The former Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort will be rebranded to a One & Only hotel in early 2015. The member of The Leading Hotels of the World is the most expensive luxury hotel in Australia and is renowned all over the world. Room rates are below 1.500 US-Dollar (1.225 Euro) only on special dates. Is it worth the money? You may judge by yourself! For the very first time, the well-known airline… Read More

Nowadays, Copenhagen is a prosperous town: Multitude of shopping facilities, the largest pedestrian system in the world, the capital of Denmark and thus the seat of the National Parliament. Moreover, Copenhagen is known for being a center of culture, arts and liberal politics. Furthermore, Copenhagen offers a lot of entertainment activities and, of course, sightseeing, as it is one of the biggest cities in Scandinavia. Find more content about Copenhagen on our city… Read More

Berlin Tegel neither is the most modern nor the most comfortable airport in Germany. To be honest, it is one of the worst I’ve been to yet. Anyway, we had the pleasure to enjoy one of the few lounges at the airport. Even though we were flying with an oneworld airline, we got access to the Air France Lounge, a nice and remote place. Check out how we have rated the Air… Read More

Sofitel got many properties in Dubai. Anyway, the chain decided to open another luxury hotel in the booming town. The Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach is located right at the promenade and offers one of a kind views on the ocean. 438 rooms, an infinity pool and two high quality restaurants. That and much more is what the Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach has to offer. “The Walk” is one of the main attractions… Read More

There are some hotels we really like coming back to, even though we love testing new places. The Hotel Palace Berlin is one of these. We already reviewed the hotel some months ago, but with new impressions and a new room, we feel like it is time to update our readers on the status-quo at the luxury hotel in Berlin. Check out our hotel rating for Hotel Palace Berlin! On some days you… Read More

I’ve been flying with Lufthansa (LH) several times in the last years. Over the years, I got a little bored, but the major carrier in Germany is worth an airline review nevertheless. This time I’m reviewing a domestic flight from Berlin to Munich and back. Lufthansa did a good job, but disappointed me a little bit when it comes to food. I kind of expected more. Check out how we have rated… Read More

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is especially known for its “Little Mermaid”. Anyway, Copenhagen has so much more to offer, even in a cold autumn month. We explored the city not on foot, but with a boat, were freezing and desperately searching for a place in a café. With success? Unfortunately, nope. Nevertheless, the so-called “Happy Wall” made us smile despite the cold. Admittedly, everyone is aware of the tendencially cold temperature… Read More

The expansion of the Waldorf Astoria hotels is one of the biggest the luxury hotel branch has seen in a time. The Hilton Group does open hotels all over the world, one of the most interesting definitely is the Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, a unique holiday resort in an incredible beach setting. A location that offers sun and warm temperatures all year long. The Waldorf Astoria brand stands for pure luxury,… Read More

On Monday, we arrvied back from Abu Dhabi and Zurich, on Saturday we boarded our plane to Kaliningrad. As you see, we were busy travelling once again. Meanwhile, we released content from all over the world. Be it airlines, hotels or cities, on traveluxblog we had everything last week. We hope you enjoyed our content and thank you for your ongoing support of our blog! The first post this week focused on one… Read More