About Anna

I have always loved learning new languages and exploring new places. When I was fifteen, I disembarked on my first long-haul flight to live in the US for a year. Ever since I have loved to travel to different countries to explore cities and beautiful landscapes. So far I have been to five continents: Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa.


I usually love to plan ahead, but traveling has taught me one important lesson: you cannot plan the unexpected! This is why I love sharing travel experiences with you. From city reviews to personal impressions and special moments discovering the beauty of the world, you will find lots of pictures and thoughts on traveluxblog, so that you can all be part of our journey through the world.


Naturally I also have a rather normal life besides traveling. As such, I am currently studying International Relations, Management and Chinese at the University of Exeter. During the past summer I have interned with the European Union in Brussels.

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