Bahrain has rarely been in the spotlight, while cities like Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi are rising stars in Arabia. Due to that, there are only a few luxury hotels in the city. However, many hotel chains are making a lot of effort to gain market share in the growing business market of Bahrain. In the capital Manama, the new Westin Bahrain City Center with its ideal location may be the new hot spot… Read More

Hotels located in business districts usually are nothing special. However, the Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa proved this thesis wrong and makes very good appearance in our hotel review. With modern rooms, an amazing breakfast on the executive lounge and a lovely spa in the basement, the Porto Palácio Hotel in the third biggest city of Portugal is really worth the money! Check out our rating for the Porto Palácio Congress… Read More

Nusa Dua is known as one of the most amazing parts of Bali. Not any surprisingly, the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain decided to open a hotel at the Southern tip of Nusa Dua. The Ritz-Carlton Bali offers its guests nothing but large suites, amazing dining experiences and unique beaches. The only thing that may prevent you from instantly booking a room at the amazing resort is the crazy nightly price. A tropical paradise… Read More

Liseberg is the largest amusement park in Northern Europe. When we visited Gothenburg, we decided that three million visitors a year go there for a reason. Due to that, we decided to pay the heavy entrance fee and enjoyed the park even though it was a cold November day. However, this was an advantage as well as Liseberg turns into a Winter Wonderland in the cold months! Find more content about Gothenburg on… Read More

As many hotel chains, Marriott tries new things at times. One of these is “Edition Hotels”, the newest brand of Marriott. The latest hotel of the collection just opened in Miami Beach. The Miami Beach Edition will unquestionably set new standards when it comes to a luxurious vacation in Florida. Ultra luxurious and modern rooms and stylish public areas – this is The Miami Beach Edition! It’s tough to describe the luxurious… Read More

As almost every big city, Zurich developed through the time. Even though hardly anything is known about Zurich in prehistoric times, church influences, Zurich being a free city and the time of revolution are interesting enough to write about. Find more content about Zurich on our city page! Although some prehistoric settlements have been found, it cannot certainly be said to which date the history of Zurich goes back. The Roman era also… Read More

Even though Niki (HG) is mentioned as a low-cost carrier at times, the airline does a fairly well job in my opinion. There were few airline reviews that I was looking forward to writing like this one. With good catering, a nice little airplane and very good staff, Niki made our “ride” very comfortable. A funny note: We like Niki more than its way bigger sister Air Berlin. Check out our rating… Read More

We spent this night at the Dormero Ku’damm in Berlin, a hotel which excels due to its very innovative concept. Even though the bed seems to be in a broom closet, the room is spacious enough to have a detached sleeping area. A huge flat screen TV and loose sayings – the guests are young and metropolitan, as the hotel chain says.

As we love travelling on every day of the year, we also did so on Christmas. We spent the holidays at the Grande Real Villa Italia, a hotel I already stayed at one year before. As we also enjoyed our Christmas Dinner at the Grande Real Villa Italia, we got a lot to write about in this hotel review! Check out our rating for Grande Real Villa Italia! Cascais really is an… Read More

Always this time between dropping your luggage and waiting for boarding.. This time, we have the opportunity to spend it in the Skycourt Lounge at Budapest Airport. What I especially love are the sandwiches, but the seating areas are very modern as well.