The Exhibitionist Hotel London advertises itself as “the next generation of design luxury boutique hotel”. True words, at least for the design. There are only few luxury hotels in the world that are so unique and stylish at the very same time. The Exhibitionist Hotel is definitely a great addition for South Kensington as well as the whole city. Learn more about London on our city page! The Exhibitionist Hotel in London is… Read More

Fine dining – again. This time, we review our lunch at the Aragosta Bar and Bistro at the Battery Wharf Hotel in Boston that offered an outstanding value in our opinion. While not being very expensive, you are able to choose a three course for a fixed price that comes with a choice of several different dishes for each course. We went for this offer and really enjoyed our time at the… Read More

Since Sochi debuted on international grounds with hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, the city is growing – especially in terms of tourism. Due to the great location and the amazing climate, Sochi wants to become a premiere holiday destination for travelers from all over the world. The Pullman Sochi that opened last year is already trying its best to welcome guests to the Russian city! Luxury plays a key role… Read More

When we visited Chicago, Boston and New York in March, we decided to not only fly domestic in the US, but also try the Northeast Regional. On the short route from Boston to New York, we took the opportunity to board the Northeast Regional. This time, we decided against Business Class as I heard many reports are similar quality of the journey in Coach Class. To be honest, we were pretty satisfied!… Read More

At the Luxembourg Findel Airport, there is no choice when it comes to lounges. Passengers departing from Luxembourg may only visit The Lounge by Luxair. Yet, this is no problem at all as the lounge offers everything demanding passengers may be looking for: Great views of the tarmac, comfortable seating, a brilliant choice of newspapers and magazines and a buffet with fresh and tasty food. Check out our rating of The Lounge… Read More

The Finnish capital Helsinki has a very diverse public transportation system. It consists of regional trains, underground trains, tram lines, buses and even ferries that connect the city with the islands close to Helsinki. There is also a pretty solid connection to the Helsinki Vantaa Airport and a modern system that allows using a single ticket for all means of transport. Find more content about Helsinki on our city page! Finland is a highly developed… Read More

Chicago is known for its role as a forerunner in the 19th century in regard of architecture and skyscrapers. Nowadays, very high houses and thus skyscrapers are nothing special anymore. Bigger and higher are those buildings getting, the highest building in the world won’t keep the first place for long. However, Chicago still is a very interesting city for a visit, especially considering its location near Lake Michigan! Find more content about… Read More

Sometimes holidays are deeply needed. On Valentine’s Day, we decided that it was the right time to spend some nights at a holiday retreat. The Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, located right at the Baltic Sea, was the perfect choice for that matter. Even though the weather was just so-so, the luxury hotel in the north of Berlin satisfied us to the utmost. Check out our rating of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm! We love… Read More

By today, Berlin was supposed to have one big airport. However, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport is not finished yet which means that many airlines (not only low-cost carriers) are still operating flights at the Berlin Schönefeld Airport, the second biggest airport in the capital of Germany. With more than seven million passengers a year, the Berlin Schönefeld Airport is the 8th biggest in Germany. It was supposed to close in 2011, but will… Read More

We just checked-out at the Royal Square Hotel Riga, located right in the old town. After a night in a cozy room, we are on the way to the airport to catch our flight home.