I’ve been to many „leisure“ hotels and I’ve never been a fan of this kind of retreats. I like action and I think that the SPA treatments are way overpriced. But when I stayed at Schloss Elmau, I started loving leisure hotels. The reasons for my change in my mind are easy. In Elmau just everything is perfect. Have a look at our rating for Schloss Elmau! Coming from Munich and going south… Read More

Experience all kinds of one a kind. That’s how the Leading Hotels of the World are advertising their hotels. At the Louis C. Jacob Hamburg, I really had this feeling. After several problems in the beginning, this stay got pretty memorable. Have a look at our rating for Hotel Louis C. Jacob Hamburg! When your flight departs at 6 am, you are usually pretty damp when you arrive at your hotel. As I am… Read More

As someone who lives near Munich for years, Air Berlin (AB) was always something like a „second choice“. Lufthansa offered hundreds of destinations departing from Munich, Air Berlin was present with around five. Anyway, I changed my mind in the last months because I was really pleased by the level of service offered by Air Berlin on domestic flights. Support traveluxblog and book your next Air Berlin flight on Expedia through this link!… Read More