You may have enjoyed our city review of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. As I mentioned there, Bern is World Heritage Site. Being part of UNESCO heritage means that there’s a story behind which might be pretty interesting. So, I’ll give you an overview of the history of Bern. First, one might wonder where the name Bern comes from. Let me tell you that this is uncertain, one can only speculate. Although… Read More

Jakarta is one of the boomtowns in South-East-Asia. That means that several hotels were built in the last years. One of these is The Hermitage Jakarta, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. The hotel opened just months ago. As we are visiting Jakarta in some days, we feel like it is time to write a hotel preview about this extraordinary place. Searching for a hotel in Jakarta is not… Read More

Since a long time, I haven’t been as eager for a flight as when flying Etihad Regional (F7) last Friday. Why? Because I didn’t ever have the chance to fly with a propeller plane before. Moreover, flying Etihad Regional was something I was also looking forward to, as the airline is known for its good service and nice catering. Check out our Airline Rating for Etihad Regional (regional Economy)! Okay, a flight at… Read More

Switzerland is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not very surprisingly, its cities are in no way inferior to the landscape! We had the pleasure to visit the city of Bern, capital of Switzerland, and were thrilled. Find more content about Bern on our city page! Probably the very last sunny day of the year, the historic old city appeared even more stunning. However, our way led… Read More

My train journeys in Germany have been unlucky in the last months. Anyway, I feel like it is interesting to write a review about the board product itself. The Inter City Express (ICE) is the fastest and most comfortable train in Germany. It is divided into two classes. This review features the First Class at an ICE train. First of all, it is important to note that not every ICE-train is the… Read More

Three continents in seven days and a new experience in the capital of Switzerland. That’s our week in just one sentence. We hope that you enjoyed all our content once again and are grateful for your continued support. If you missed anything this week, check out our summery. Cold days in Europe? Escape the winter by reading our review of the Bernadus Lodge in California! You want to fly somewhere warm? Then… Read More

Regional air travel usually isn’t anything special. My experience with Swiss (LX) in Economy Class was a very good one anyway. While other airlines in Europe do not offer food on short haul flights anymore, Swiss still offers a sandwich and unlimited drinks. The seating comfort meanwhile is solid, the organization is really good. Check out our Airline Rating for Swiss (regional Ecomomy)! I’ve been flying with Swiss several times some years ago… Read More

Just a little update about new content we are working on at the moment. We are lucky enough to stay at the Bellevue Palace in Bern! As we have Smilla with us, you can see her jumping out of her hotel bed! Plus, here’s an impression about our welcome treatment this time. Enjoy! Read more about our experience at the Bellevue Palace in Bern in our Hotel Review!