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Dijon is known for its mustard, but the city has a lot more to offer than this. In our Dijon City Guide, we’re explaing what you need to know about visiting Dijon and its many sights! You can find more content about Dijon on our city page! Over the course of last months we’ve visited dozens of cities and France and while I also enjoyed visiting Dijon, it wouldn’t be on top… Read More

Christchurch International Airport is the second biggest airport in New Zealand and an important international gateway for flights to and from New Zealand. In this airport guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about Christchurch Airport! You can find more content about Christchurch on our city page! Speaking of New Zealand, size is somewhat of a different scale than elsewhere, especially when it comes airports. So while Christchurch is the second… Read More

The Saudia Lounge Jeddah International is an average lounge for a hub of an airline. However, as a new terminal has already opened its doors, this lounge will fade in a couple of years. In the meantime, this review explains you what you need to know about the existing lounge! Flying via Jeddah isn’t the most typical route between Europe and Asia, but it nowadays gets more and more a viable option…. Read More

The Conrad Hong Kong is one of the most famous luxury hotels in the Chinese metropolis. While the property is somewhat past it’s prime, the views of town are still phenomenal. Check out this extensive hotel review to learn more about the Conrad Hong Kong! Hong Kong is a really expensive market when it comes to luxury hotels. Unsurprisingly, the Conrad Hong Kong isn’t cheap either. Nevertheless, staying here, especially when holding… Read More

You want to find more amazing photos on our blog? Check out our section “Photo of the Week”!

Strasbourg is the biggest city in the French region of Alsace and one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the whole country. In this city guide, we’re explanig what you should see in the city. You can find more content about Strasbourg on our city page! The French city Strasbourg is located right on the border to Germany, making it an interesting destination for everyone living close to the city in… Read More

Running in Santiago de Chile was a really cool experience and even though the city doesn’t have that much green, you can at least follow the (small) river. Check out this guide to learn more about where to go running in Santiago! You can find more content about Santiago de Chile on our city page! I was quite lucky with the weather when running in Santiago de Chile. The sun was shining… Read More

The Cathay Pacific regional Business Class offers a fairly high level of comfort for short flights. Especially compared to Singapore Airlines, I was still a little disappointed. Read why in this extensive airline review! Cathay Pacific doesn’t have any narrowbody aircraft in its own fleet, only the subsidy Cathay Dragon does. This means that when flying Cathay Pacific, you’ll always find yourself in a widebody aircraft, even for shorter flights within Asia…. Read More

The Marriott Cologne is a typical chain hotel, which offers modern and comfortable rooms. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll explain what you can expect of staying here! You can find more content about Cologne on our city page! Cologne has an interesting hotel market, there are very few luxury choices, but many typical chain hotels. One of those is the Marriott Cologne, which is located just a few steps away from… Read More