In Paris, there are dozens of luxury hotels. Anyway, the renowned Peninsula Group, known for amazing hotels in Asia, decided to start its European experience by opening a hotel right next to L’Arc de Triomphe. The five star hotel offers rooms with a decent size, a Spa, an indoor pool as well as a fully equipped gym and several restaurants. Do you need anything more for a luxury stay? The Peninsula Group… Read More

Berlin is a city with many luxury hotels. Moreover, the value for the money at the hotels is pretty good. Tourists and businessmen akin are able to enjoy five star luxury for only 100 euro or a little more. The Waldorf Astoria Berlin is a little more expensive, but I spent there two nights anyway. Time for a review of one of the newest luxury hotels in the city. Have a look… Read More

On our way to Berlin, we have a short stopover in Abu Dhabi. Even though we do not have much time, we decided to check out the Business Class Lounge in Terminal 1. In comparison to the Lounge in Terminal 3, the facilities are a little disappointing, but the lounge is very nice nevertheless.

Currently, we are sitting in the Garuda International Lounge at Jakarta Airport, waiting for the departure of our Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi!

At the moment, we experience Jakarta, but tomorrow we’ll be on our trip home again. Travelling a lot this week, we were pretty busy, but did try our best to provide you with good content anyway. We hope you enjoyed following us along our trip to Jakarta and all the other pieces of content we realeased this week! On Monday, we released the hotel rating for the Bellevue Palace, a very interesting hotel… Read More

One hotel in a city is not enough – curious as we are, we are excited to reveal our choice for the second night in Jakarta: The Hermitage Hotel. As usual, we want to share some first impressions with you. You like what you see? Check out our Hotel Review for more!

As we announced yesterday, Abu Dhabi was just a stopover to our final destination: Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia! We have the pleasure to spend our first night at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta . Get a first, yet short impression of our room! You like what you see? Check out our Hotel Review for more!

These planes keep doing their job! We are now in the Business/First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates! Now, we are fully enjoying our time here before takeoff to … – we’ll reveal that tomorrow 🙂

What is it that excels a city? Its sights? Its history? Its size? Number of inhabitants? Sure, but mostly, it’s the people who excel a city like Bern. Their history and culture. Travelling means also to be part of that, so I’ll give you a little cultural guide for the history of the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. I might have mentioned it before, but I made the huge mistake… Read More