Salzburg Airport serves a little less than two million passengers a year. However, it is still the second biggest airport in Austria. Located very close to Salzburg, the airport has a great connection to the city and several holiday destinations in the Alps. Apart from seasonal charter flights, there are also several regular connections, especially to Scandinavia and Germany. Learn more about Salzburg on our city page! Salzburg Airport is a very… Read More

Even though I was not blessed with the weather, I decided to have a run in beautiful Salzburg. A very good decision as it occurred as running in Salzburg is a real pleasure. Next to the river Salzach, there are many paths for cyclists and runners only which makes running easy and enjoyable at the same time. But the most important fact about running in Salzburg are the great views for sure…. Read More

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam is one of the hotels that combine modernity and history at its best. Located in a neighborhood known for its galleries and good restaurants, the Conservatorium Hotel is the upcoming hotel in Amsterdam. Not only do the rooms and the Spa attract guests from all over the world, but the bars of the hotel do also attract locals. Find more content about Amsterdam on our city page! The Conservatorium… Read More

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Vienna is most known for the Spanish Riding School, but also for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who spent most years of his life in Vienna. So, the city of Vienna which I review now has definitely tradition, which can also be seen when admiring the historical architecture in the old town of Vienna! Find more content about Vienna on our… Read More

The Admirals Club Chicago is one of the biggest lounges in the USA, but apart from its size, the lounge is nothing special. There are some good aspects about the Admirals Club Chicago like the great view or the good location, but there are also several downers. The washrooms for example are old and shabby, the complimentary food is boring and unhealthy and the seating is anything but modern. Check out our… Read More

Hotel Sacher Salzburg – this name was kind of appealing to us as the hotel is known for being one of the best ones in Austria. As we expected a lot, our stay was a little disappointing. The room we got had a very nice bathroom, but both, our afternoon tea and our breakfast, were not of the highest standard. Sadly, the gym and the little spa are no five star standard as… Read More

Transportation in New York is utterly important. As one of the biggest cities in the world, New York has a very large and at the same time very complicated transportation system. There are hundreds of different bus lines, 26 metro lines with 1.335 kilometers of rails and a few other means of transport. Not to forget about the yellow taxis that are a trademark of the city. If you are travelling to… Read More

This week was basically dedicated to our tour to the USA two months ago. Reviews and ratings of hotels as well as airlines and lounges found their way to our blog, not to forget about special guides for Budapest and Chicago! But what would wanderlust be without dreaming oneself away to great hotels? So, there are also two previews of hotels to admire! Speaking Hungarian? No? Our transportation guide for Budapest helps to… Read More

La Réserve Paris is one of the smallest luxury hotels in the capital of France. The recently opened hotel has just 26 suites and 14 rooms. This privacy is something guests won’t find in any other comparable hotel in the city. However, it’s not only the privacy, but also the quality which makes La Réserve Paris a very special hotel. One of these features definitely is the swimming pool of the hotel! In Paris, there… Read More