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Sponsored Content on traveluxblog is our option for hoteliers and hotel chains to showcase their properties on our blog. As we are of the opinion that only really good hotels deserve to be presented and made attractive to our readers, we got very high demands for sponsored content. This means that the two options of sponsored content we offer come with a range of prerequisites. For full disclosure, we also mention in every sponsored post that the specific post is sponsored content. Yet, we won’t do so neither in the title nor in the teaser, but rather somewhere else in the text.

It’s important to note that each and every sponsored post on our blog is written by ourselves. There is no way that any hotelier or hotel chain paying for our sponsored content will influence our opinion, which we’ll write down in the sponsored post. While this may sound rather harsh for paying clients, we trust that hoteliers want authentic reviews and previews of the properties to attract new guests. In the end, it’s the quality that matters.

Benefits of sponsored content on traveluxblog:

  • reach of a high four-digit number of visitors a five-digit number of views
  • high presence in social media with high followership on Twitter and Facebook
  • high search engine ranking for long-term benefits of sponsored content
  • high quality content in a native setting
  • ideal target group with visitors who are looking for luxury experiences
  • professional website with thousands of quality pictures

What we offer in terms of sponsored content are two different models.


Hotel Previews                                                                    

In our popular section hotel previews, we write about new, refurnished or just very interesting properties all over the world. This section is the ideal spot to advertise for hoteliers and hotel chains, who are looking for an authentic presentation of their property in a native environment. In our hotel previews, we present the location, the rooms and suites, the leisure facilities as well as the dining options of a hotel. We also present the prices of the property. Underneath the article, we offer our readers the possibility to directly book a hotel, which drives immediate sales. For hotel previews, we use pictures provided by the hotel.

Prerequisites for hotel previews on traveluxblog:

  • five star hotels only (non-rated luxury properties are also welcome)
  • a minimum of an average four-star rating on Tripadvisor

Prices for hotel previews on traveluxblog:

  • base fare: 100 Euro
  • special wishes on the facilities previewed: + 25 Euro
  • direct sales link to the hotel’s website: + 25 Euro


Hotel Reviews

For an even more authentic presentation of a property, we also offer hotel review services. Our hotel review section is one of the most popular ones in whole Europe and is full of reviews of luxury hotels from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our hotel reviews feature all the facilities we were able to try during our stay as well as our very own photography from the property. Each and every photo in one of hotel reviews is our own and we may not use any photos provided by a hotel for our hotel reviews. Even when a hotel review is sponsored content, there will be no difference in our judgement. Our sponsored posts usually feature an extensive review of the room we stayed at, the bathroom of the room, the dining experience, the leisure facilities, breakfast as well as our opinion on additional services.

Prerequisites for hotel reviews on traveluxblog:

  • four and five star hotels only
  • flexibility with dates
  • complimentary one- or two-night stay at a property with breakfast included
  • additional services upon the hotel’s discretion
  • travel expenses in the value of 50 Euro (Germany), 100 Euro (Europe) and 500 Euro (all other continents) or complimentary flights and transportation to the property

Prices for hotel reviews on traveluxblog:

  • base fare: 100 Euro (may be waved depending on the property)
  • special wishes on the facilities reviewed: + 25 Euro
  • direct sales link to the hotel’s website: + 25 Euro


If you want to make a request for sponsored content on traveluxblog or got any further questions concerning our offerings, feel free to contact us anytime via

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