La Bastide de Gordes is not a new hotel, so it may be kind of weird that it is listed as a Preview. There is a reason for that anyway. The hotel was named a Leading Hotel of the World just weeks ago and made a step to get a real 5 star luxury resort lately. Due to these reasons, we want to give you an overview of what is offered in… Read More

Long haul flights are kind of a special experience every time. It is a strange feeling to be disconnected from everyone else for 12 hours. To make the experience a good one, you need a good airline. When we were trying the KLM (KL) Economy Class we felt okay with everything, but the only really good thing was the stewardess. Check out our Airline Rating for KLM (long haul Economy)! A flight… Read More

This is going to be our last night in Austria for this tour. But we still got one hotel for you: The Alpine Palace in Hinterglemm, which is famous for its possibilities for skiing during the winter. Read more about our experience at the Alpine Palace in Hinterglemm in our Hotel Review!

Sabrina is celebrating her birthday today. Due to that, we had the pleasure to get two big cakes in the hotels we stayed at. Here is what the Grand Tirolia offered: Also the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol showed Sabrina some love: We do suffer hard to decide which cake we do like more. What cake would you prefer on your birthday?

We were welcomed very warm at the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol on the second day of our Austria tour. Here’s a photo of our bedroom (we got a lovely upgrade)! Read more about our experience at the Kempinski Hotel Tirol in Jochberg in our Hotel Review!

The mountain panorama here in Austria is just awesome. The first hotel of our little tour is the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel. Read more about our experience at the Grand Tirolia in Kitzbühel in our Hotel Review!

Week 4 was the best one for traveluxblog so far. We are grateful for all our followers and all other visitors who feel like checking out traveluxblog daily is a good idea. Like we do it every week, we summed up what was going on last week in one post. Have fun reading it and tell us your opinion! Ibiza is a very interesting island as if offers lovely beaches as well as a rich nightlife. The ME Ibiza… Read More

It’s not really easy to judge how good a regional flight was. The most European airlines offer a pretty similar level of service. Yet there are some differences. When we were flying with KLM (KL), I really liked the offered food. It was tasty and looked very nice. Everything else was basic, some things were not any good though. Overall, we were not really satisfied with KLM on our domestic flight. Check out… Read More

Portugal is known to be a touristic destination mainly in summer. Yet, I decided to fly over there last December. In my opinion a perfect choice. In Germany, the weather was horrible, in Portugal I enjoyed 20 degrees Celsius. But there was something else that made my time memorable: The Grande Real Villa Italia. Check out our rating for Grande Real Villa Italia! After I was asked by my girlfriend about ten… Read More