What could be better than waking up, pulling back the curtains and enjoying a wonderful view? If the weather is great, that would be the perfect start in the day. Some hotels have the perfect location for offering that, and getting a room in which you can enjoy an awesome view is unbeatable. Here are our top three views in 2014! 1. Grande Real Villa Italiá, Cascais in Portugal Not only is the… Read More

We hope that you had an amazing Christmas and some calm moments! First-hand experience: That’s not that easy when having a family together. However, we “moved” once again from Cascais (Portugal) to Porto, this time residing at the Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa.

Steaming Outdoor-Pools, snacks like nuts and freshly squeezed juices, water with lemons, tea, cozy atmosphere, whirlpools, loungers, a more sportive swimming pool, … Sounds like music in your ears? Want to dream your life right away to these places? Or feeling a bit braced and a massage would be the perfect solution? One thing which is really important to us in luxury hotels is a good spa area. Some hotels do not… Read More

Nobody wants to stay in a broom closet for a few days or spend a night in a room which is not cozy at all. There are many possibilities which make a room a real desaster – but on the other hand, there are also many ways to make it awesome! Well, we’ve been in a couple of hotels this year, so we give you a short resume about the best rooms… Read More

The first part of our “Best in … 2014!” series features breakfast! For us, a good breakfast is essential for a good start into the day. That’s why we had breakfast at dozens of hotels this year. The choice for the best ones was an easy one nevertheless! 1. Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol, Jochberg in  Austria Just perfect. That’s what we have to say about the breakfast at the Kempinksi Hotel Das… Read More

MERRY CHRISTMAS! As Christmas time is a very special time during at the end of the year, we thought of speaking about something special. So, what would fit better than our very best experiences at hotels and with airlines the past year? To have a good overview and to give a good impression, there will always be a rank of the top 3: 1. Best Breakfasts 2014 2. Best Rooms 2014 3…. Read More

No matter where you are, no idea if it’s Christmas Eve in your timezone when you read this – MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Enjoy your time, spend it with your family or friends, just make this special day wonderful with special people. We enjoy Christmas in Portugal and were welcomed with this amazing, stunning view.

Having a flight at six in the morning is never fun. As we didn’t want to spend a night at the airport once again and as it’s always a pleasure to stay at the Hotel Palace in Berlin, we decided to sleep there a few hours before taking off. Honestly, checking out at 4 AM tomorrow is even for us a real premiere… Nevertheless, we took the time to enjoy an Afternoon… Read More

Not every new luxury hotel is also a trendsetter in terms of design and interior. But the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem is exactly that. The new member of The Leading Hotels of the World looks like the designers paid attention to every little detail. The lifestyle hotel got 194 rooms including 32 suites, not to forget about the amazing rooftop pool. A hotel to definitely look out for! It’s not like there… Read More