Public transportation in Gothenburg is not only important for tourists, but also for the inhabitants of the Swedish city. As many streets in the city center are closed for cars, the importance of the tram is enormous. Not any surprisingly, Gothenburg got one of the biggest tram networks in Europe. With 200 vehicles on 160 kilometers of rail, the tram is also the most important means of transport in Gothenburg. Find more content… Read More

Sintra is a small town in Portugal, about 25 km in the west of Lisbon. Yet, the beautiful city definitely has importance to “travellovers” or “culturelovers” of this world: Since 1995, it is a UNESCO World Heritage. We have visited the Portuguese town in December and were astonished by its beauty and historic character. Find more content about nearby Cascais on our city page! Getting there from Lisboa is not really difficult with… Read More

As the second biggest city in Switzerland, Geneva got an important airport that is used by several international carriers. Swiss International Airlines as well as EasyJet got a hub at the Geneva International Airport. While Swiss is shifting its focus on its main hub, Zurich, EasyJet is extending its operations each year. To get a good overview about the Geneva Airport, be sure to read our extensive airport guide! Find more content… Read More

Writing about the Hotel Bristol Odessa is really interesting in different regards. Unquestionably, it is interesting as the hotel is located in the Ukraine, a country suffering from a heavy civil war in the East of the country. Also, a hotel preview about the Bristol Odessa is really special as the luxury hotel initially opened in 1899. Yet, the hotel is worth previewing as it reopened in 2010 and went under new… Read More

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Berlin, there is one name that will instantly come to your mind: The Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. Reopened in the late 20th century, the Grand Dame of Berlin stands for pure luxury and great food. When we stayed at the Adlon, not everything was perfect, but the overall experience was really good. Have a look and enjoy our hotel review of the renowned… Read More

Today, we arrived at a house with tradition which goes back to the 19th century: The Hotel Sacher in Salzburg, Austria. The room we got is one of the more modern ones of the hotel. What do you think about the design?  

It may already be February, but looking back on our Christmas Dinner is worth it nevertheless. Especially when you are planning your next Christmas in sunny Portugal, you may consider staying at the Grande Real Villa Italia. The luxury hotel offered a Christmas Dinner for 55 Euro per Person. We took the opportunity to test the quality of the food and the efficiency of service. Find more content about Cascais on our city… Read More

Searching for the right resort for amazing holidays is not always easy. If you decide to stay at The Mulia Bali, you’ll definitely make the right choice. Huge villas, endless beaches and stunning views. As one of the newest luxury hotels in Bali, The Mulia, located at the coast of Nusa Dua, is one of the rising stars on the island. The hotel definitely has potential to make every wish of a traveler… Read More

Last week, we released several new posts on many different topics. You are interested in cities, hotels, airlines or lounges? Be sure to check out our look back as we got posts for every taste including previews of amazing hotels and reviews of lovely cities like Gdansk! To start the week, we released a guide about transportation in Geneva. Be sure to check it out before visiting the beautiful city in Switzerland!… Read More