Cayena Caracas is something like an escape from the difficult situation in Venezuela. Whoever is travelling to the capital of the country will enjoy spending his or her time in Cayena Caracas. Spacious and very modern rooms as well as a lovely rooftop pool in combination with lush gardens on hotel grounds will make every stay at the Cayena Caracas a very enjoyable one. Luxury in South America is always very special. There… Read More

Chicago O’Hare Airport is one of the biggest airports in the world and after Atlanta the second biggest in the United States. It serves over 70 million passengers a year and got four terminals as well as eight runways. As the airport can be a little confusing, we give you a little overview about the facilities and other aspects of Chicago O’Hare Airport. Learn more about Chicago on our city page! With… Read More

The Etihad Airways Premium Lounge (T3) in Abu Dhabi is one of few airport lounges all over the world that you are not looking forward to leave anytime again. The complimentary amenities include a rich buffet with an unlimited choice, comfortable seating, shower facilities and 15-minute massages for you comfort. All this luxury can only be found in Abu Dhabi. Support traveluxblog and book your next Etihad Airways flight on the Etihad website… Read More

Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront was our choice when we visited Vienna in February. Looking back, the choice was a very good one even though the location of the hotel is not the best. However, the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront has large rooms, a nice little Spa and offers great views of the Danube. Last but not least, the good breakfast with its real five star quality is worth a mention. Check out our… Read More

Most cities on the Arabic peninsula rarely focus on public transport. In these regions, cars still dominate the transportation system. However, in Abu Dhabi there are plans to make public transportation way more convenient by building a metro. However, this will take some years, so for the moment tourists visiting Abu Dhabi have to rely on the bus system and taxis solely. Find more content about Abu Dhabi on our city page! The… Read More

Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, is nowadays a booming city. Etihad Airways serves flights to many destinations via and from Abu Dhabi. Hard to imagine that Abu Dhabi once was a small fishing village – until oil has been discovered, which changed Abu Dhabi elementarily. The result is a city which doesn’t seem to stop growing anytime soon. Nevertheless, religious values are not forgotten at all! Find more content… Read More

Brenners Park-Hotel – this name does not really fit in our preview category as the hotel has a long-standing history. However, with the opening of the Villa Stéphanie earlier this year, Brenners Park-Hotel definitely deserves to get some special attention. With several new rooms and suites, a whole new Spa experience and much more, Brenners Park-Hotel continues its history to be one of the best hotels in Germany. Brenners Park-Hotel is one… Read More

Last week, we focused on our experiences in Austria. Several interesting posts about Salzburg and Vienna will make you want to visit Austria instantly. But that’s not all we had on the blog last week. Amazing hotels are always worth a mention! New York is known for its taxis, but there are also several other means of transport! Starting the Austria experience: Our thorough review of the renowned Hotel Sacher Salzburg! Airlines from… Read More

Poznan is a beautiful city – I tell you that because I had no idea of that either when I got in a train to this city though. Here are our first impressions!