The Puerta del Sol Lounge Madrid is an independently operated lounge at the Madrid Barajas Airport. The lounge is part of Priority Pass and also used by several airlines, including Lufthansa. For me, the lounge was a very positive surprise. Read more in this extensive lounge review! When departing from Madrid with Lufthansa, I had the chance to check out the Puerta del Sol Lounge. While I didn’t have a lot of… Read More

Grenoble is the biggest city in the French Alps. Due to its location, there’s a lovely mountain panorama regardless on where you are in the city. Personally, I loved taking the funicular to the bastille to enjoy the views of the city the most. Highly recommended! Stay tuned for an extensive city guide here on traveluxblog!

The Hilton Hanoi Opera is a luxury hotel in the French Quarter of Hanoi. The hotel has a fascinating exterior, but is quite past its prime. In this review, I’ll help you get an idea of what to expect of a stay at the Hilton Hanoi. While the property isn’t all that great, the value for the money is hard to beat, in my opinion. You can find more content about Hanoi… Read More

For our trip to Grenoble, we chose to stay at the Park Hotel Grenoble. The property is a member of the MGallery Collection by Sofitel and might as well be my most favorite hotel of the collection. Our stay was great in all regards, from a modern room with a nice bathroom to amazing staff, the Park Hotel is a very good choice for staying in Grenoble. Stay tuned for an extensive… Read More

The temperatures in Europe are dropping and we decided to visit winterly Grenoble this weekend. We’ll share some impressions of the trip in the next days. For now, we’d like to invite you to read all the content we’ve released this week. We hope you enjoyed the content and had a great week. Feel free to share impressions of your trips in the last week! What an impressive new luxury hotel. Our… Read More

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Nice is the fifth-largest city in France and the largest in the Côte d’Azur. Its airport is the major entrance point for tourists travelling to the South of France without train. The French Riviera city is famously known for its long promenade, but has much more to offer than a long stretch of beach. Instead it has a beautiful old town and overall great and fine architecture. You can find more content… Read More

Bristol Airport is one of the bigger regional airports in the United Kingdom. While there are no intercontinental flights, there is a lot of domestic and European traffic in Bristol. With this airport guide, we’ll help you find your way around Bristol Airport. Bristol Airport is the ninth busy airport in the United Kingdom, but is mainly dominated by low-cost carriers. There are no intercontinental flights, but several daily domestic and a… Read More

Hagar Qim is a megalithic temple complex, which is located on Malta. The still very well conserved monument is part of the UNESCO world heritage. In this special, we’ll explain why visiting Hagar Qim is well worth it. You can find more content about Malta on our island page! Malta has several cities and monuments worth exploring. For example, we very much enjoyed visiting Valletta as well as Mdina and Rabat. If you are… Read More

After quite some while I had the chance to fly the KLM regional Economy Class. My first review is actually from the first weeks of this blog, so I thought it was on time for an update. I’ve been quite happy with my flights with KLM a few years ago. However, things have changed in the European aviation industry quite a bit in the last years, so an update on the performance… Read More