Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has had many names. So, the history of the city goes back to the middle ages, including several changes of names. What we know as Jakarta today was mentioned at the 5th century for the first time, but the official history of the city starts in 1527. The reason for that and how it goes on is my topic for this article. The Portuguese arrived in 1522, but, and that’s… Read More

Flying Malaysia Airlines (MH) is something many people would deny at the moment. The casualties of the flights MH370 and MH17 are something that did also make me feel a little strange when we were offered flying Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul (our Air France flight was cancelled). Anyway, I wasn’t too concerned about safety as the airline is known to be one of the best in Asia. Check out… Read More

Not really a new hotel, but a place that got refurnished lately and also got into the exclusive club of the Leading Hotels of the World is in the focus of our newest hotel preview. I’m talking of the Hotel Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona – located right in the center of the lively metropolis in sunny Catalonia. Be it for business or leisure, the Majestic Hotel & Spa may be a… Read More

As we came back late from Gothenburg, we decided to stay the night in Berlin. Once again, our residence is the Hotel Palace, this time decorated in a lovely christmas style.

Back in Germany, we want to present you our look back on week 14. We are grateful that you keep on supporting us and want to present you the content we delivered this week. If you didn’t have the chance to check out the blog this week, be sure to have a look at the look back! We started our week with an early flight in Geneva. Have a look at the… Read More

After we were finally given our room after being put off for about 6 hours, we want to give you a little update about our newest travel experience. Get a first impression! Moreover, here is a building we found pretty in Gothenburg.

Indonesia is one of the biggest countries in the world, in terms of size as well as in terms of population. The history of the country, which was influenced by Asian and European streams alike, is rich and interesting. The National Museum in Jakarta gives a good insight on the history and the culture of the country that is not only big, but also very heterogeneous. More than 17.000 islands, more than… Read More

The Zurich International Airport is one of the major hubs in Central Europe. As the airport is that big, an airport guide helps passengers to get around. This is especially important for Star Alliance passengers that may need to change the airplane in Zurich when flying with the national flagship carrier Swiss. Moreover, a subsidiary of Air Berlin as well as Etihad Regional offer several routes from Zurich to destinations in Europe… Read More

Two weeks ago, we released a preview about The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta. Meanwhile, we stayed at the hotel, so we got the chance to make it even easier for you to decide whether you stay at the hotel or not. Overall, we are sure that you’ll like the luxury hotel as the service really is high-level. The rooms are very individual, but the rooftop pool is something every guest will just love…. Read More