Luxembourg is not a large city by any means. Public transportation is pretty easy to understand due to that fact. However, the elevations throughout the country and the city make it a little tough to build efficient transportation structures. Due to that, transportation in Luxembourg mainly relies on buses. For tourists, these are pretty easy and convenient to use. Find more content about Luxembourg on our city page! When writing about transportation in… Read More

Salzburg in Austria is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been so far. I’m pretty sure mostly everyone has heard about Salzburg yet because of one very famous and important composer of the 18th century: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salzburg is also known to be the city of Mozart. We discovered Salzburg on a beautiful winter day by foot, imagining to follow Mozart’s steps about over 200 years later. You will see… Read More

Luxembourg is not one of the biggest cities in Europe. However, there are some great luxury hotels in the city. One of those is Le Royal Hotel located just a few steps away from the pedestrian zone. We had the pleasure to stay at the hotel just a few weeks ago. Currently, there is a renovation taking place. Yet, we did not have the feeling to be disturbed by the works. Check out… Read More

When we flew from Abu Dhabi to Zurich, we got the chance to review the Etihad Airways (EY) Economy Class. Before, we only flew Business Class with Etihad, which was a great experience. However, even the Economy Class was very good. On the short night flight, the catering was very solid. The crew did a good job and the amenity kit was a nice touch. All in all, a really good experience. In the… Read More

This hotel preview definitely doesn’t feature a „normal hotel“. The Icehotel Jukkasjärvi may be the most unique hotel all over the world. Even though it is as expensive as many top-notch hotels, the experience offered is not even close that luxurious. Guests who spend a night at the Icehotel need to accept a temperature of -5°C (23°F) and don’t have opportunity to sleep in. Traveling at times may be just enjoyment, but for many travelers… Read More

Have you ever been to Luxembourg? As the capital carries the same name as the country Luxembourg, the concentration of power is pretty clear. Due to that, it is absolutely awesome to discover the city by foot, as you are able to see everything which is important for Luxembourg as a country and for Luxembourg as a city. Find more content about Luxembourg on our city page! But it’s not just that, as… Read More

Located at the harbor Sydney, just a few steps away from many touristic attractions, The Langham Sydney definitely has a perfect location. But that’s by far not all as the recently refurbished top-notch luxury hotel in Sydney also offers an amazing experience inside the hotel. Large and spacious rooms, stunning views and a tranquil Spa area. There is not much more guests could wish for. Looking for a luxury hotel in Sydney… Read More

Even though we spent our week at home, we released a lot of content from our earlier journeys. We focused on great hotels, amazing cities and much more. Check out what you may have missed last week! Our week began with a hotel preview of the dream castle: The Castle Hotel Dalian! Next one was the review of the lounge at the Berlin Tegel Airport: The British Airways Terraces Lounge! Some help… Read More

Happy Easter to all of you! Greetings from Berlin!