Toulouse is a French metropolis between Bordeaux and the Côte d’Azur. While not as widely known as a touristic destination, Toulouse has lots of charme. Check out this City Guide to get an idea of what to do and what to see in Toulouse! You can find more content about Toulouse on our city page! Toulouse plays an important role in the French economy as several companies, among those Airbus, play a… Read More

The Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Buenos Aires is the bigger of the two airports in the city. In this airport guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about the airport! Buenos Aires is an interesting city when it comes to airports. While the Ministor Pistrani International Airport, also known as Ezeiza Airport, is handling all long haul flights, it’s actually the smaller of the two airports in town. The Aeroparque Jorge Newbery,… Read More

The LOT Polish Airlines Lounge Warsaw is the airline’s only lounge worldwide. It’s separated into two areas, which I’ll both present to you in this extensive lounge review. You can find more content about Warsaw on our city page! As many other Star Alliance airlines, LOT differentiates when it comes to its lounges at the hub in Warsaw. There’s the LOT Business Lounge and the LOT Elite Lounge, with the latter only… Read More

The Shutters on the Beach Santa Monica is one of the most prestigious properties in the whole Los Angeles Area. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll give you insights on whether the property is recommendable or not. Santa Monica is one of the expensive areas in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, but it’s also one of the nicest. Not only are you right by the beach, but downtown isn’t too far away… Read More

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Dinard is a really charming coastal city in the Bretagne. Located not far away from St. Malo, the city might not boast dozens of sights, but offers charming bays, beaches and more. You can find more content about Dinard on our city page! This will be one of the shorter destination or city guides here on traveluxblog as Dinard isn’t really a big city, but rather just a larger town. It’s a… Read More

Transportation in Lyon allows you to get from one point in the city to another quickly and efficient. There are several metro, tram and bus lines, but also ride hailing services like Uber and taxis. Find all the necessary information in this guide! You can find more content about Lyon on our city page! Lyon is the second biggest city in France after Paris, making it necessary for the city to have… Read More

The Oman Air regional Business Class isn’t really only used for shot flights with the Arabian Peninsula, but also for some medium haul routes. While I think the experience is alright, I also have to share some to criticism in this airline review. Oman Air has a really amazing long haul Business Class product, which you can find on board all Airbus A330 and Boeing 787 jets. At the same time, Oman… Read More

The Radisson Blu Chisinau is the only chain hotel in town and is supposed to be the best option for staying in the city. In my opinion, it’s not only a good option for staying in Chisinau, but actually one of the best Radisson hotels I’ve ever been to! You can find more content about Chisinau on our city page! The Radisson Blu Chisinau is located right in the city center and… Read More

You want to find more amazing photos on our blog? Check out our section “Photo of the Week”!