It is very hard to compare hotels or arlines to each other. Every ressort or city hotel has positive and negative aspects. Same goes for airlines that may offer a good service on the one hand and bad food on the other hand. As we want to give you a good overview about all our experiences, we decided that a “rating section” may help you a lot for choosing the right hotel or the right airline. Therefore we invented a rating list that consists of several different topics. We do not think that this list is the “only right one” or the “best one” in the internet but we feel like it is a good list to compare the luxury hotels and airlines we have chosen to go with.

As we would love to get feedback, we would be happy if you tell us what you may change at our rating system. Are some topics useless in your opinion? Is there anything missing? Are we going for a wrong focus? Feel free to tell us by sending us an E-Mail or just by comments in this section.


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