Sometimes holidays are deeply needed. On Valentine’s Day, we decided that it was the right time to spend some nights at a holiday retreat. The Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, located right at the Baltic Sea, was the perfect choice for that matter. Even though the weather was just so-so, the luxury hotel in the north of Berlin satisfied us to the utmost. Check out our rating of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm! We love… Read More

By today, Berlin was supposed to have one big airport. However, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport is not finished yet which means that many airlines (not only low-cost carriers) are still operating flights at the Berlin Schönefeld Airport, the second biggest airport in the capital of Germany. With more than seven million passengers a year, the Berlin Schönefeld Airport is the 8th biggest in Germany. It was supposed to close in 2011, but will… Read More

We just checked-out at the Royal Square Hotel Riga, located right in the old town. After a night in a cozy room, we are on the way to the airport to catch our flight home.

Dreaming oneself away can be as enjoyable as travelling itself, so we had a good mixture of these both last week. Not to forget about our numerous reviews about cities, airlines, lounges and hotels. Plus, we keep you updated where we currently are in the world, like in Riga right now! Dubai is a real dream destination. Here’s some help finding a great hotel! And a throwback into the cold to Helsinki and… Read More

Two days, two capitals! We are looking back on a very enjoyable and lovely day in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is much more beautiful than we expected, especially the old town is an absolute must-see!

Even though fine dining is not one of our main interests, we can’t resist sometimes. Due to a special occasion, we had the pleasure to try the cuisine of the Hotel Royal in Stuttgart. The hotel doesn’t look amazing from the outside, but the food is really outstanding. Find more content about Stuttgart on our city page! Birthdays need to be celebrated! As I’m somebody who loves staying at hotels on my birthday,… Read More

This weekend, we are very excited to be able to discover two of the three Baltic States! First, we spend some time in Riga – do you know which capital it is? (Admittedly, it’s hard for us to distinguish either…) Btw: It’s Latvia 😉

Gothenburg is one of the biggest cities in Sweden. To be more precise, it is the second biggest after Stockholm. As we’ve visited both cities, we understand why Stockholm is a very popular tourist destination! However, Gothenburg is worth a visit as well nevertheless. Even if the photos are not the best ones on this blog – the weather in December was not really photo-friendly – I hope I’ll be able to convince you!… Read More

Finding the right words for the Park Hotel Vitznau that reopened in 2013 is very tough. Located right at the Lake Lucerne and having a rich history as one of the best luxury hotels in Switzerland, the Park Hotel Vitznau nowadays focuses on health and well-being. But that’s not all because especially the newly appointed rooms, each and every one differ from another, are the real highlight of the new Park Hotel Vitznau…. Read More