This seems to be a never ending day for us. Getting up at 4 am in Europe, visiting two lounges and staying the “day” in an airplane. Finally, we arrived at The Langham in Chicago! The evening is still not over here. But first, we found a great room at The Langham with one of the most beautiful bathrooms we’ve seen so far!

Some lounges are huge, some are really small. The Ballada Lounge Warsaw is the smallest we’ve been so far – and every single seat was taken. At 5:30 am! Some even just stand near the buffet… well, here are a few impressions!

Another great journey is about to begin. Before doing a tour through the United States, we decided to spend a night in Warsaw at the Hilton Convention Center. We got a nice room in the corner with a great view of the city from the skyscraper!

Luxembourg is not only a financial center and the home of some institutions of the European Union, it is also a very nice city to go for a run. The most amazing thing about running in Luxembourg are the views that you are able to enjoy on several different points. Interesting architecture and nice parks complement the amazing running experience. Find more content about Luxembourg on our city page! My run in Luxembourg… Read More

When traveling to Geneva, we decided to stay at the Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva. Due to its location approximate to the airport, we were at the perfect spot for an early departure on the next morning. Even though being an airport hotel, the connection to the city is very good. The rooms got refurnished lately and the gym is absolutely amazing. A good choice for a stay in Geneva. Check out… Read More

Cabo da Roca is a very special place due to its location: This is the most Western point of continental Europe! If you wonder where this is, it is located in Portugal near Lisbon. We decided to go there one evening pretty spontaneously after our city trip to Sintra. But with that, time was running against us – we had to get there before the sun has set! And this turned out to… Read More

As Europe based travelers, we always try to fly with one of the small regional carriers. One that has been on our airline review list for a long time is Luxair (LG). For our trip to Luxembourg, we decided to finally give Luxair a try. The experience aboard an Embraer 145 was a very pleasant one. Even in Economy Class you are served champagne. A real luxury experience. Check out our rating for Luxair… Read More

The Hotel Indigo is one of the newest brands of the InterContinental Hotels Group. All hotels have a very special charm and are unique in their own way. A homely feeling in every room and very individual design are a key element of the Hotel Indigo Bangkok, one of the newest IHG hotels, as well. The Hotel Indigo Bangkok definitely is not a usual luxury hotel. The newly opened Hotel Indigo Bangkok… Read More

The transportation system of Gdansk is everything but easy. Especially for tourists that don’t speak Polish, getting along with the public transport is a tough challenge. At least, public transportation in Gdansk is very cheap. Yet, there are not many ticket machines, so be aware that you can’t buy tickets everywhere. Our transportation guide helps you to come along in Gdansk! Find more content about Gdansk on our city page! Gdansk is one… Read More