This week was basically dedicated to our tour to the USA two months ago. Reviews and ratings of hotels as well as airlines and lounges found their way to our blog, not to forget about special guides for Budapest and Chicago! But what would wanderlust be without dreaming oneself away to great hotels? So, there are also two previews of hotels to admire! Speaking Hungarian? No? Our transportation guide for Budapest helps to… Read More

La Réserve Paris is one of the smallest luxury hotels in the capital of France. The recently opened hotel has just 26 suites and 14 rooms. This privacy is something guests won’t find in any other comparable hotel in the city. However, it’s not only the privacy, but also the quality which makes La Réserve Paris a very special hotel. One of these features definitely is the swimming pool of the hotel! In Paris, there… Read More

At first sight, Chicago doesn’t look like a perfect city for running. However, there are some nice routes that are perfect for a little run in the morning. When I went running in Chicago, there was another problem: Ice! As it was freezing cold in Chicago for weeks and there were tons of snow, only a few routes were easy to run. The others were more a very special experience! Learn more… Read More

The Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi is one of the first of several new luxury hotels that were built on the Asian side of Istanbul. Located just a short distance away from the two bridges connecting both sides of Istanbul, the Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi, which opened a short time ago, sets new standards in terms of luxury for business travelers. As one of the newest Hilton properties, the Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi really stands out… Read More

Regensburg is a very well-known city in Germany, to be more precise, in Bavaria. Why? The medieval city center of Regensburg became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. Plus, the Old Stone Bridge and the Cathedral St. Peter carry a legend which makes Regensburg a very special city. Find more content about Regensburg on our city page! Regensburg is a beautiful city. Due to the Danube flowing through the city and the… Read More

New York JFK Airport is very popular. However, it is only the sixth biggest airport in the USA. In total, the New York JFK Airport counts over 50 million served passengers a year and has six terminals as well as four runways. Due to its immense size, it is anything but easy to come around at New York’s biggest airport. Our guide helps you with the most important facts about the New York… Read More

The Royal Palm Marrakech is not only one of the newest luxury hotels in Morocco, it is also one of the best rated ones on Tripadvisor. It is hardly a surprise that the luxury hotel is also a member of The Leading Hotels of the World since its opening. Guests that decide flying over to Marrakech should definitely spend the night at The Royal Palm Hotel. It will be worth. Several free standing… Read More

When we visited Chicago and Boston, we decided to hop on regional plane of American Airlines (AA). Today, we got the pleasure to review an American Airlines flight onboard a Boeing 737-800. Luckily, we enjoyed our flight in Main Cabin Extra which means that you got a very generous leg room. That made our flight a very enjoyable one! Check out our airline rating of American Airlines (regional Economy)! After several dozens of… Read More

The Langham Chicago is one of the landmark properties of The Langham Hotels. Located in one of the best parts of Chicago, the hotel boosts ultra-large rooms that offer every kind of luxury. We had the pleasure to stay at The Langham Chicago for one night when we visited Chicago. To be quite honest: I was looking forward to writing this hotel review of The Langham Chicago! Check out our rating of… Read More