Four Seasons means luxury in every regard. It’s no surprise at all that the Four Seasons Moscow that recently opened follows the same approach. Connected to the history while having a very modern and contemporary interior, the Four Seasons Moscow which is located a few steps away from attractions like the Kremlin may be the perfect hotel for your trip to Moscow! In 1935, Hotel Moskva, one of the first large hotels with… Read More

Taking a train to get from A to B can be a really good alternative to flying. When we travelled from Munich to Vienna, we decided to not hop onto a plane, but took the train instead. I already took the pretty new Austrian high speed train Railjet a few years ago and I loved it. Due to that, we decided against the ICE and to give the Railjet another try. It… Read More

Even though Brussels is one of the smaller cities in Europe, the Brussels Airport (Zaventem) is the 23rd biggest in Europe. With over 22 million passengers and serving as a hub for three airlines, the Brussels Airport is of huge importance. The airport is also known as a shopping paradise and one of the biggest employers in Belgium. You’ll definitely get in contact with the airport at least once in your lifetime…. Read More

In Vienna, I was lucky enough to have a great location to start my run. However, I was not close as lucky with the weather. When I woke up that morning, it was rainy, cold and foggy. No perfect conditions for a run, but what you can’t change is something you shouldn’t care about. So I decided to just run nevertheless. And believe or not, I actually enjoyed the “rainy run”. You… Read More

The Rosewood Hotels and Resorts are renowned for offering a perfect guest experience. This kind of experience is now also available in China. The first Rosewood property in the country is the Rosewood Beijing that brings a new kind of special luxury in the city. Spacious rooms, food to die for and lovely Spa area with a large outdoor pool. There is not much more you could look for! Beijing’s newest luxury hotel,… Read More

Porto is one of the biggest cities in Portugal. To be quite honest, it is a really typical city when it comes to South Europe. Some very small streets, some very big streets, the near to the Atlantic, some historic buildings and castles, some museums and a climate where it is always warm, even in winter. Porto is a beautiful city and has much to offer! Find more content about Porto on our city… Read More

Lisbon is one of the cities where the transportation system is very fragmented. There are trams, buses, metros, funiculars, ferries and some alternative means of transport. Even though that sounds complicated in the beginning, the transportation system in Lisbon is pretty easy to get along with when having a closer look. Our transportation guide will definitely help you by doing so! Find more content about Lisbon on our city page! First of all,… Read More

Different airplane, different service. On board the Airbus A319 of Swiss (LX), you’ll definitely feel home when you have a Business Class ticket in your hand. The plane is roomy, especially when the seat next to you isn’t occupied, and the food is pretty basic, but very good. Our extensive review of the Swiss regional Business Class! Flying Business Class with Swiss means that a journey starts with priority fast lane and lounge… Read More

Since a few weeks, New York got a new luxury hotel. The Knickerbocker, located right at the Times Square, is the revival of one of the oldest hotels in the city. We had the pleasure to stay at New York’s newest star and were very pleasantly surprised about how smooth everything went despite the fact that the hotel has just opened in February. Check out our rating of The Knickerbocker New York! When… Read More