Some fruits, a big bottle of water, a fair bottle of white wine and an upgrade with sea view – is there anything better you can get in an almost fully booked hotel on Valentine’s “weekend”? Furthermore, the room is absolutely cozy and the bathroom is pretty!

New York is the place to be. That counts especially for luxury hotels and luxury brands. Not any surprisingly, Park Hyatt, the leading brand of Hyatt, opened a new property in the perfect location. Located right at the 57th street, guests of the Park Hyatt New York may either enjoy there an amazing modern room, the tranquil spa or an amazing dinner in one of the best restaurants of New York. 2014 and… Read More

Brussels Airlines (SN) is known for connecting the capital of Belgium with many cities in Europe and the world. We had the pleasure to try Brussels Airlines on the route from Lisbon to Brussels. In the basic economy class fare, there is no food included. Anyway, we decided to purchase some. A good decision as the food was the most enjoyable part of the flight. Check out our rating for Brussels Airlines… Read More

At the moment, we are continuing to travel! Our first stop on our way is the Hotel Palace in Berlin, a hotel to which we return quite often (check out our latest review of Hotel Palace).    

Prague is one of the cheaper cities to visit, even if you are in love with luxury hotels. Even though many five star properties are available for rates starting below 100 Euro a night, there are some exceptions. The Mark Prague is one of these as the hotel usually doubles the rates of the cheapest luxury hotels in the city. Is it worth staying at The Mark anyway? Find more content about… Read More

The Swiss city Geneva and the Roman Emperor Julius Cesar do have something in common. First of all, everyone knows these two names. But what rarely anyone knows is the fact that Geneva first appeared in a written document in the times of the reign of Julius Cesar. After that, the Swiss city underwent many changes, was independant and thus has a rich history, which I will point out in here. Find… Read More

Berlin is one of the metropolises which does not really have one center, but many. As we are staying in Berlin very often, I got the chance to explore different running routes in Berlin. Our very first Running in Berlin will feature West Berlin which means the Tiergarten, Zoo and Kurfürstendamm area. Try this run if you want to mix sightseeing and nature! Find more content about Berlin on our city page! Even though… Read More

Not every stay in a hotel can fully satisfy a traveler. When we stayed at the Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg, we had the misfortune to deal with rude staff and a crowded hotel. The facilities of the hotel are pretty okay or maybe even good for a four star property, but apart from that, nothing was of high quality. Sadly, our first visit to a Scandic Hotel was hardly satisfying. Check out our… Read More

Geneva is a city with a rich culture and an interesting history. At the same time, the Swiss city is a modern metropolis with a great public transportation system. For tourists, that makes it very easy to get from one place to another. Knowledge about the public transportation system is really important for tourists as everyone who is staying at a hotel, youth hostel or campsite is getting a complimentary “Geneva Transport… Read More

A lounge in Copenhagen, culture in a city in Switzerland, public transportation in Kuala Lumpur, a hotel in Abu Dhabi or a jogging route in Cascais, Portugal – these are just a few examples of what was going on this week. Here’s our usual overview featuring the last week on traveluxblog. Check it out to make sure you didn’t miss anything! Even though we released our detailed review of the SAS Business… Read More