Some moments on the road are really strange. Our time in Jakarta was a little weird from the beginning. Why? Because Europeans in Jakarta seem to be something really special. It is not like there wouldn’t be European businessmen in the city, but there are only few tourists. As we are also very young, everyone seemed to be really curious about who we are and what we do. Find more content about… Read More

There are only few unique experiences that are worth traveling a long way for. Staying at La Réserve Ramatuelle may be one of those. The hotel got a member of the Leading Hotels of the World a year ago and made its debut as a luxury hotel just a short time before. Fresh French cuisine, incredible design and views are the main features of the new top-notch luxury hotel near Saint-Tropez. In… Read More

Before departing after some lovely days in the polish city Gdansk, we spend some time waiting in the Executive Lounge at the airport. Even though the lounge is pretty small, it is a good and nice one nevertheless. Great choice of juices, a coffee machine and different snacks and sandwiches – really enjoyable!  

New year, new chances, new opportunities, new experiences! In our case today, new cities on top. So the first new city in 2015 is … Gdansk! Even though we enjoy our time here, it is also appropriate to look back on the last week. Which means that if you missed some of our daily new stuff, here’s the chance to check out the “old” content! New hotel chain: We reviewed and rated our first… Read More

Even though the weather in Gdansk is still horrible, we arrived at our second hotel: The Hilton Gdansk. Luckily, we got a room with a beautiful view once again. That definitely helps to forget about the bad weather!

Well, even though this is not the nicest weather to be welcomed, here’s our first photo of the city of Gdansk, Poland! Anyway, that’s our view over the Old Town of Gdansk from our room at the Mercure Gdansk, hope you like it! It took some time, but sometime in the afternoon, this lovely and tasty surprise awaited us after exploring the city in the rain. And yes, we do like liquid… Read More

A small airplane, good service and amazing Swiss food. That’s what we experienced on board the Avro RJ100 of Swiss (LX) in Business Class. We flew from Copenhagen to Geneva and had the pleasure to taste some fresh Swiss cuisine. Anyway, not everything was great, so we wouldn’t recommend to pay the huge extra fee to fly business class on a European route. Check out how we have rated Swiss! Our business… Read More

As fitness is an integral part of my life, I want to introduce you to a new section of traveluxblog. In our new series “Running in …”, we want to present you the most scenic and enjoyable jogging tours of the world. In our first part, you’ll have the chance to learn more about running in the beautiful town of Gothenburg. Find more content about Gothenburg on our city page! I had the… Read More

There’s an old fight between communism and democracy. Kaliningrad lived it to the utmost. If you don’t know this city, maybe you recognize the name Koenigsberg. Whether or not, we spent some time in the now Russian city in a cold autumn month. Find more content about Kaliningrad on our city page! The first thing we learned in Eastern Europe is that you have to watch out for cheating taxi drivers. Due to… Read More