afternoon (the lounge is not open in the morning), there are a couple of different cakes and some sandwiches.

The evening spread is even better with lots of cold options like salad or sushi.

While there are just a few hot options to choose from, the quality is quite good, which allows you to indulge in a proper meal here.

Drinks, including very good handcrafted cappuccinos are served by the table – such a nice touch.

While I didn’t expect this at all at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai, I thought that the lounge experience was better than for example at the Hilton Singapore and even the Conrad Bangkok (as the lounge is packed here most times).

Room Service at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai

While staying at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai, I also had the chance to try the room service offerings, which have a focus on healthy food, yet there are also a couple classics like pizza.

I very much enjoyed the healthy approach, which is unique for room service (which you can also order in the lounge).

Service has always been prompt and friendly and I also thought that the value for the money was quite good, so I’d recommend having room service here (there are not that many alternatives around the hotel anyways).

Pool & Gym at the Anandi Hotel Shanghai

Before my stay, I expected the Anandi Hotel Shanghai to really have an amazing spa, but it seems like the additional building still isn’t finished. That said, the offerings a bit limited.

There is a decent rooftop swimming pool though, where you do some laps and relax on a few loungers. It’s not the nicest pool I’ve seen so far, yet.

A sauna and a steam bath are available here as well. Plus, there’s a large gym with lots of modern equipment.

This is definitely a spot, where you can do a full workout.

Some courses, including yoga and other fitness classes, are also offered.

Generally speaking, I expected a bit more, but the so-called ‘Healing Touches Spa’ that is supposed to be particularly amazing doesn’t seem to materialize anytime soon.

Overall impressions of the Anandi Hotel Shanghai

The Anandi Hotel Shanghai left a very good impression on me, particularly as the value for the money is exceptional. Nevertheless, it’s a bit sad that the location is awful and the recreation offerings are just average. Everything else about the hotel is great though. If you have to do in the area, I’d definitely recommend staying here. As a tourist, you should look for a more central location – something hotels like the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai or the Pudong Shangri-La are offering.

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